Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Down The Pipe Ep. 60

I'm going to start promoting my connection to Down the Pipe on this blog, because why not?

Short post that a new down the pipe is out, special guest Noobman from HK.



Saturday, May 7, 2016

Citadels and the human element

Hello space friends,

Citadels were released a week ago or so and we already have one up in our home.

The "Abe Froman". The sausage king of Chicago. I weep for future generation that doesn't know that reference. I named it this for two reasons. One, I thought it would be funny and two, Farris Bueller says very clearly to the camera when confronted by his friends in the movie, "you can never go too far". I always thought that was slightly profound and a play style dream for me.

One thing I've noticed from a small wormhole corp CEO's perspective, I've lost some control. You might think, so what, isn't less management responsibilities better? Yes and no, here's a scenario that we may see more in the future.

In our corp we have about 400 million worth random T1 cruisers, frigs, destroyers and haulers for everyone's use. These are ships with the primary reason for existence being, to be destroyed in PVP glory. Prior to the citadel release we had these ships sitting in a corp pub SMA for all in corp to use. Now, they're in the citadel.

Here lies the issue.

As we slowly trundle toward the eventuality of POS's being removed and everyone owning citadels we must begin to embrace the citadel way of life. So lets play like that POS is gone and I want to continue loaning out ships and equipment using a shared Corp hanger system.

What happens if I or any corp gets a bad egg? Someone with mayhem on their mind. Not just an infiltrator but a person not so different than myself that just wants to see the world burn.

There are two scenarios that I've thought about.

1. The New Recruit -- This person joins the corp with a citadel and shared hanger with the give no fucks attitude. Day one, he scoops all the shared hanger stuff and places them in his personal hanger. He doesn't tell anyone hes done it, and no one really knows he's done it since there isn't a record that I can find at this time.

Now that new recruit can't move the stuff because most of the time he can't fly half the stuff in there, but he's just doing it to troll the people who live there.

The question goes out, "Where is all the public stuff?" Silence. No one knows. No one saw it happen because its a small corp and not everyone pays attention to this. Fingers point, people say "Meh didn't want that shit anyway". Life goes on.

Then a little bit later as people go back to using the pub hanger, he does it again.

More fingers point, more "didn't want it anyway", the CEO eventually admits that "This is why we can't have nice things". Pub hangers go away.

What happens to all the stuff that one guy scooped and stuffed into his personal hanger in the citadel? He could eventually move it out, but odds are this guy is just looking to troll folks or he may be been suspected and then purged.

The stuff remains.

What I'm wondering is, as these citadels live on and are slated to not be deconstructed but be transferred, the items remain inside of them. The older the citadel, the more things that could be inside of them as the greater the chance people leaving the game, not moving things out, or this very same citadel trolling occurs.

Since the citadel owner/CEO never truly knows whats inside of it, and decommissioning one in a wormhole would thus destroy its forgotten contents anyway. Why not just blow it up yourself to get the forgotten goodies inside.

**EDIT!!** Noobman from HK informed me that by decommissioning the citadel, it drops all the space goodies in lots and lots of cans.. Putting this in after the fact... Thnx Noobman!

This moves me to part 2.

2. The Reverse Safari CEO. A CEO who doesn't know whats inside, but suspects a great deal of things are inside, destroys it himself.

This can be done by a rogue CEO simply removing all corp roles to a citadel at the worst possible moment.

Now the debunked, leaderless corp simply needs to form a bash fleet to get maybe  half of their combined stuff out? When it does drop, its going to be in a huge pile of different peoples things spread out, some won't drop because of normal loot farie mechanics, but how would you divide that up?

You might be saying that, all that stuff could happen in POS's, but here's the difference. In a tower, you can see the modules holding your things. There is also a finite amount of space in each of those modules, which means all yes, you could do the same thing over multiple towers, but when your targets are spread out all over the place, risk is mitigated to an extent, simply from a theft logistics point of view. Also, FUEL, before you could siege a tower to the point where getting more fuel in the hole is an issue. A citadel is there holding all your things no matter if its fueled or not. This giant brick, holding all your stuff, that will be there forever, or until you gather up your forces for the promise of maybe half your stuff. Because your half, might not be the half that drops.

I'm not pointing out that I'm going to do any of these things, but after living in a wormholes for almost 5 years now, you tend to get a little paranoid. The "what ifs" become more actual threats that need to be addressed, because lets be real, this is EVE.

The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"