Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Sides To Every Fight

TLDR: We have a small fight, but we get access to both recordings of it.

This is what one of our nightly chains looks like. Random connections leading to places unknown. Seeking fights, ganks and conflict. Each scout heads off in a different direction starting at Max and branching off, depending on the will of Bob.

If he wills us to connect to you, it is your responsibility as a child of Bob to explode ships in his name.

 This particular night, we came across Jesters hole. AKA Jhole.

Brief history behind Jester.

  Jester is a friend of the DTP show. He is a known content creator, and general terrible person. He fights, he gives no shits about pvp and in general is quite funny.  Its why SUSU likes him so much. His corp is what SUSU was about a year ago. Small, violent and full of 'i don't give a fuck juice'. 

Well, he robbed/cheated/Awoxed the Drop Bears. (please read previous post on this blog).We did what any mutually evil corp should do, and helped the cause of evil. We defended. Pvp Corps IMO should never be removed from W-space, no matter how filled with evil they may be. 

Well just like any good villain, we eventually fight and murder our fellow evildoers.

Well, when SUSU heard Ikky(king scout of the universe) call out there was a Jhole Proteus jumping into a C2 from a C4, everyone came running.

While we were forming up and headed down that massive chain, Ikky called out there was a Noctus on scan, and wrecks. Dropping combats, he was on top of the Noctus and had it pointed. I jumped in my scanning tengu (I know its fail but meh it works) to back him up.

We did what we normally do when there is a chance for a pvp escalation. We hold helpless ship and wait for his support to attempt rescue. SUSU uses this tactic all the time. Its good for a few different reasons.

1. It gets their attention.

2. It gives them the idea that its just a lone ship hunting.

3. It gives the targets the idea that if they bring enough stuff, they might be able to save their doomed ship. Most people won't simply write off a ship like that, though some do.

4. With a full scale murder fleet to back up the tackling ship, the danger of not striking quickly is minimal.

5. Why gank a lone industrial ship, when you can gank the industrial and its support ships coming to rescue it.

Think a sniper wounding a solider and letting him scream in the open. Full Metal Jacket style. Shit works, I kid you not.

Well, within a couple minutes the murder fleet was prepped holding on the C5 connected to the C4. Ikky had the Noctus pointed and it wasn't going anywhere. The guys and I though of some fun stuff to do while we waited for JHOLE to rescue its stranded industrial salvager.

Some ideas.

1. Start Shooting the wrecks.

2. Bring in our own battle Noctus and salvaging right next to the tackled one. Like its no big deal. "ho hum, o look stuff to salvage... Why thank you!"

Nothing pisses people off more, and want to kill you, than fucking with their $$$

Luckily we didn't have to wait long. Jester himself uncloaked right next to the tackle proteus in a Curse.Well proteus being what they are neut resistant, they are not. I uncloaked my back up Tengu tackle right next to the Curse and point it. We didn't see this outcome and our tackle proteus actually lost point on the now free Noctus.

It warped off.

:sado face:

O well, I'll take a Curse over a Noctus kill any day. Val warped in to assist with the kill. Again we wanted more, and we didn't want to 'go balls deep' right off the bat. Just enough to get the job done.


Not bad.

Just then I thought to myself. "Do you know who would really appreciate this kill? A Damn Patriot. (See previous post)

I open up a convo with ADP and and share the new with him. First thing he asks me, "Do you have a K-space entrance?" HA. Either he wants to continue his invasion or he wants to come in and throw down with Jester.

I figured I would see what Jester had to offer fight wise before I sold the entrance to ADP. Because lets face it, sometimes you just need to 'connect people'. Its not a dog fight unless they are in the same ring together, AMIRITE?

Turns out, something more fun happened.  Jester started to ship up.

Ikky calls out "Proteus, Proteus, Legion, Guardian, Guardian, Black Bird, Stabber Navy..."

"Ooooo Shhizz someone is getting hard!" Jester is bring the fight. SUSU starts its travel down the chain.

Now, Jester is a friend... so we don't want to blob him, from Ikky's reports, that's all they really have. We politely ask that some of our pilots stay out of the fight because he is a friend.

Lets give them a good fight.

Bronya starts calling out for ships he wants to show up. We did the best we could to match their strength and give them a chance. And if this was all some terrible ruse, we could add more reserves if the battle needed it.

Dan one of our newest members recorded it.



 We came at them with 1 proteus, 2 proph, 2 guardians, 1 black bird. Bronya jumped in to call targets. He never agressed anyone. While I flew one of the guardians and FCed.

 After the fight, we went our separate ways. I linked the kills to ADP, he said was sad he missed it. O well, next time ADP. 7o .

I decided not to sell the entrance to him, because Jester was closing his c4 connection. I'm assuming to get away from us. lol.

Dan provided the video link for the corp. I always like to review our fights, win or lose. See where I went wrong, did things right.. whatever. I opened a convo with Jester and shared the video with him too. Turns out, Jester was recording the fight also.

This is one of those rare occasions where you get to see the coms and tactics of both sides. Very cool IMO.

Turns out Jester was multi boxing in pvp, and badly. DON"T DO THIS JESTER! even people who do this all the time are usually very bad at it, so stop it. I'm one of those people, and I always go out of my way to try and prevent it.


Now this video is good and all, but he made a bunch of mistakes, I'm guessing because he was multi boxing. But the video is raw.

Now I don't know if he made it public to everyone or just me, but this video's value isn't really in Jesters fleet tactics. He may realize what he has done much later, never or around the time of this blog post.

*Here is where the evil of EVE comes shinning through** Check out around 16:00 were Jester opens up his hanger. Is that fucking 5 or 6 billion worth of ships you just streamed to the world?

Jester, move that shit out of your POS ASAP.. there are evil people who will use that for ransoming reasons... invasion reasons.. Hell .. all of the above, get that stuff out of there!

I'm not one of those people... I hate knocking over pos's ... but I feel obliged to post this video on the Internet... because.. GD it.. I'm not a nice man. And as long as we are being honest... you aren't really a nice man either.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Terrible A-Team - BNI Version.

TLDR : Friend of the DTP show gets invaded by BNI. We bring equal to less numbers and they blue ball us. Sad face.

I have referred to our antics in the past as a fucked up A-Team. We come into a situation sometimes that we didn’t create and the sides are not always clearly right or wrong.

We go in anyway, not because we are standing up for right and wrong or anything so noble. We aren’t even the villains in most situations. To quote one of my corp members trying to describe what we do. “We are some guys who look around for people shoot at”.

Whatever it takes to make that happen, we try and do that.

So on my drive home yesterday, Bronya Boga(SUSU Director) texts me asking if we want to rescue Jester and Jhole from a BNI(Brave Newbies) invasion.

A little history here.

Brave Newbies have a very fun and carefree attitude toward the game of EVE. I find their outlook and play style, refreshing. Well at least I did. As of late they have been more risk adverse than in the past, and substantially less fun. Please don’t confuse “fun” with easy targets, Brave would have you believe they are hapless newbies, they aren’t. They have legit tactics and experienced FC’s who are experts at herding cats.  Again, reasons to respect them.

Jester and the guys from JHole are a different sort. I personally like him for the same reasons I like Psychotic Monk. They are content creators. For good or ill, they make stuff happen. They bring interesting things to a game filled with “risk adverse try hards”.  For that, they should be commended.

To quote a friend of mine who has a very bad meth habit.

I Gatta DO Somethin ! Even if its wrong!

I don’t know the story between Jester and BNI, but from I could deduce, he pissed them off. A LOT!  Stole stuff, shot blues… whatever.

So here I am, friends on both sides and a never ending desire to shoot things. What to do... Join the underdogs, more targets!

Actual Story:

I didn’t provide an answer to Bronya’s text cause I was driving. I trust him enough to make policy calls without my hand holding.

I logged in when I got home to find he had already formed up a fleet and teamed up with TLC.  Now TLC is another wormhole group and I’m not sure jesters history is with them, but from early reports, we were outnumbered. TLC was going in anyway, so we decided to join fleets.

BNI feet was checking in at 30 to 40+ and Jester has about 6 active guys. About 11 from SUSU and another 20 or so from TLC.

We formed up a nice little kick ass fleet and headed out to crash the BNI party. We made it halfway through the chain when we got scout reports that BNI was running. RUNNING?! We were bringing equal numbers and they were running.

We trapped them in a connecting C4 and this convo happened with “A DAMN PATRIOT”(head honcho for Drop bears, BNI’s Wormhole wing/corp/whatever)

[ 2013.09.20 00:22:52 ] Longinius Spear > can't talk at the moment ADP :)
[ 2013.09.20 00:23:31 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > you're here to fight for jhole?
[ 2013.09.20 00:23:48 ] Longinius Spear > just a moment
[ 2013.09.20 00:25:31 ] Longinius Spear > WE came for a fight
[ 2013.09.20 00:25:42 ] Longinius Spear > We heard you guys had one
[ 2013.09.20 00:25:43 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > haha for sure
[ 2013.09.20 00:25:48 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > well
[ 2013.09.20 00:25:53 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > we're taking revenge on jester
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:00 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > they are a bunch of dickheads
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:10 ] Longinius Spear > Meh.. reasons for fights come and go. but combat is imortal!
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:16 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i'd love to fight you, but it does suck that you're fighting on "their" side
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:19 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > so
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:30 ] Longinius Spear > Bahh its not sides bro.. its just fights
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:34 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > if we can welp your fleet into you guys we'd be happy
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:38 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > for sure
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:54 ] Longinius Spear > Come on man.. you know its not about winning and losing.. its about fighting
[ 2013.09.20 00:26:56 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > but let's both kill jhole if they try to come =)
[ 2013.09.20 00:27:14 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > well in this case it's about the ego of a dickhead named jester
[ 2013.09.20 00:27:50 ] Longinius Spear > I heard you don't like him
[ 2013.09.20 00:28:04 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > nah, he's kind of a tool
[ 2013.09.20 00:28:10 ] Longinius Spear > hope you don't take us personally responsible
[ 2013.09.20 00:28:13 ] Longinius Spear > we are just along for the ride
[ 2013.09.20 00:28:18 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > awoxed us while we were just starting out
[ 2013.09.20 00:28:49 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > nah but it would be cool if you could red him during/after the fight hehe
[ 2013.09.20 00:29:45 ] Longinius Spear > We don't keep blues.. we just fight... we would gladly help you in the future if you had some good fights we could help with

I mean this btw. If you fight, you are OK in our book. 

[ 2013.09.20 00:31:18 ] Longinius Spear > You set me to red btw.. lol whats that all about?
[ 2013.09.20 00:31:50 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i did?
[ 2013.09.20 00:32:06 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > ah yeah just so my guys know if they see you... they are probably about to fight
[ 2013.09.20 00:32:07 ] Longinius Spear > I got a mail says you aadded me as a contact.. as red
[ 2013.09.20 00:32:31 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > personally?
[ 2013.09.20 00:32:44 ] Longinius Spear > yep
[ 2013.09.20 00:32:57 ] Longinius Spear > i laughed , I wasn't mad
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:03 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > haha
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:09 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i use it more for organizing than anything else
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:12 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > but atm you're neut to me
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:17 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > orange to the corp looks like
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:26 ] Longinius Spear > ack! orange!
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:29 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > oh no i lied SUS is orange to me
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:38 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > hey man i gotta keep track of people who are likely to kill me =D
[ 2013.09.20 00:33:59 ] Longinius Spear > bahh.. all nuets are out to kill you
[ 2013.09.20 00:35:43 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > yeah, but like, ESPECIALLY about to kill

SET MY WHOLE CORP TO ORANGE ! THE NERVE! (jk.. honestly everyone I deal with is red)

 [ 2013.09.20 00:39:09 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > anyway i don't mind you killing me but i do mind jhole getting help from you, that's kinda gay
[ 2013.09.20 00:39:10 ] Longinius Spear > You guys are a whily bunch..
[ 2013.09.20 00:39:24 ] Longinius Spear > We aren't giving him help other than this fight
[ 2013.09.20 00:39:37 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > haha yeah i know
[ 2013.09.20 00:39:48 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > we like GF but this would be a massacre
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:03 ] Longinius Spear > He fights, in worm hole space. people who fight stay. Those are our rules
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:06 ] Longinius Spear > You know this
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:16 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i know i know

People forget how most (making assumptions here, I just know that's how WE work) of wormhole pvp groups work.  If you fight, put forward a consistant effort to give back to Bob, you are OK in our books. Who wants to remove people who provide good fights. Fuck that!

[ 2013.09.20 00:40:17 ] Longinius Spear > Politics aside
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:17 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i'm not the FC
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:40 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > well
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:46 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i'll lobby to welp into you
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:58 ] Longinius Spear > You won't welp, you have more don't you?
[ 2013.09.20 00:40:59 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > if y'all kill jhole's people first/during
[ 2013.09.20 00:41:08 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > more newbies =)
[ 2013.09.20 00:41:38 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > no way in hell i'm giving jhole KMs
[ 2013.09.20 00:42:32 ] Longinius Spear > aww man don't take it that  personal
[ 2013.09.20 00:42:55 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > nono this one is personal
[ 2013.09.20 00:43:03 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > only vs jester personally

Dude. Take your pain. Put it in a box. Bury it, and move on. Lets hug it out!

[ 2013.09.20 00:43:27 ] Longinius Spear > I still love you ADP. Nothing but mad love for ya
[ 2013.09.20 00:44:09 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > haha back at you man
[ 2013.09.20 00:49:07 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > ok well
[ 2013.09.20 00:49:23 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > remember when you guys came with psychomonk
[ 2013.09.20 00:49:57 ] Longinius Spear > Yea, You are seeing a trend of teaming up with content creators
[ 2013.09.20 00:50:05 ] Longinius Spear > we are also content creators
[ 2013.09.20 00:50:20 ] Longinius Spear > If you guys had content we would help you too.. for reals!
[ 2013.09.20 00:51:05 ] Longinius Spear > If jester doesn't fight, willyou fight us?
[ 2013.09.20 00:51:27 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > I knew I should mailed you prior to doing this OP hehe

True. If you told us to stay out prior as a favor, I think I would have asked my dudes to stand down. 

[ 2013.09.20 00:51:33 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i thought jhole might have some batphones or what have you
[ 2013.09.20 00:51:43 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > hey you know we fight whenever you show up
[ 2013.09.20 00:51:51 ] Longinius Spear > bah.. we are hardly a bat phone.. we are just friendly folk who like to fight

I wanted to see if Jester was the reason they weren't fighting. If thats the case we would have told Jester to go home. No reason one guy should wreck everyone elses fun. 

[ 2013.09.20 00:52:26 ] Longinius Spear > I'm serious though if you are, if we tell jester to go home.. will you fight us?
[ 2013.09.20 00:53:22 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > ohhh
[ 2013.09.20 00:53:28 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i'll see if i can convince my FC

We caught a few BNI as they didn't follow instructions of their FC, but the main fleet clearly outnumbered us and it would have been a hell of a throw down.


ADP closed convo shortly after, and his fleet logged off. 

This is one of ADP's  Alts.

[ 2013.09.20 00:59:43 ] Longinius Spear > :)
[ 2013.09.20 00:59:49 ] Qriste > heh
[ 2013.09.20 00:59:52 ] Qriste > yeahhh so our FC had other plans
[ 2013.09.20 01:00:01 ] Longinius Spear > no worries
[ 2013.09.20 01:00:02 ] Qriste > I asked him if we could fight you
[ 2013.09.20 01:00:13 ] Qriste > he said our newbies were too poor for a welp of that size
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:02 ] Qriste > soo... we're logging onto sisi to fuck around
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:02 ] Longinius Spear > Don't undock what you can't lose
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:08 ] Qriste > right?
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:21 ] Qriste > i asked him to fight you if you sent jhole away
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:26 ] Qriste > swear to god lol
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:30 ] Qriste > but he didn't want to
[ 2013.09.20 01:01:36 ] Qriste > *sigh*

Another nail in the coffin BNI. You guys are getting quite the rep of blue balling people who come to you for content. Kind of a bummer. 

[ 2013.09.20 01:02:27 ] Longinius Spear > No biggie man. Do what ya gata, i know how it is
[ 2013.09.20 01:02:36 ] Qriste > yeah fsho
[ 2013.09.20 01:02:46 ] Qriste > we should set up some more fights though
[ 2013.09.20 01:02:58 ] Qriste > everyone who did that brawl with you guys last time said it was the most fun they had in quite some time =)
[ 2013.09.20 01:02:58 ] Longinius Spear > Or roams or anything. We team up with anyone
[ 2013.09.20 01:03:07 ] Longinius Spear > Totally!
[ 2013.09.20 01:03:11 ] Qriste > sweet
[ 2013.09.20 01:04:19 ] Longinius Spear > Alright man. GL! Till next time
[ 2013.09.20 01:05:00 ] Qriste > tyty 7o7o
[ 2013.09.20 01:05:07 ] Longinius Spear > 7o

I give Drop bears a grade of B-   Fellow cool wormholers who do put up a fight when it comes calling. Great guys.

I give the FC (guessing it wasn't a Drop Bear) from BNI a fucking  F.  Keep your 'risk adverse loss mails matter, bull shit out of my W-space.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Night out in null with Sky Fighters

TLDR - We took a armor fleet out to gank a juicy target, teamed up with a shield gang in the area. Found a kitchen sink, lost the fight. Still great fight!

So this is another example of two unrelated wormhole corps joining up to bring Bob's word to the infidels of K-space.

We had intel that a juicy target was doing dumb things in an expensive ship. It was 23 jumps through the wasteland that is null sec, but we had nothing better going on. So we massed a 7 man fleet, two guardians, two neut prophecy, a hurricane and a harbinger. We had an Arazu running +1, and a bomber running +4.

The juicy target wasn't there, so we wandered around for a bit looking for a fight. Typical null sec, 30 people in local in most systems and they all dock up if they see a 6 man gang.

We did manage to get a solo vexor. Good on him for trying, sorry your falcon bro bailed on ya. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=19677918

Sky Fighters (cool wormhole dudes) and Jester + Crew headed over in a shield gang to help with any kind of trouble we could start up with the juicy target. Since nothing really came of it, we joined fleets and looked around for more trouble.


So we called it a night, dropped dual coms and headed our separate ways. On our way back, we ignored all fleet warp rules and made best speed back, guardians first. What we didn't know was the locals, actually put together a fleet to fight us!!  But now our fleet was all split up going different directions. After some minor chaos, we got back on the same coms, and mustered up on the gate to engage.

We had the guardians on both sides of the camped gate, and half the fleet was armor and Sky Fighters were shield. Not the best choice, but we did come all this way. As messengers of bobs word, lets do this!

We let Sky fighters call targets and FC. 


This video was taken by Cylin in a neut prophecy. You can hear me in the video ask for people to broadcast. I was flying one of the guardians. Bronya in the other guardian who gets disconnected the second he jumps in. I was neuted and damped for most of the fight. Bronya when he finally did connect was ECMed.

The broadcasts were all for shield, but I tried to keep them up with my guardian.

Overall it was a totally awesome throw down, win or lose. Thank you The Explicit Alliance for the fight! 


Here is the AAR from Sky Fighters. 

We formed up in ABCs to go help SuSu kill something. We immediately lost 2 scouts because we got to spread out. At this point I logged on and was told about what was happening so we burnt towards Cobalt Edge.

 This is where I made my first mistake by not asking what SuSu's fleet comp was. Once we arrived Insidous docked up and didn't want to play. We had a few laughs and goofed off a bit in Cobalt trying to find a kill but nothing was biting so we split the fleets and headed home. 

On the way SuSu, let us know that there was a battleship fleet on a gate so we reformed the fleets to take the fight. I was asked to FC and once we landed on grid with the gate I realized SuSu had a armor while we had a shield fleet with no logi. Undetered I gave the order to jump into the enemy and hold cloak. They were set up with the battleships at zero along with some small tackle and then there support was about 50 off. My biggest concern was the Geddon as he could make a mess of our guardians so I gave the order to burn the Geddon first.

 Guys with EC drones placed them on the Guardian and Falcon while combat dones were placed on little stuff. Looking at that Geddon killmail he was tanked so it took awhile to chew through him. He popped and I thought were in business as we had a Nado for the Geddon, Catalyst, and Sabre. I looked at Grid and saw that their support was still way off of us so my thought was to kill the devoter to give us the option to bail if we had to.

 This was my second mistake as I should have just burnt straight for the support and tried to kill it off. 

The devoter was able to tank our dps so we switchd to the domi and Brutix to try and confuse there logi and wear on their cap. This worked as the Brutix popped and we started to kill the Domi. He caught reps so again I tried to make there logi work. Unfortunely an Arazu and a falcon showed up along with a few of their other Nerds who had reshipped into other logi. The Arazu damped our logi which hurt badly and we started to bleed a few ships.

 At this point I was primed and even though SuSu logi bros were awesome at keeping me up I eventually died. Kynric took over seamlessly and primed the Arazu which died instantly as he had come into range. At this point the decision to bail was made and we slipped away. 

In the end we lost the fight but it was a lot of fun for me to FC and I hope you guys enjoyed it If we had all armor or shield ships we would have wiped the floor with them.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just a quick wormhole gank

Little back ground. We noticed a lone saber trying to bubble our scout. Our scout ended up being a very well tanked proteus.

We saw they had more ships on D-scan in the C4 and thought they might escalate once the saber grabbed our scout.

Again I want to point out, my guys are much better scouts then they are fighters, but we try to have fun. Yes, the guy filming has been told how to resolve the too far to warp thing.

Massy the scout who found these ships and provided the fight for us, walked away with all loot. 800 million + isk. Its how SUSU pays its members for scouting and finding us content.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7arP1i6KSpo Thank you Cylinrath for recording it. !!

The kill board

$$$ YAY

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How I do PI in wormholes

Wormhole PI extractor planets and factory planets videos.

I made some videos on how I do my PI.

1st video is the extractor planet set up.

Wormhole P1 Extractor Planet Vid 1


PI Factory Planet Vid 2

Sorry for the short post, but its PI and the videos speak for themselves.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Days since last trapped out the Orca – 0

Battle story:

TLDR; I derp closing our static exit and trap out the Orca. Jumped by 4 bombers and get away. 

“The Orca was developed as a joint venture between Outer Ring Excavations and Deep Core Mining Inc as a vessel to help meet the demands of New Eden's industry and provide a flexible platform from which mining operations can be more easily managed.

The Orca uses much of the technology developed by ORE for the Rorqual and integrated with the latest advancements from Deep Core Mining research division has developed a vessel which offers a diverse role to all sizes of operations and needs.”

All mining aside, Orca are not typically used in wormholes for anything other than for hauling or mass.
Quick wormhole lesson, I should read this more than you, because I obviously forget it more than most.

For mass collapse:

  • "Has not yet had its stability significantly disrupted" - This indicates the wormhole is still quite stable, and has over 50% of its total allowable mass left.
  • "Has had its stability reduced, but not to a critical degree yet" - This means the wormhole has seen a decent amount of travel, and has less than 50% of its total allowable mass left.
  • "This wormhole has had its stability critically disrupted by the mass of numerous ships passing through and is on the verge of collapse." - This means exactly what it says. The wormhole has had most of its total allowable mass used up, and has less than 10% left. Collapse is imminent

When a wormhole collapses, a new one appears taking to a new far off land. Closing a hole and understanding how to do it, is as essential to wormhole life as proper ball cupping technique is to Sasha Grey.

Here is how you do it.

An example. 1 billion wormhole connection needs to be closed. You can assume a frig/cruiser or two has already passed through it, bringing that number down to 999,000,000 or whatever.. An aveage frig is like 7k. Cruiser, close to maybe 16,000.. Almost nothing.

With battle cruisers the mass starts going up. Battleships, it’s about 100,000,000 mass. An Orca, 250,000,000. So if you push an Orca through a hole one way, you have damaged a 1 billion hole by about 25% in one direction. Return trip through a hole and you have hit the hole for 500,000,000. Half! Send an Orca through again and the hole will close behind you. 500,000,000 = 1st pass – 500,000,000 = 2nd pass. Add a few cruisers or frigs to that, and the hole has exceeded the mass limits and the hole closes. WIN! Right?

My corp fails in closing wormholes more than most, so we put up a counter in the MOTD. “Days Since Last Trapping out the Orca - ##”  We have never hit a 3 digit number.

We were connected to a C2 and its residents were proving to be not fun. We had fought with a connecting c3 and decided to look for greener pastures. I knew there was a hostile scout watching the static connection to the C2, so I asked for an escort to assist in closing the hole.

8 Pilots showed up on the dot to sit on the ‘reduced hole’ to ensure we had some kind of defense for the fateful Orca pass.

Problem – Since we threw down with the C3 gang, to the tune of a few battle cruisers, cruisers, frigs… both directions on the hole, we damaged the math a little. Better way of describing it, we reduced the hole to stage 2. “Stability Reduced”

This could mean the hole was between  49.999% and 10.0000001 %  --- Basic math time. 11.% of 1 bill?  110,000,000. Mass of an Orca ? 250,000,000. Yea. I had no way of knowing if the hole was 49% or 11% but I went in anyway, because I was too lazy to get a smaller ship.

There I was with my 8 other combat pilots escorting me on the C5 side of the C2 hole. Orca jumped. Hole closed, Orca trapped out, 8 pilots that wanted to cover me far far away.

No biggy right? There is a high sec connected to this c2 with nobody in it… I hit warp to High sec.

Uncloak, 1 stealth bomber right next to me. Uncloak another, and another and finally a 4th… Yea that just happened.

Bombers typically carry torpedoes as their primary weapon. They specialize in damaging large ships above their ‘weight class’. Here my Orca was ponderously aligning to the high sec exit.

Warp disruptor activates on my Orca, then another…. All bombers start firing on me.

Now I’m no stranger to pvp, I’m not very good at it but I think of myself more of a war tactician vs pew pew grunt. I design fights, ganks, roams, fits… everything other than actually second to second implantation of combat. I knew that if my Orca would ever get ‘tackled’ I would need to remove that tackle and warp to safety.

My standard Orca fit is,


1 Damage Control 2,
1  Inertial Stabilizers


2 Invun fields
1 Shield Expander
1 100mn After Burner – (not for speed, more of a mass increasing thing adds 50,000,000 to your mass)


1 Cloak (critical for waiting out people if I did need to try and get away0
1 Probe Launcher (for finding my dumb trapped ass out if I needed it)
1 MED Nuet.

Drones – 5 light scout drones, 10 ECM light drones.


The first bomber comes in with a scram at less than 10k. This applied 2 warp disruption points, had my lows been filled with Warp Stabs I may have gotten away. The second bomber points me at 20k, adding another warp disruption point. 1 more point, than if I had warp stabs. Screwed.

The other bombers either didn’t have points, or didn’t bother with them.

First thing I do, out of instinct is drop scout drones. Then begin the laborious task of actually targeting the attackers. I overheat my invulns. BTW going on record, invulns are fucking useless on Orca.  I have since changed my fit. I was half into armor before my first targeting was completed. Targeting frig size anything in an orca is a task to be sure, but doing it with a cloak loaded, UGGGGG.. took forever.

My drones on the other hand, had already decided to go and shoot something. The attackers saw this and started shooting my drones. I don’t know why, but I do know they were damaged.. /shrug.

The scram pilot was my primary focus for my medium nuet. A medium neut can deal with any fig sized ship without a cap booster. My med nuet has about 11k in range. Just enough to deal with a scram pilot. 

The 20k orbit guy was proving to be harder to deal with. Once I had the closer ship nueted I began to pull in what was left of my scouts drones. I dropped ECM 300 and set them on the 20k distance ship.

At this time I was in structure. Which,  I would like to point out, isn’t really a big deal in an orca The Damage control 2 makes hull tanking an actual thing. 

With 4 bombers each with a full rack of torpedoes, pounding away on me (with a target painter I will add… Like that mattered) my hull was dropping about 5% a volley. Orca hull tank FTW!

My issue was getting that orbiting 20k pilot to drop point. He was way out of my neut range. 

I aligned myself to the high sec, for the split second both of them would lose point on me. The 20k bomber kept orbiting and orbiting, and my ECM drones couldn’t keep up with him, so I retraced them over and over one by one, hoping that the ECM drone would cut him off at the pass and not trail uselessly behind him.  

I did this 3 times… Finally, at 20% structure… The disruption icon drops. I right click on the book mark, already aligned.. and WARP!

I happily left my hero ECM drones on the field. Good bye you glorious little bastards!!

I shout in local. (I’m not proud of what I said, but it was a fairly amazing escape IMO).



--- "WTS ORCA at HIGH SEC hole!”

I was about to land, when I thought to myself, how funny would it be if they already closed the high sec hole and I land in empty space. Lucky for me, that didn’t happen. 

I lingered on the inside of the c2 hole for seconds, when I see 2 bombers land next to me. I see them yellow boxed me as I was jumping out.

Moments after I jump, I instantly feel terrible for talking shit to those guys after I got away. I open up a convo with one of the pilots and apologize for my outburst, I was just caught in the moment.

He was pretty cool about it, he said and I’m quoting – “that was an amazing escape, a little trash talk was warranted”

Nice guy. Would almost lose an orca to him again 10/10.