Monday, November 17, 2014

The Blue Donut Hole

TLDR: Theorizing future Thera and its actual impact to the game. The future is filled with blues, blues and more blues.

The Thera creation may be one of the greatest impacts to the game since Apocrypha (the release that brought us w-space).  I didn’t say, greatest as in best. What I’m talking about is, the game play impact it will have on players who choose to participate in it. Thera will bring with it a game play style different to anything already in play. CCP has effectively created a game play style and forced the player base to do what we do best and break it. Break it, we shall!

The Dev blog:

Though all of this seems totally new, we can use some basic deduction using prior precedent and current game play rules it would take years of CCP development to change.

 Here’s what will happen from my point of view.

“Thera is a gigantic shattered wormhole system that contains four NPC stations and a large number of wormhole connections”  -- Dev Blog

According to initial reports from friends who have jumped in there from the test server, when Fozzie says “Large Number of wormhole connections” he means 5+ Non static connections. Though the mechanics haven’t totally been explained yet, we can assume those would be either outbound K162s or inbound wandering wormholes from existing K-space and W-space. This is in addition to the statics, mentioned here;

“Thera has multiple static connections highsec, lowsec and nullsec space as well as access to wandering wormholes and K162 connections that can connect it to W-space. The result is a system that is much more connected to K-space than to W-space.” – Dev Blog

3 Static types, all K-space. Game impact is; this hole will be favored by people who don’t mind visitors, travelers and explorers. Pvpers.

Thera will be chaos unleashed. Those who don’t pvp in Thera will fit into two categories, waiting to die or catering to pvpers (market types, scouts). That’s it.

The sites will remain unrun, because to do so with this level of traffic would mean you won’t live long or you’re just bait waiting to be bitten.

Picture a pipe system next to a major trade hub in Low sec. Rancer without local essentially.

“None of the connections to Thera will admit capital ships (freighters will be able to squeeze in), none of the stations in Thera will allow capitals to be built, and there are no moons for starbase anchoring. This means the system will only ever contain sub-capital vessels.” – Dev Blog

No capitals is a huge play style change, though not unique. High sec war participants have been battling each other without capitals since war decs were a thing. Station games, station games .. o and more station games, but now without neutral alts you couldn’t effect, till it was too late. At the end of the day, capitals fill a battlefield roll. Sadly, without capitals and a known method to reduce the engagement strength of those who you’re fighting. In this sealed single system, the blob will rule. Best way to blob is to blue.

“Thera is the largest system we have ever had in EVE. The stations are spread between three different planets at the edges of the system and warps between them can be up to 342 AU. The vast distances and huge number of wormholes ensures that keeping a lockdown on all of the stations and wormholes in the system will be exceedingly difficult, although we expect it to be an extremely dangerous place.” – Dev Blog

This might be one of the most unique factors to this EVE play style. Players will be forced to bounce off a celestial based book mark, before attempting to expose themselves to fleets waiting at the connection points.

Example:  So if you warped from one spot to another into a drag bubble, you could essentially get pulled from your warp in point by a newly expired interdiction probe and its launching ship has long since left grid before even seeing you on Dscan. Crazy right? Unique, but not unmanageable. Though this system may be huge and from some reports taking up to 5 minutes to warp across it, it’s not total chaos. Here is how you solve it.

Wormhole/Sig generation will still follow the rules they do now in other EVE systems. All sigs will be 4 AU from a celestial. You could create book marks between celestials, the same way you do now to make safes, but for the most part Sigs/Anoms will always appear 4 AU or less from a celestial. 

I foresee all residents of Thera having a block of bookmarks all within 4 AU of each celestial. These will be used for intel gathering and safe warps. No one but bads will attempt warping 5 minutes from point A to point B without first bouncing to a 4 AU safe and hitting D-scan to the wormhole exit/entrance of their choosing.

Below is a picture of what I'm talking about. Please excuse my crude paint skillz.

Moving on...

“Anchored warp disruption bubbles will not be usable within Thera, although interdictor and heavy interdictor bubbles work normally.”  Dev Blog

I honestly like this. Though camps will be possible, they won’t be possible without greater expense to the campers.

We all know campers are as lazy as miners, so with the greater risk to the camping force hics and dics being on grid without local to save them from their own bubbles, we won’t see many long term camps similar to say HED-GP. – Example: Sure your HIC can sit there with its bubble up hopping to drag haulers/explorers out of warp, they will be at risk to the roaming gangs of cloaked ships that will call this system home.

“Thera contains wormhole signature and anomaly sites appropriate for class 3 and class 4 wormholes, as well as all the different types of wormhole gas mining sites on par with a class 6 wormhole system.” – Dev Blog

So what. Only the Anoms and pve Sigs will only be used for bait. Anyone else will be shellacked. The fleet it would take to hold that from the roving bands of cloaked murderers would make long term farming of a c3/c4 type Anom, just a waste of time/isk. Example: let me do this c3 anom in the most dangerous place in the game, in a passive resist drake. Right, that won’t totally end in cloaky death squads saving sleepers from people seeking isk.

I foresee no one doing any level of PVE, other than maybe a gas site here and there, in a throw away venture with a throw away clone. The extensive risk will never be justified by the current reward system.

Example: Null sec Incursions. No one does them because the risk is so high and rewards just a little better than simply doing the same thing in a high sec system.

What to expect:

1.      TiDi, during normal day to day I’m sure TiDi won’t be an issue, but allowing jump clones at stations will mean that each time there is a huge noncap brawl, everyone and their mother will jump clone into Thera to honorable 587th party.
2.      Local chat spam
3.      Station games
4.      Blues, blues and more blues between Thera residents. Think Provi. Wspace edition. There will be groups that come and go but long term residents will construct some sort of blue list to fend off the massive other groups who will clone jump into the system for some Gud fights.
5.      Random gangs of Thera based bandits appearing at a null sec near you. The surprise factor won’t be there, I suspect that all major alliances that wish to keep their ratting caps from being blobbed will keep either spies or scanning alts in Thera to notify intel networks of pending doom. The idea of a wormhole filled with stations and hundreds of pilots opening up in prime null ratter turf makes me wet, but honestly how long before someone in Null realizes they just need to put an alt in the Blue Donut Hole gang and get free intel. 


The Politics of ‘Blue Donut Hole’ (I coined that btw) I suspect will be similar to what Black Legions point of view is right now. Go where the fight is, fight any and all people just cause. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if BL wasn’t already making plans to dominate the system. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a wormhole they can move their alts/combat pilots to, clone jump to when something juicy is tackled and fly to high sec whenever they want to get more ships.

Thera will provide a mobile platform to spread destruction through Low sec and Null sec on a sub capital level throughout all of new Eden. The thing is, you must feed this gang of scum and villainy. Don’t feel like fighting with the Null they are connected to? Roll the Null till you find a null with something to shoot.

I don’t suspect any of the giant sov holding groups to set up anything permanent in Thera. Since the primary goal for most of these groups is ISK generation, and Thera will offer nil on that front.
Thera will be a pvper refuge and whomever caters to that type of player.  

I don’t see existing wormhole groups moving into Thera on a long term basis, most that I know about are either very pvp small gang/cap supported or are total cap escalation bears. Thera won’t be this.

Potential Issues: 

Right now, in w-space I can scan out a chain for the reasons of finding a small group to fight fairly effectively. I have access to most of the ships I need in my POS. I can roam null or low sec if I want to find numbers of less than 20 in all of those  locations. Thera as a w-space battle platform that will constantly be raided by the weekend pvper blobs. Naww its coo bro, you can keep that.

Why on earth would an effective wspace hunter like myself want to base my operations out of there? The fights I find right now aren’t huge sub cap brawls in tidi. Thera to me and others like me will view Thera as a vacation space to throw away some ships, that's about it. 

If anyone remembers what the BNI Low sec system was like, before BNI wandered off to claim sov. That chaotic undock in that system with multiple groups of sniping ships and playing station games was the norm.. This is what the stations will be like in Thera. Undocks that are total mess of ships, gangs, null sec style shit talking and kiting boats. When the Blue Donut Hole eventually takes back the grid, it will be “so what do we do with this fleet now? ”Well we are connected to ____ lets go raid them”.


CCP may knock this out of the park and create an entirely new play style. This could be something great. Then again they might do what it, what they did with C4’s i.e. Making C4s amazing with another static with one hand and not knowing what the other hand is doing, nurfing potential c4 income by “fixing” RR sleepers (2 years after the fact). Effecting taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

 I have high hopes but my expectations have been mired by past precedent.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Foedus Bomb

 TLDR: I talk about paranoia, my embrace of it and how it leads me astray, often. Butterfly effect story.

This is yet another post about the EVE butterfly effect. For you backward ass heathens who don't know what a butterfly effect is, well its a chain of events that occur from something small.

This one starts with Foedus launching a bomb at his friendlies. Why would he do this you ask? Well no one but Foedus really knows. Ships were destroyed, tears were shed, laughs were had and apologies were made (though forced).

But one thing this bomb had an effect on was my faith in Foedus as someone I should invest my spaceships/trust in. My faith was shaken, if only momentarily. Spears faith and yes Spears talking in the 3rd person and is shaken easily, much like his fragile ego. It doesn't take much, but its a level of situational awareness that EVE has prepped me for. Notice little things in behavior, in words said, tiny things that may preempt a power move, that may negatively effect me as a player.

Well I was wrong, but that little friendly bomb had huge ripple effects. Why was it dropped? I don't know, what does it mean... ?

I'm Spears overdeveloped sense of paranoia. This is how far my paranoia took me. Did Foedus launch the bomb destroying 2 friendly Interdictors to make it look like an accident, as a prelude to a bigger play? Whats next in this pending betrayal? Best not apply assets to his fleets in the future or be betrayed more severely in ways that only EVE can construct. He is to be watched for deception to a greater degree in the future! o yes... o YES!

Shortly after this watershed moment Foedus asked us to form up for a Null sec roam. "Right... so you can send us into a trap with whatever group you are going to betray us for?! O no.. I won't be THAT guy! I'll stay safely in my POS and watch your drama unfold.

20 minutes into the roam Foedus shouts "Charon on gate". Ahh i see you're a sly impatient one Foedus, no no.. I won't be fooled. He says "Charon tackled". In null sec.. Yea right. Whats a massive freighter doing wandering alone in null sec?

Well, a battle unfolds in voice coms. Targets are called ships are exploded. Not the impending doom that I thought my paranoia had saved me from. Nope, a legit brawl with people desperately trying save the now tackled freighter.

Foedus took us to gold, he took us to glory, I lost faith in him so easily, damn my paranoia! I was missing it.

Well the below battle report doesn't show all the ships they had on grid, but you can clearly tell the brave Iso5 gang was out matched, yet they held strong as long as they could. Without me. Whats worse is most of the fighting they were just a few hundred DPS away from changing their fate. That few hundred dps would have been from me in my shield HAC.

Dan made a video of the fight too

The battle report

A glorious battle that must have lasted at least 15 minutes, because I had enough time to jump 12 jumps before it was over. It was over when I was 1 jump away. Wrecks were everywhere, bodies floated in space, the atmosphere was so pumped in coms and I couldn't participate in the recount of the glory.

The targets warped in ship after ship with reckless abandon. They trickled in just fast enough to get blapped one by one till they finally warped in two carriers to save their stranded Charon, we could have had it! If only I was there!

We theorized what was in that Charon, we assumed nothing that great, till we thought about why they tried to save it with so much.

I found out the following morning that it was a Station egg, or at least components to make one. That very same system vs the very same gang of targets this happened hours later.

The CFC somehow came to the knowledge that a station egg was being onlined, took action and picked up where our failed fleet left off. That station was destine to die. The faithful of wormhole Bob and null B.o.B. 2.0 ordained it.

A diplomatic incident followed shortly as 50 talwars from Brave took pot shots at the egg, and the diplomatic might of NC. was called upon to sort out the mess. Wars will start because of this, ships in the billions will be lost because of what Iso5 couldn't finish on this gate... without my help.

All because Foedus bombed his friends and I questioned my faith in him.

(Yes this is a satire post, but my goal is to entertain not insult) Love you Foedus. <3

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pvper Guilt

TLDR: I ramble on about a dumb self-serving opinion about pvp.

Last night Iso5 lost some stuff. About 12 billion in stuff. This may be small potatoes for some groups but it was a fairly significant loss for us.

I’m going to summarize the battle as us going in completely and underestimating the response of the people we were attacking. What I want to talk about isn’t the battle itself but more why it happened.

Let me tell the story from my point of view.

I logged into voice coms with people listing ship types over comes. This usually means someone has eyes on a relevant target and we are prepping to kill them. But that wasn’t what we were doing, we were just watching. I asked several times in fleet, coms and corp, are we forming up? I would get cryptic joking answers, if I got responses at all.

At first this annoyed me. I’m the type of player who wants to jump right in the shit no matter what. Targets on a hole, GETTEM! GETTEM! OMG GETTEM SO HARD WE ALREADY GOTEM! Yea that’s me.

Well, I was wrong. I should have had a greater level of restraint when dealing with the targets we had. I was following the fortune favors the bold adage. This doesn’t play out well in EVE sometimes. I say sometimes, because in my experience opportunity lost is just that, loss. I can’t list how many times I have jumped on something quick and without question having it die without any negative reproductions. I remember nearly every instance where I sat and overthought the situation, then have my potential kill wander away from the kill zone. I’m trained by success to act. Action brings content, inaction brings nothing.

My instincts and the instincts of others lead us away from victory, because we didn’t show restraint.

Well last night our targets were Protean Concept. Nothing against these guys, they played a good game. Mad respect for everything they do and what they bring to wormhole space. Last night they showed tremendous restraint and not playing OUR (Iso5’s) game. I’m not sure if it was intentional but it was effective non the less. They played us like a fiddle.

They sat on their home hole connection and didn’t move from that for what I want to say was 45 + minutes. An unconscionable amount of time in my book. But that’s just it.. that was MY book, because I and others felt it was too long, a level of guilt set in that we couldn’t stand, we were forced to act.. and we died.

So here we have what I want to discuss. The guilt of a pvper, the ability to resist it, play your own game, apologize to no one is what makes a pvper great. How well he resists that guilt is a measure of how successful he is.

People are constantly bringing up the “gud” fight thing, which imo is played out and dumb. Everyone in EVE is going to fight the fight they want or have to, trying to ask for it to be fair is just stupid. Nothing is fair in love and war. This holds true for EVE. We even discussed in coms after if what was done to us, we would do to them. Everyone didn’t miss a beat and said “hell yes, we would have”. “Winning is winning”.

So we lost, but we didn’t lose a military battle, we lost a fight vs our pvp guilt. Our pvp guilt didn’t want to lose the potential kills. Our pvp guilt made us do the thing we did. If risk adversity is weakness of a care bear, the pvp guilt is the weakness of the pvper.

A truly good pvper is guiltless. A good killer fights every battle where he has the advantage, plays every angle and walks away from losing situations. The thing is, this is a video game and its consequences are less extreme. Then why do I feel the way I do?

Perhaps we just like to fight, not matter if we are losing or winning.

I like fighting more than winning, but that positive reinforcement of getting fights is a huge burden because I carry it over to the empathy I share with my targets.

Let me explain; I have said to people in the past ‘You should thank me for ganking/fighting you, I brought you the gift of gunfire/explosions.” That longing I feel to shoot and be shot is a gift! If I sat stoic on a wormhole for 45 minutes and waited for targets to jump into my home, I would fear my targets would get bored, log off and just go on with their dull lives. Gift not received. This could not stand, my pvp guilt won’t allow it!

This is the pvp guilt I carry with me. I must give to them and all who I encounter, what I so value. Explosions.

You’re welcome.


Battle report

Video from their perspective.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Just another day in null (weird but true story)

Vacation Update: First off if anyone is still reading this blog, to you; Thank you for dealing with my emotional roller coaster toward this game. I'm not exactly sure if my level of intrest will ever return to what it was. 5 accounts and something to prove. I want to blame it on something.. like mental illness or an abused childhood or some other bull shit, but honestly I just don't know. No excuses, I'm just a bad person.

I have taken up this crazy hobby called outside. I built an aquaponics unit and it even leaked... which I'm still fixing... but that's a different story.

Interest level in EVE; "meh."

I'm now at the level of just having fun with my space friends, which really is all I can ask of a game. I hope to get to the level where I don't feel angry with the game or its staff. Not sure I will get to that, but here's to hoping.

Activity level; moderate.

Flying with Iso5 is very chill. These guys are cool operators who troll those who need it and give respect where its deserved. They put up with me, my jokes and my bull shit, so these dudes are saints honestly.

Last month this little W-space corp exploded nearly 100billion in ships. I'm not talking about whoring on supers or flying in fleets of 100+ these guys seek out targets, day to day and get the job done. Their desire for wanton destruction impresses even me.

"Some wormholers just want to see the world burn" -- CCP Fozzy (about me)

They are becoming so successful they have limited their recruitment to "selective" which imo says something. Lets hope they don't become obsessed about kill boards and eventually boot me for not playing 5 accounts. ( /rude Ducks)

Enough about me and my bull shit. I wanted to tell an AAR/Battle Report/Story about a hero in some renter group in Null.

Just another day in null. (weird but true story)

TLDR: We mess with some renters.. they deliver.

 Batuka of "Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere" is the Flavor Flav of this little null sec system. All promotion, all action, wears a clock and gives no fucks.

Before we get to the story of this pilot I think what I should talk about is the story of his connection.

A connection for the people who don't know wormholes is just a random link between our chain and the content provided for us by Bob.

So this connection, a null, was linked to our home hole. Early in the day our scout poked his head into the system and saw a Nyx on D-scan and had assigned fighters. We even fathomed the Nyx may have been in a site itself. We simply didn't know, but damn it if we weren't going to make plans to try and kill it.

The Nyx never showed but a little while later in that connection our hero Batuka was piloting a a Kronos and from what he said baiting us.

When we engaged him he had 11 other pilots in local. We honestly though the Nyx or at least some ships with fighters asigned to it would join.

Turns out, they just sat there and  watched him in cloak

This is the local convo after his Kronos Kill

I labeled who is a local (part of our Hero's corp)

[ 2014.10.27 00:33:46 ] Batuka (local) > GF
[ 2014.10.27 00:34:31 ] Bronya Boga > gfgf
[ 2014.10.27 00:34:40 ] Batuka (local) > thought it would be fun :P
[ 2014.10.27 00:35:10 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > lol
[ 2014.10.27 00:35:11 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:35:45 ] Batuka (local) > u guys dont talk much
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:11 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > yeh it's cool. It's bcos they r wanks
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:16 ] Longinius Spear > wormholers respect people. We don't sht talk much
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:25 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > we said gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:31 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > where WAS the shit
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:32 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > ?
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:45 ] Bronya Boga > i said gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:55 ] Dan Hour > gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:36:59 ] Batuka (local) > ty
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:04 ] Johnnie Blue > cool
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:04 ] Bronya Boga > :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:07 ] Solidus Yanumano (local) > gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:09 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > that's better :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:12 ] Patrica Marquis (local) > gf
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:15 ] Dan Hour > hey I shot at you :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:19 ] Batuka (local) > :P
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:25 ] Dan Hour > o/
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:28 ] Batuka (local) > i went balls deep
[ 2014.10.27 00:37:51 ] Foedus Latro > it's worth sometimes :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:38:10 ] Foedus Latro > ty for fight
[ 2014.10.27 00:38:52 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > np
[ 2014.10.27 00:38:56 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > oh wait
[ 2014.10.27 00:38:58 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > 1 sec
[ 2014.10.27 00:39:19 ] Batuka > ahh u dick
[ 2014.10.27 00:39:26 ] Longinius Spear > sorry
[ 2014.10.27 00:39:31 ] Longinius Spear > brb
[ 2014.10.27 00:39:35 ] Johnnie Blue(local) >
[ 2014.10.27 00:39:43 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > vote it up
[ 2014.10.27 00:42:02 ] Bronya Boga > so close
[ 2014.10.27 00:42:05 ] Sonic Mulder (local) > WOO
[ 2014.10.27 00:42:07 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > \o/
[ 2014.10.27 00:42:33 ] Johnnie Blue(local) >
[ 2014.10.27 00:44:17 ] Batuka (local) > did u guys enjoy the fight ?
[ 2014.10.27 00:44:23 ] Batuka(local) > i wish u diddnt deploy as much on me
[ 2014.10.27 00:44:37 ] Foedus Latro > yes.  was fun.  we have less now... wanna fight still?
[ 2014.10.27 00:44:37 ] Longinius Spear > you have friends .. we figured they wouldn't leave you to die
[ 2014.10.27 00:44:40 ] Batuka (local) > thought u would drop same fleet as ealia
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:20 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > More like "I'm gonna welp this Kronos."
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:43 ] Lotor > hey hey man
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:48 ] Lotor > he brought the fight
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:50 ] Batuka (local) > :P
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:53 ] Dan Hour > kronos had balls
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:54 ] Foedus Latro > props to Batuka for fighting
[ 2014.10.27 00:45:55 ] Longinius Spear > ^^
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:02 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > Batuka damn right
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:02 ] Bronya Boga > Batuka renter of our hearts
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:06 ] Batuka > :P
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:09 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > Bronya Boga :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:18 ] Longinius Spear > abandon your isk chasing ways and join wormholers

We went next door to the a joining Null system and with the pro bubbling of Bronya, we were able to get ourselves an Ishtar kill while it ran back to the station. POD Kill

 By this time, I'm sure the locals knew we came from a wormhole, but having the wormhole just sitting there was too much for these guys to handle.

Our hero (Batuka) thought putting some mass on the hole with a battleship was a good idea.

With part of our fleet on the hole... and others actively flying around the system.  Our hero warps a Rokh to the wormhole, and jumps into our home from null.

We were stunned.

I'm thinking he expected to MJD to safety once his battleship put some mass on the hole.

MJD Equipped suicide Rokh

We honestly felt bad for the guy. We just knew podding him again was wrong in some light.

[ 2014.10.27 00:46:21 ] Dan Hour > I might even give him his corpse back
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:23 ] Batuka (local)> Kill: Batuka (Rokh) this is me ealria
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:24 ] Green NiteHaw (local) > # Batuka ballzdeep
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:28 ] Johnnie Blue (local) > Kill: Batuka (Rokh)
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:28 ] Batuka (local) > i jsut enjoy a lugh
[ 2014.10.27 00:46:39 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> all shits and giggles
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:17 ] Batuka (local)> any chance of the armor rep beign returned ?
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:30 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > there's a story with the rokh fit btw :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:38 ] Bronya Boga > no lol
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:46 ] Batuka (local)> meh oh well
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:50 ] Kitrina Deschaine(local) > abandon yur wormholing ways and join isk chasers.
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:50 ] Foedus Latro > i need to make ISK too.  sorry.
[ 2014.10.27 00:47:57 ] Foedus Latro > only way i make isk ;)
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:04 ] Batuka (local)> na its fine
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:26 ] Batuka(local) > tbh without them neuts i woulda wpon the fight i think
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:34 ] Foedus Latro > yeah.
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:35 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> his isk let's him bait with kronos s s s s ss
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:37 ] Longinius Spear > we know, thats why we brought neuts
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:40 ] Foedus Latro > why we brought the neuts
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:46 ] Batuka (local)> :P
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:51 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Legion, Legion, Geddon
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:51 ] Foedus Latro > ;)
[ 2014.10.27 00:48:52 ] Sonic Mulder (local)> GG
[ 2014.10.27 00:54:27 ] Ikonaku Kusan > idk maybe
[ 2014.10.27 00:56:06 ] Batuka > omg atleast let me go to pos
[ 2014.10.27 00:56:48 ] Batuka > ha
[ 2014.10.27 00:56:50 ] Longinius Spear > you're welcome :)
[ 2014.10.27 00:57:07 ] Batuka (local)> bitches be moaning
[ 2014.10.27 00:58:13 ] Batuka (local)> DADADADADADADADADAADADA
[ 2014.10.27 00:59:02 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> ROFL
[ 2014.10.27 00:59:07 ] Longinius Spear > i love you guys
[ 2014.10.27 00:59:51 ] Longinius Spear > don't leave your friend
[ 2014.10.27 00:59:56 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > it's all this kid. He's our little mascotBatuka
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:11 ] CraZeDnz (local)> Speak for yourself :P
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:17 ] Batuka (local)> LET ME LIVE
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:21 ] Longinius Spear > so much bravery!
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:24 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Yes let him live
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:30 ] Batuka > :(
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:34 ] Green NiteHaw(local) > this his next fit  Veldspar
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:42 ] Johnnie Blue > ceasar says yes?
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:42 ] Longinius Spear > where are your friends?
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:49 ] Batuka(local) > i dont have friends
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:55 ] CraZeDnz (local)> Tis true
[ 2014.10.27 01:00:58 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > He has friends that don't have money
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:09 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > sensibly tucked up in their beds with a good book
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:16 ] Batuka (local)> i cba buying a new clone let my pod go
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:18 ] CraZeDnz (local)> :D
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:25 ] Batuka (local)> its not like i have imps

While this was going down someone piped up in local about a Vaga.

[ 2014.10.27 01:01:28 ] Sonic Mulder (local) > I would fight you guys in my Vaga if yall had a bit less than what you got.
  2014.10.27 01:01:35 ] Longinius Spear > you earned life
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:45 ] Zandraga Corsulai (local)> can i do some fudge jamming
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:47 ] Batuka (local)> :P
[ 2014.10.27 01:01:51 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > Sonic Mulder it's his friends that r funding his shit lol
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:06 ] Batuka(local) > that geddon should mke the wh crit anyway
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:10 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > that kronos cost me half a bill ;)
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:18 ] Bronya Boga > go and live
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:21 ] Batuka (local)> can i be ur friend bronya ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:25 ] Bronya Boga > sure
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:31 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > catch a fish let it go
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:31 ] Batuka (local)> yay
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:31 ] Longinius Spear > he is a good friend to have
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:33 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > awwwwww
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:39 ] CraZeDnz (local)> Get a room
[ 2014.10.27 01:02:45 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > lol
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:04 ] Batuka (local)> can i join u guys ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:07 ] Foedus Latro > vaga vs vaga

Someone thought it was a good idea to fight Foedus in a 1v1 Vaga fight.

[ 2014.10.27 01:03:08 ] Foedus Latro > ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:10 ] CraZeDnz (local) > Please take him
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:13 ] Bronya Boga > you can always try to app
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:14 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > 5 mins on ts with him and uhe could have u arrested for young boy fiddling ;)
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:17 ] CraZeDnz (local)> we'll pay you
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:20 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> he's a genius that way
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:29 ] CraZeDnz (local)> Sound warfare
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:31 ] CraZeDnz (local)> at its best
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:37 ] Batuka (local)> guys im not that bad
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:46 ] Batuka (local)> but i do wanna go back to wh space eventually
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:48 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> we luv ya B
[ 2014.10.27 01:03:54 ] CraZeDnz (local)> in a court of law, yes you are :P
[ 2014.10.27 01:04:20 ] CraZeDnz (local)> 10 isk and you'll take him?
[ 2014.10.27 01:04:25 ] CraZeDnz(local) > 15isk?
[ 2014.10.27 01:04:38 ] CraZeDnz(local) > Hell, I'll go all in, 25 isk
[ 2014.10.27 01:05:02 ] Green NiteHaw(local) > 26isk
[ 2014.10.27 01:05:23 ] CraZeDnz (local)> 25.5isk
[ 2014.10.27 01:05:27 ] Zandraga Corsulai (local)> He gives excellent Blowjobs thats a perk
[ 2014.10.27 01:05:43 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> He's 19... honest...
[ 2014.10.27 01:05:46 ] Batuka (local)> now as i am askign nicely and i am nice can u let my corp live in peace ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:03 ] Green NiteHaw(local) > awww
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:05 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:05 ] Foedus Latro > hey  Sonic Mulder
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:07 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> mate
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:10 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Sup mate?
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:14 ] Foedus Latro > 1v1 vaga?
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:15 ] Batuka (local)> i gave my kronos and rokh as a sacrifice is that fair ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:18 ] Johnnie Blue > batuka :) i may cry
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:30 ] Longinius Spear > foedus likes his 1v1s
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:39 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Oll right
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:44 ] Foedus Latro > top sun?
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:53 ] Ikonaku Kusan (local)> Batuka im afraid that isnt how it works
[ 2014.10.27 01:06:55 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Sure 1v1 sun
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:01 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > Don't blob me I swweaar
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:03 ] Batuka (local)> damn
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:04 ] Foedus Latro > top sun it is
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:07 ] Foedus Latro > no pods
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:12 ] Ikonaku Kusan (local)> we hold our word mate
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:16 ] Sonic Mulder (local)> No pods
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:17 ] CraZeDnz(local) > lol
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:21 ] Batuka (local)> fair dues we aloud to come watch ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:26 ] Foedus Latro > sure
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:31 ] Foedus Latro > just lock, no whore
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:33 ] Batuka (local)> no killing spectators ?
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:38 ] Dan Hour > rgr
[ 2014.10.27 01:07:42 ] Foedus Latro > yes
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:02 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> batuka. WH bros keep there word
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:08 ] Longinius Spear > ^^
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:08 ] Batuka(local) > i now
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:09 ] Johnnie Blue > i know this 2 b tru
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:10 ] Batuka(local) > know
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:17 ] Batuka (local)> and tbh i lost enoughttoday
[ 2014.10.27 01:08:40 ] Batuka (local)> ok fight

So while these guys were at the sun shooting each other. One of the combatants lost his drones and put them on a noncombatant. lolz

[ 2014.10.27 01:09:54 ] Bronya Boga > why you shoot me?
[ 2014.10.27 01:09:58 ] Bronya Boga > thats not nice
[ 2014.10.27 01:10:18 ] Batuka (local)> guys dont shoot the spectators
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:08 ] Longinius Spear > his drone is on the spectator lolz
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:14 ] Batuka (local)> omg
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:16 ] Bronya Boga > not anymore
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:21 ] Bronya Boga > wasnt really cool
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:21 ] Batuka (local)> ok
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:28 ] Batuka (local)> sorry he isnt dumb
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:39 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > omfg
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:50 ] Sonic Mulder(local) > gf
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:53 ] Foedus Latro > gf
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:53 ] Longinius Spear > ^^
[ 2014.10.27 01:11:56 ] Bronya Boga > that was cool
[ 2014.10.27 01:12:03 ] Dan Hour > o//
[ 2014.10.27 01:12:03 ] Bronya Boga (local)> except for the drones thing
[ 2014.10.27 01:12:05 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> roflin
[ 2014.10.27 01:12:11 ] Green NiteHaw(local) > gf yall

Dead Vaga -- (I have no idea how I got on that kill.. Seriously  I didn't shoot a rocket at them, and Bronya just defended himself from the random drone. )

So we just had an honorable 1v1 at the sun. With both groups on grid and watching. This was one of the most nuts things ever. Not only that, with the rogue drone attacking a spectator shit could have gone totally sideways. But didn't.

If that wasn't weird, shit was about to get even wierder.

The following ships warped to the hole, grossly outnumbered and just died. No reason.. just died.

Batuka in a catalyst

And his friend in a black bird, why they were there, no one knows.

Clearly we have punished this guy and his friends enough. I would like to point out, we made no efforts what so ever to hide, or be strategic in fleet placement at all. We were just flying around talking in local.

So... if that wasn't crazy enough.. Guess what warps to the hole right after they lost those two ships.

Orca. But what makes it super funny, everyone was so stunned or out of range nobody pointed it. It just warped off. WTF?!  Why did you warp an Orca to the hole?

 [ 2014.10.27 01:14:12 ] Batuka (local)> omg
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:13 ] Batuka (local)> hahahahah
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:13 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > ROFL
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:17 ] Foedus Latro > OMFG
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:19 ] Longinius Spear > No way that happened
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:20 ] Bronya Boga > SO BADS
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:20 ] Johnnie Blue > NO FUCKING WAY
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:23 ] Bronya Boga > SO MANY BADS
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:27 ] Batuka (local)> thats super bad
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:27 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > lol
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:30 ] Batuka(local) > not gona lie
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:32 ] CraZeDnz(local) > hahhahhaha
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:43 ] Johnnie Blue (local)> *plays benny hill theme tune*
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:44 ] Batuka(local) > oii
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:48 ] Batuka (local)> no pod me :(
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:53 ] Batuka (local)> ty
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:53 ] Sonic Mulde(local)r > Our coms right now
[ 2014.10.27 01:14:54 ] Sonic Mulder (local)> lol

We were all laughing because nobody could point it before it warped off. 

Well Orca's warp slow, might as well chase it to the planet it warped. I warped my trusty Enyo to 50 from the planet.

 I beat the Orca to the planet. :)

[ 2014.10.27 01:14:54 ] Zandraga Corsulai (local)> awwww
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:10 ] Foedus Latro > you laugh at me haha
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:14 ] Batuka (local)> no
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:20 ] Johnnie Blue >
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:21 ] Batuka (local)> i laughtd at the orca who managed to warp out
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:54 ] Johnnie Blue > lol
[ 2014.10.27 01:15:57 ] Johnnie Blue > poor orca
[ 2014.10.27 01:16:03 ] Batuka (local)> let the orca go

Nope.  Dead Orca and Pod

[ 2014.10.27 01:16:05 ] Johnnie Blue(local) > but that was soooooooooooo funny

Sooo random.

[ 2014.10.27 01:16:52 ] Longinius Spear > you guys are bananas
[ 2014.10.27 01:16:57 ] Batuka(local) > hahaha
[ 2014.10.27 01:17:00 ] CraZeDnz (local)> We try