Monday, July 24, 2017

J155616 - Baiting Bait

Its nice to know that even years later, people that you've enjoyed spending time with still manage to find you at just the right time.

Since my last post I've been trying to get fights from the people of J155616. I think the main active corp in the hole is named "Unreasonable Bastards" with a sub feeder corp called "Reasonable Bastards". I don't know if they some how own the hole or are renting it or its an alt corp, I honestly haven't figured it out yet. There a lot of corp names in this hole. One group owns the POCOs, one owns the Fortizar another owns a Astrahus.. Its crazy. Honestly it doesn't matter as long as they fight.

In the past week or so I've moved into target (J155616) multiple alts and I'm up to 3 active accounts deep into this venture. First I started with some fun and tried to dual box two sniper (Rapid HML) ravens. I was going to go bigger, but I'm still just getting back into the game right now and don't really want to commit too much.

My targets didn't disappoint and brought the heat. I was streaming it and shared the stream with my targets, because fuck it, why not?

They were able to bring a good fight, but sadly outmatched me with a really good warp in.

RIP one sniper raven. The goal of that ship was to keep jumping around and pew off cruiser sized targets. Sadly, they only brought other battleships and my ravens were very cap sensitive.  Once they got that warp in and landed at 0 on me, I failed to MJD to safety in an effort to keep my two dual box ships together.

After I blew up, they tried to trap me out of the wormhole by bubbling the high sec hole. I was going to come back with more ships and fight, but it seemed they didn't really want me there with them in the first place.

The following days I attempted to get their attention by shooting at one of the POCOs with two bombers. On the sly I kept a cloaky legion waiting to jump on whatever their response would be.

Only one guy responded and he bit the bomber bait with a tengu. I was milliseconds from locking him my legion before he popped my stationary bomber.

That would have been a great fight, but he wasn't having it and ran. The next thing that happened made me slightly sad. The tengu pilot logged in a Nid. /sigh

Who brings a carrier to a fight in a C2?!?!

Well, looks like the fun police arrived.

I spend the next few nights doing the best I could to scan out holes, jump on targets, but looks like with me living in their hole, they just aren't that active right now. Kind of a shame, someone brings snacks to your house and you don't open the door :(.

Tonight tho...

 I'm in target hole with a cloaky Legion, bomber and a falcon. I notice two different groups using the high sec connection. One a group called "The clown car" and the other "A band apart." (don't forget the dot). Two groups not connected with the people who live in target. 3 potential targets! WEEE. 

I drop a drag bubble from one of the connecting holes to the high sec. Sadly nothing really amazing happens, some interceptors saw me before I was able to make anything with the camp. The good part is, I managed to annoy both "the clown car" "a band apart" at the same time.

I watch the connecting holes a little longer and eventually commit to attacking a lone hauler belonging to a band apart. It was bait, I knew it when I attacked it, but never not bite AMIRTE!?!

Onyx drops along with a Sac. and I barely make it out with my ship. YAY!

Still watching all connecting holes with my characters. Clown car and a band apart begin fighting in clown cars home hole. I watch about 7 ships belonging to a band apart come and go from clown cars home. Not wanting to be left out, I mention the high sec connection location to a friend named Shaded Rose I knew from SUSU 2.0.

 He brings a fleet to the high sec :) and proceeds to jump into target with a scout, mapping out all the holes. I share with him the sig names all the parties are using and figure I could  get something going.

Now, I'm positive that clown car and a band apart know about my legion because of the failed gank attempts earlier. Good time for me to reveal myself ! Sure enough, I jump into "A band aparts" home hole only to find they are trying to roll with a raven.

I lock it up with the cloaky legion and it scram/webs me. O dear its a tarp! I see on D scan. HFI and sleipniers...

I tell Shaded bring the fleet... O DEAR its a trap of a trap.. DOUBLE TRAP! Shaded brings the fleet from high sec and warps to A Band Aparts home hole.. Murder happens. Sleip #1 Sleip#2 The bait raven I baited.. :)

I managed to get on that kill and do top damage with my Legion!! yay..

Always nice to have friends outside the friends you are shooting at. Special thanks to Shaded, Doom Gen and love of my EVE life, the Windam Wizard himself, Glyndi!

Sneaky Sneaky.. I know but that's wormholes, you never really know whats going to happen.

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  1. Glad to see you got into SUSU and enjoying the Game again!

    -The person besides your mom who reads your blogs :)