Saturday, February 18, 2017

Down but Not Out

Welp, here I am again. Posting with a less than stellar EVE update. But, if you hang in there through all the remorse and self loathing, I have a nice space story for you! Won't that be fun!?! Now on to the brief sadness.

Now when I was going through the process of leaving NoVac, I was hurt. I had some really good friends there, a lot of people who were great to me and the through crossed my mind to simply burn them with a blog post. I was like a pissed off ex girlfriend who lights all your stuff on fire in the drive way. I was going to tell all 4 of my readers that NoVac was the devil!

Then someone said this to me, I honestly forget who it was (I'm sorry).

"I can't wait for the review of our corp on his blog". 

Those were some of the hardest hitting words, besides "Spear we really don't need you here".  Not because I was leaving, or that this person totally wrote me off before I had actually left the corp, but that my rage was expected.

If you look at some of my older blog posts, you could easily make that assumption, hell, I've made that assumption. I'm just some child who joins a group of people only to be eventually washed out for one reason or another, then bring a rage fueled editorial about my experience in that corp. Good old Spear, up to this usual shit again. Well I'm not going to!

If I could put my experience with NoVac into a phase, when asked what it was like, here it is.

I wasn't good enough. 

Just that simple statement should tell you everything that you need to know. Just add that to any task that I attempted to be some what competent in. Be it, forming for a fleet, bringing the correct ship, scanning a chain, fitting a ship... you name it. I wasn't good enough. The grim realization of that fact really brought me down, because I really tried!

 Not just saying that, "I tried',  the way teenage kid says he really tried to be employee of the month at a fast food restaurant. I mean going to work, sweating, giving it 110%, busting your ass, then being told that you aren't needed anymore and never were in the first place.

Knowing that if you left such an organized, finely honed machine and the problem wasn't the machine, it was you. Knowing it was you who tried your hardest and were still found lacking isn't fun. It sucks. That sucks really really bad, but, the sun rises tomorrow and it doesn't give a shit if you're sad. 

I know this post sounds all down and out, but I'm not out just yet. I've had a vacation! Yes, I went to Mexico for a week. Got the old batteries recharged the best way possible, exploiting economically challenged countries by drinking all their of ultra cheap beer!

 I also made a new space friend before I left.

Space Story time. 

So after all the terribleness of my last corp, I was left with billions in ships and mods that were required to be used in that group Now without the correct support to deploy these expensive space vessels, they are just huge kill mails waiting to happen. I've got better things to do with my isk!

So I went about plexing one of my market trader accounts and began the process of stripping all my space ships and repackaging them for sale. As a naturally frugal person, crushing over 13 billion in subcaps, each, with rigs installed was a painful process. I think I might have lost about 2 billion in rigs, once it was said and done. Uggg.. My inner jew says "oi vay!".. (I come from a Jewish family, so i can say that, fk off SJW's)

I then went about process of shipping all my space craft/modules to my trading characters and began the long painful process of liquidating my hard assets. 400 some sell orders later, all I needed to do was wait. But how to spend my time.

I've been wondering about something I heard someone say was possible and wanted to try it myself, but never had the time. The trick was, finding a C6/C5 wormhole to make it happen. best way to find a wormhole is to start scanning.

I launched my scout character into the friendly space of Amarr and dropped probes. Behold, a wormhole, lets jump in! Bubbles can happen, 3 medium anchored bubbles to be exact, and some guy in a rupture waiting to kill me once I uncloak.

Assessing the situation, I noticed all kinds of wrecks, ejected cans and corpses all over the place. This guy had a direct connection to Amarr was killing every single pilot dumb enough to not jump back out.  Well sir, I won't add to your wreck pile, I jumped straight back out.

Now remember, I had stripped nearly every ship I had for sale, so I was at a loss as to what to bring to fight him. So I got inventive!

I still had a legion that, for whatever reason, wouldn't repackage (yes I repaired it) and a whole bunch of faction mods I hadn't moved yet. I quickly tosses some stuff together with one of my pilots and jumped through the Amar connection this guy was camping.

He was brave, but no match for a rapid light missile legion. Poor bastard didn't have a chance, he did get me to 97% armor, so that's saying something. Rupture  and his pod too! 

Turns out, this fellow had been trapping all sorts of pilots in this wormhole, who where just waiting for a white knight to some along and free them from their confines.

Moments later, some other guy uncloaks, but with every despot ruler, they just get replaced with another despot ruler who does the exact same thing.  Buzzard  and his pod.

Then some other guy shows up moments later... Shuttle  and his pod

This connection as some crazy good action! All sorts of stuff just letting me blow them up and pod them.

I'm not much of a camper, so I figured I'd take apart the bubbles and consider this an interesting find.

Then some guy opens a convo with me. Its the guy in the shuttle who I podded. He's asking, very nicely if he can get back into his wormhole. I said, "Well, since you asked nicely and I'm feeling kinda good from blowing up a bunch of stuff in the matter of minutes with little to no work" " Sure come on in!"

 He jumps in, in a shuttle and proceeds to fly off somewhere in the hole. Then he asks I could be so kind to guard the hole, while he runs ships out, because hes being "burned out" (his words). I was like, "oooo a hole in conflict" I want details. I said 'sure, as long as he tells me the story'. He doesn't have a TS server, so I ping Bronya asking to use his old Isogen 5 TS server to talk to this guy. 

Bronya says cool and the guy begins to tell me about how he essentially stole (started using while they were away) all the assets, Astrahus's and "capital ship" from some people he knows IRL in some way. Now I don't usually condone stealing from friends, but when he explained it, they really did paint him into a corner and he really does have the right 'friendly' attitude, I'll cut him some slack. He's by himself, doesn't seem to enjoy "Surprise pvp" very much and wants to make an effort to live in this hole.

After some long Q&A, turns out that the prior owners of the equipment in this hole may or may not have paid some people to level the wormhole. I don't know if any of this is true, he could be a total thief, I honestly don't know, but he did give my corp blue status to dock in the astrahus, so I can at least stick around to see what happens.

Now all this happened the night before my trip to Mexico and as of right this second, a week later, the astrahus's are still standing and I can still dock there.

I don't know whats going to happen in this hole, who's fighting who, why they're fighting, if someone is lying or if someone isn't. I'll find out with some time. None of that really matters at this exact second. What does matter at this exact second, I have a reason to log in and keep on keeping on.

 Down, but not out.