Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 2: I'm not alone

This is my 2nd day in J010556.(not a big update, just a quick one)

This many sigs spawned in 24 hours. In the below screen shot I removed sigs that disapeared on the right and compared it to what appeared on the left.

So you can see the two wspace connections rolled, but the remaining 3 are new sigs. 

All of the respawns were 2 relic sites and 1 combat DED site.

I found the high sec, got my alt logged in and came in with my Helios.

 Whats the best thing about a pulsar? Bringing an armor ship into one! (no, don't do that only dumb people do that)

This was the ship I used, not the greatest thing, but it works.

 [Helios, ◄ιΈ­► Gen smells weird]
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Expanded Cargohold II

Cargo Scanner II
Relic Analyzer II
Data Analyzer II
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Emission Scope Sharpener I
Small Emission Scope Sharpener I

Warrior II x1

Core Scanner Probe I x8

In the time that I went out, logged in my helios, fit the helios and returned.. someone had warped to all the relic sites and cherry picked the best cans.

Why you little sneaks! Clearly I'm not alone. I guess someone else had the same idea.

This is what was left for me from the remaining cans.  O well, I have plans within plans.. muahah muahaha .. (evil laugh off into the distance)

Monday, July 27, 2015

J010556 - Shattered C4 Pulsar - Static High sec, Static C1, Static C2 - Sansha Hole

 The title says it all.  This hole breaks all the rules and in my professional opinion, is in fact, bananas.

 I've been looking for one of these Sansha holes for a while now to do some adventuring in and I finally found one.

So a little bit about this particular hole....I'm going to break it down to different points because this wormhole has a lot going on in it. I'm not sure if you can tell how excited I am to be in it, but having been in Wspace for years, finding something 'newish', can be exhilarating. If you already know everything there is to know about this wormhole.. well good for you, don't wreck it for me.

1. C4 Pulsar:

After intense observation and research (sat in here for like 3 days) I came to the conclusion that this was a C4 pulsar (also said that info on siggy).  For those of you who might not know what a pulsar is, its a wormhole special effect, with the following bonuses and hindrances;

Shield Hit point bonus of : + 74%

Armor Resist reduction: - 36%

Capacitor recharge time: - 36% ** correction** People tell me this is a good thing.

Signature Size: + 72%

Energy Neut/NOS bonus of:  +72%
These effects occur to player ships only, not to NPCs. 

The C4 class means that anoms will have C4 level sleepers spawning in them. Those anoms that aren't Sansha of course.

2. This is a "Shattered Hole":

 This means its signature refresh rate is way higher than other non-shattered holes. The anoms respawn faster, the sigs respawn faster and there are more wandering wormholes connected to it and from it. 

Shattered wormholes also have no moons, so no player owned structures. This makes for an very interesting environment of people who are only in their ships or working from anchored cans/Mobile Depots. 

It can also have C5 gas sites spawn in it. It can also have ice belts. 

3. Its a Sansha hole:

Pirate anoms! Just like in Sansha controlled null sec. Also it can spawn every level of Sansha DED combat sites. 10/10's 8/10s 5/10s.. All of them. The relic and data sites that spawn in this wormhole are null sec quality and are only Sansha data/relic sites. Combine that with the shattered anom/sig bonus and you can have lots of relic/data/DED sites appearing within minutes of each other. (perhaps not that fast, but much faster than anywhere else, that's for sure)

Crazy right!?

4: It has 3 static exits!

There are many players that believe that shattered wormholes don't have "static" exits. That every shattered hole only has wandering wormholes that exit from or to it. Nope!

This mofo has 3 statics. I know because when one of its outbound holes close, another sig of the the exact same class connection appears instantly, just like a static. I didn't believe it at first either, till I literally watched it happen with this holes, 3 static connections, for 3 days straight.

1st is a C2 static, 2nd is a C1 static and last...... High sec static classified as a D845, which isn't in siggy for some reason.

Its static high sec totally changes this wormhole's appeal for me. I was totally going to move in here with a whole force of alts and shit. Planning on living out of a C4 and doing crazy things. NOPE, I just need to scan down the high sec from within, move in my combat ships, do my thing, then fly right out again.

The only ship that needs to be in here is my scanning alt.  I have some serious adventuring ahead of me.

My story line going forward. 

I'm going to 'try' to break the following posts into "days" but I don't get the chance to always play every day, so if it says "ish" at the end of the day, cut me some slack it might not be totally consecutive.

Day 1 - Sansha hole - J010556

When I scanned down all the sigs, and saw the combat site which was a 4/10 (forget the name) sansha I knew I had to try it.

I hurried and looked for something that could do the site. I found some Sleipnir I had used for some thing at some point and modified it to run Sansha PVE.

Please keep in mind I'm not very good at this game and PVE really isn't my thing. I just know guns are needed, shields are needed and... ammo?

O well, Off I go! I fit this bitch like a boss.. (no not really please don't make fun of me).

Fun fact, Sansha rats tracking disrupt. I didn't know that... Do you know what else? You shouldn't bring the least tracking disrupt resistant weapon system into that situation. ... /sigh...Fuck it.. its only money AMIR!te?!

[Sleipnir, Fluffer]
Damage Control II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Capacitor Power Relay II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Pith B-Type Large Shield Booster
Shield Boost Amplifier II
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Gistum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier

425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
Medium Diminishing Power System Drain I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype 'Arbalest' Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I

Medium Anti-Explosive Screen Reinforcer II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Acolyte II x5

Phased Plasma M x4520
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M x2000
Barrage M x3140
Republic Fleet Fusion M x2000
Mjolnir Heavy Assault Missile x1880
Caldari Navy Mjolnir Heavy Assault Missile x486
Nanite Repair Paste x23

I completed the 4/10 thinking I was going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams. Nope. 

Sad times. I took my loot and headed out the high sec.

This was just day one, this hole is going to be fun I know it.