Friday, May 24, 2013

Invasion Update --- Target selection.

The goal of our little field trip from Jim was to see if pvp in a c2 was ‘better ‘than Jim and Sally (our C4/C3 Mag). 

The idea was a C2 static C2/LS would provide a greater chain. Greater the chain, more potential of people to murder. C2’s have two statics always, they are also in greater demand because they can be done solo in most ships, and always have a K-Space exit. Bears love a way to get out. C2’s would be more populated. 

Also C2’s would be raided by people like us, less. Most major wormhole hunting alliances/corps connect to a C3 first, because they live in C5/C5s. The most common way of these large alliances connecting to lower class wormholes was from a C5/C3. Then the static of that C3 would end in K-Space. Sure C2’s could ‘open’ into the C3, and the major hunting group could enter from those holes or the random wandering hole connecting a C3 to a C2, but those are few.  There aren’t any C5/C2s.

If you run the odds, the instances of a major pvp corp/alliance running down a C2 chain is less.

Less people fishing from the same pond, the bigger/dumber the fish.

 With Jim having only one static and that static having only one static always. The Jim chain sometimes had only 1 connection before it ended in whatever K-space Sally(our static C3).  Also, the people in C3’s we have found to be a far bit more paranoid (less fights).

Target selection came like this. We knew we wanted a c2/c2 connection. The K-space didn’t really matter, but there are only C2/C2/LS’s No high secs.  But since some holes open into others fairly regularly, especially if they are occupied, we could simply spread out across high sec and scan for random holes and work down their chains.

We did.

It took us 1 day to find our first C2/C2/LS. It was occupied. I entered the hole, D-Scanned down the POS and checked its owners. It was a large corp that had ties to one of the larger pvp groups in wormhole space. They had some POS mod kills on their boards, with some major players. This gave us Intel, that they had friends. Big experienced friends, who didn’t mind removing POS’s. like ours.

 Not the best targets for a small pvp corp like SUSU. We would get a fight alright, but it would be vs. 20+ t3’s with logi and it would happen in an off time zone(they were EURO).

The static of this c2/c2/LS was another c2/c2/LS!.  HA the luck and it was empty. The C2 connected to that was a c2/C3/HS (lame).

This brought up a new question for the corp. What if we never found a hole that was right for our experiment  , occupied during our time zone and wasn't a giant smash your face gang. Whats the point of invading someone to get fights, if they play 5 hours before you corp even logs on?  We had a vote, because that what we do. The vote was, to move into the empty hole.

The following day, when I collected my kit and rescanned down the new invasion hole chain, we came across ANOTHER c2/c2/LS. 

This one had a POS in it! We checked the Corp and did back ground checks on the members. Turns out this was a smallish corp like 9 members, English speaking, they had some kills, mostly losses and they were very active. Also, during our time zone! Well this is WAY better than a empty hole. It’s not as big of a corp as we had wanted, but it was at least a warm body or two. Maybe some kind of action? 

We moved in.

Invasion Update -- Prep

(First I want to say I’m sorry for not updating this blog sooner, work has been … well .. Work. Family stuff, new German Sheppard puppy (named Steve) and countless issues with my cars/truck…. Let’s just say RL has gotten the better of me lately. I will strive to do better! I will be releasing updates to the blog, slightly after the fact but in order of occurrence. I hope people are still reading.)

Invasion Update – Prep.

The Kit. 

In my opinion space ships are tools. Tools to be used to reach a goal. Each has a specialized function and all ships have limited lifespans. Just like a condom is a onetime use tool to have a good time, some ships fall into that category.

All ships that were contained in the kit were condoms with the soul reason to fuck some people.

“The Kit” as its referred to is a bundle of ships, POS, mods, fuel, stront, guns, ammo and misc. stuff to make war. I play 4 accounts simultaneously and this is how I invade.

1.       1st Iteron 5, fit with cargo expanders 2 and a cloak. With contents
a.       1 Med Pos. (I picked a Caldari, not for any reason other than I had one lying around)
b.      As much fuel blocks as that little bastard will carry.
2.       2nd  iteron 5 fit with a cargo expanders 2s and a cloak. With contents.
a.       Ship maintenance array
b.      Fleet hanger.
c.       Neut Mod
d.      Scram mod
e.      As many guns (in this case small pulse laser mods, crystals) as it will carry.
3.       Prep Extra ships. (these will be brought in after the POS is active)
a.       1 Battle ship. This time I went with a shield fit Mega (don’t ask why its shield fit, but needless to say I have been trying to destroy it in combat for a while now)
b.      1 extra scan ship
c.       Solo capable ships I prepped two, a rook and a shield talos.
d.      1 Orca, fit with a cloak, probe launcher, DC2, 100mn AB, gyro, small nuet and invuln 2s. Drones, ECM and Hobs.
1.       More fuel, Stront, large/small warp disruption bubbles, ammo, paste, whatever prepped ships I could fit in it.
e.      Fleet fit cruisers, I went with a caracal and a shield logi.
f.    1 Closing Phobos, fit with 4 bubbles. 1 T2, 3 Normal, 100mn AB, 2 1600mm Plates, probe launcher and cloak

This was prepped before we even found a target. All of these things are totally expendable.

Next Blog posting will be which target we selected, why we selected and what happened when we moved in and said “Hi”.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Invasion anounced!

My fellow Jimanites,  

In the past month we have seen nothing special other than val roflstoping our kill board. I akin this to, myself and some sr members having loads of RL stuff dragging us from our beloved EVE. Val doing what he does inspired me to greater heights of assholeyness!

So this May we are going to pick a fight. An extended engagement that will most likely end in ship loss, being blobbed and loss of ISK income. It will be glorious!

A talk with Bronya about getting more fights because we would be in a C2 static C2 and this needs to be addressed. I’m in agreement, to a point. I’m proposing we move into one. A C2 that is already inhabited. We will not be abandoning Jim, but activity in Jim and Sally will be reduced because of this initiative.

I will break this down in phases, because it sounds more important.

Phase 1:  All scanning pilots who have some level of free time and feel like it, will  scan high sec for c2’s. We will be looking for a C2 with multiple POSs not attached to a large pvp alliance. This will mean they will have trouble removing what happens on phase 2. I will plant multiple scanning alts into the system.

Phase 2: I will fund and move in an invasion POS. This will be a medium tower with guns, stront, hanger.

Phase 3: SUSU will move in. Now because pvp is our focus, fine tuning our pvp skills is always our goal. A great many of our fights will be the defenders trying to remove us. This may happen with a few people online and you will be forced to defend outnumbered and out gunned. Don’t worry about your eventual and certain doom! The mark of a great pvper is to fight outnumbered.

I suggest you all get into a jump clone for this. If you don’t have one, the corps current standing should allow you to get one.

Ship type we will bring will be three types.

1.       Function – Scanning ships, interdictors, HIC, haulers, closers,  I will provide extra scanning ships and leave a hauler accessible.
2.       Small Gang fights – We will perfect our T1 cruiser gang make ups. For our first move in, I’m suggesting crackle fleet, backed up with logi and blackbirds. Depending on resistance levels we may escalate later. We want to draw fights, not hammer people to blue ball us. T1 crackle fleets should be amusing and give people a sense they can win.
3.        Solo ships- We won’t be active at all times with everyone. I want people to bring in a ship they can solo vs. a small gang with. This can be an interceptor, solo shield tracking talos, solo sniper tier 3. Whatever you feel you can solo in vs. a larger group. You will be outnumbered, you will lose your ship, but god damn it, you will learn something and be better at EVE because of it.  

Phase 4:  When our targets are not online to harass, we will be rolling their static c2 looking for fights. This was Bronyas suggestion and insists we will find good fights, I believe him. The invasion POS will be a great point to attack from.

Phase 5:  We get pushed out, we get crushed by mercs, we get  blue balled to the point we need to move, or best, they pay us to leave.

Our victims/targets will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. We won’t trash talk, we will say GF each time, we will return fight after fight with a greater respect to our prey. Remember they were put there for our enjoyment, to not respect them for this sacrifice dishonors us.

Now let’s impress lord Bob with feats of destruction and mayhem!

Longinius Spear – CEO