Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just our corp update mail. ---

SUSU is Fail-Scading.  

Let’s face it, we’re doomed.

We have lost some very prominent individuals recently and undergone some purging.

The body count is as follows.

Bronya – No longer a director and is taking a break from the game for a while.
Printemps – Logged off one day and wasn’t seen again till he came on and said he unsubbed.
Donuts -- Logged off one day and wasn’t seen again till he came on and said he unsubbed.
HerrBert – Joined his indi-wormhole corp.
Vimple – Went to play LoL with a totally different wormhole corp.
Hairy Grapes (placid09) – Off to hang out with EMB or whatever some Null sec group is calling themselves.
Sojurn – Went back to Draco’s dozen
Twitch – Went back to Draco’s Dozen

+ Or – like 10 some alts from the above people. + or – a bunch of other people who never really played in the wormhole.

All the people should RIP in Peace.


Cethion – No longer director and is now a mere mortal living with the Sketchy folk. – He is still with us. Lets not give him too much shit about the demotion because he really didn’t want to be director in the first place.

So here we are --- 78 members. Nearly half that is my alts, what are we to do?

I have an answer… We are going to do what every corp should do when hemorrhaging members.

Create Medals!

Thanks to some large donations by our remaining player base, we have money in the corp wallet for medals!

Last night I entertained some ideas about what we should try and reward people for doing. I have come up with the following so far.

1st.  “The golden Fr-orca” or Free Orca – Medal.

Many scouts in SUSU feel it’s a rite of passage to be awarded a free orca or “Fr-orca” in the ancient dialect. So we are going to award those brave scouts who have been lucky enough to encounter this mythical beast. Orca are often used to close wormholes, and for whatever reason their pilots leap out of them once tackled, creating a pilotless Orca for the scout as payment.

2nd.  “The David Carradine.– Medal

There are times in a scouts career when he needs to stand up for bobs justice and set up a solo pvp hole to bring content to a desperate player base. He simply needs to go and do Bobs work day in and day out in someone else’s hole. He will be self-sufficient up to the point when its super funny not to be. He will live by the sword and smash bears till he is paid to leave.
He will go on a spiritual journey… till he gets bored and comes home… like a week or so later.. or whatever. Watch the TV show “Kung FU” for inspiration.

3rd “The GIVE NO FUCKS” – Medal

A medal for the suicidal, the mad, the crazy and the bold. The ability to Give No Fucks what so ever and dive head first without any way of returning. Now we do this as a matter of process for the most part, but sometimes, it becomes the stuff of legend!

I can’t think of anything else atm.. but whatever the medals in the future will be, they will be funny.

Let’s keep on Fail-Scading guys!  and remember the medals!


A very good day to die.

Saturday was a very fun day for me.  EVE Online being the sandbox that it is, people have different forms of “winning”.  Winning for me is having fun.

My day started out with me logging in early PST and jumping on teamspeak. On teamspeak was myself, Jack and Vic. Three actual humans. This is fairly normal for us, we are small but we don’t care. I start the mundane task of sorting out some internal corp nonsense and activate a few alts. 

One of my alts I put into a mining ship and just let him go semi afk and pull in some arkanor. The others I put into a cov ops, cloaky tengu and a falcon. Yes I play 4 characters at once, but rarely in PVP. I figure if my mining character should get tackled, my tengu and falcon can even up the score before he gets popped. Not really intentionally baiting, but more of a ‘nothing better to do, so I just mine in a wormhole’. The mining ship has a disruptor and a huge tank.

Convo opens with Fremen from Kill It With Fire on another screen. He says (I’m summarizing a little) “hay we just opened to you, I have to do some stuff right now, but do you want to hang out/roam later?”. I met Fremen in EVE Vegas and he is a super cool guy, so any chance to hang out with him and his guys is almost always welcomed.

I say almost, because this morning with 3 actual humans on line, I can’t really commit to anything for my guys. No clue how many will actually log in or what they are really doing.

One of the KILL scouts speaks in local and notes that he saw me in a mining ship. We joke a little about it and he offers to roll their hole.

My response with 3 guys online in my corp vs Kill It With Fire.  “Fuck that, I’m coming to kill you!”  

The scout laughs, and he should because we have 3 pilots, to their god only knows how many.

I scan down their K162 hole with one of my alts and warp my firetail to zero with no fucks to give. I am met with superior numbers. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603732  One less firetail in the world.

I’m watching the hole with my falcon alt and cloaky tengu.  Not really wanting to engage them with a quad boxing pvp attempt, because I know fully well they will out ship me and out number me at every turn.

So I do what any reasonable person would do, hop in another ship! 

This time a fed comet (never cared for that ship much after it lost its PULL OVER light) Nailed me a Slicer! http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603731  sadly the Fed Comet didn’t last vs his back up http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603689   Goodbye Fed Comet!

So I’m laughing my ass off in coms and Rhevahn joins coms with us and asks what we are doing. 

I said, ‘O you know just poking a giant bear with a very small stick”. He says, “What should I bring?” I respond.. “Whatever you don’t want anymore” I guess he didn’t want that Absolution anymore http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603730  cause he tried to take out a Bhaalgorn, Loki, Wolf and Heretic with it. LOLz. Goodbye Abso.

With a Loki on the scene any more frigs we bring, are going to get webbed and smoked.. So I bring a DESTROYER! … yea.. didn’t work as well as I thought either. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603729  Goodbye Talwar!

But that bhaalgorn was at half armor when we were done with him… If we killed a bhaalgorn with all our little ships that would be pure “Op SUCCESS!” So lets keep going!

 We go with a different approach and attempt sniper ships! I bring in a sniping sentry vexor and Jack brings in a tornado and we are doing the best we can to try and take down that bhaalgorn, but his support is just too good. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20603728  Goodbye Vexor!

Now between each of these engagements my Falcon is doing work.  I’m uncloaking the Falcon and assisting the snipers/suicide ships as much as possible. I personally assisted in the escape of one of our Domi and that stupid Tornado of Jacks.  

Rhevahn comes back in a Atron … http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604221 Goodbye Atron.

Fremen is still in a private convo with me and is asking if we want to set up some kind of 3v3 or arranged fight. My response .. ‘Fuck that, we’re WINNING!” He laughs and the murdering continues.

Now that Bhaalgorn is either very overconfident or is bait tanking. Either way, bait must be bit. I do my damnest to kill it with an Omen http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604222 Goodbye Omen. He is at 1/3 armor!! WE can DO IT!!

Another Vexor thrown at it … Now they have a scimitar out… Grrr stupid shield logi ship is going to make this hard to finish off that Bhaalgorn. They even brought a mach, two mallers and a 2nd loki… http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20633049 O well.. Vexors don’t live long.

So for a split second I had this crazy idea that I could damp people and support our snipers, Nope http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604220 Goodbye Maulus.

Now at this point, most of KILL who is online is like begging for a turn to take on the mighty SUSU.

Fremen says in the private chat… “really hard to keep people out of there”.Commenting on the number of ships his guys are bringing to kill us.  

I then hop into my Daredevil and continue to try and separate the frigs from the fleet for snipes, and removal of support. Trying to get another one off kill… but their frig pilots are really good! http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604837  Goodbye Daredevil.

This whole time their claw pilot has been doing an awesome job avoiding death and providing awesome warpins for the rest of the fleet. “He challenges me in local for a 1v1 interceptor fight” Sounds legit… I jump at the chance. I’m bad at interceptors. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604926 Goodbye hull tanked Taranus!

Now shit got so retarded on the KILL hole and there were so many wrecks, the KILL guys get this idea to bring in a noctus to start salvaging. They even dropped a tractor unit. The NERVE! I asked Jack.. “Can I Jam that?!” he said "NOPE, but we can blap the noctus" and we set a plan into motion.

We bring another sniper vexor and jack brings his tornado. I fly straight in with my Kestrel at point blank range on their hole. I overheat my rockets and paint the Noctus… we get that fucking noctus into structure, but not dead yet. He jumps into the KILL home hole. I follow! Cause fuck YAY that’s why! RIP Vexor http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604836  ---

There I am.. on grid with a session cloaked Noctus and brave little Kestrel and the Noctus sitting at 30% structure… O yea, and they had an abbadon and maller on the other side.  The noctus unclocks…. I uncloak, point, paint and unleash Hell!.. I get it to 7% structure before I’m popped… NOOOOOooooOOOOo!!!! http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604925 Goodbye Kestrel.

All the KILL guys are cracking up in local chat. I mentioned in the private convo with Fremen “DUDE we're having a blast!” he responded with “as long as you’re having a good time that’s all that counts”

I’m still playing cloak and jam with my falcon.. but I think after depriving the KILL guys for so long with it, they got wise and set me a trap. That fucking claw… I sware to god. The funny part of this loss, I had nearly every ship on the field jammed, BUT the ECM 300 drone that got a jam off on me. I lost jams on the KILL fleet and was squashed. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20604927 Goodbye Falcon #17.

After we lost the falcon, we couldn’t really keep going with the sniping and frig fighting, we didn’t have consistent eyes on their hole and they just had too many ships.  

Kill It With Fire said their goodbyes. Big ups to those guys for not simply podding us. They kept the fight going because we were able to reship and come back.

I think during that entire engagement we might have had 4 actual humans online. We lost about a billion in spaceships but we stood up, attacked, tried to create angles, opportunities and never lost perspective that this is just a video game.

Fun was had.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

No Such Thing as Over Kill

No Such Thing as Over Kill

You can sum up all of Sun Tzu as: "Never pick a fair fight.".

Now I would never presume to tell another player how they should or shouldn’t defend their hole vs intruders. You want to win the engagement that’s for sure.  A corp/alliances home hole is sacred but something can be said for finesse in use of force.

TLDR: AAR/Story of a TLC skirmish, where TLC unleashed hell on one brave caracal pilot.

I want to say to any and all C5 residents who have ever tangled with us, THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing content to my crew and I. Since living in C5 space we have fought with the best that wormhole space has to offer. Fighting with you all has been the highlight of my EVE career.

As of late, our tactics have been attempting to break the wormhole meta (T3/Guardian support). We do this for a few reasons. To field a comparable fleet we need to have warm bodies that know their ships. Our corp is small, we care rarely muster more than 5 actual humans at a single sitting, so this option isn’t really in our grasp at the moment. So we focus on our strengths.

1.       We know what everyone else will bring.  The current wormhole space high end pvp spectrum is T3 fleets with guardian support. VERY short range and designed to fight on a wormhole at point blank range. This fleet is what many higher end wormholers would consider as being necessary for fighting in c5/c6 space, so nearly everyone brings that. 

Knowing this, we can bring the hard counter. Which is ranged combat. You get less kills to be sure, but you win far more moral victories. 

2.     Being small, we can be more flexible, dynamic and spontaneous. Making moves that are outside of the comfort zone of an attacker, we can take fewer isk loses and still provide content for anyone who wishes to come calling. This is, what everyone is seeking right?

Story time.

I login to hear on voice coms. “Legion on the C2!” by one of our newer pilots. Some confusion about which C2 ensues and a hawk is lost. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20499179  --

I ask the pilot of the Hawk, who it was. The Last Chancers. TLC for short. 

These guys are slightly wormhole famous. They are a huge alliance based out of a C6 static C5. SUSU has had run ins with them in the past and we have yet to ever win any of the engagements vs them. It’s been my personal experience that they simply don’t fuck around.

So we go about figuring out where they are connected to us.

During the time it took us to find where they were, we saw 3 Proteus , 1 Legion, 1 Arazu, 1 Falcon, and various cov ops ships on D. There were 3 SUSU humans online.

TLC put a proteus on the c2.

 Now NOT fighting isn’t an option for us, but getting smoked in close range brawling combat by superior forces isn't fun. So we bring out the sniping vexors!  Each of these vexors are set up with microwarp drives, warden sentry drones and are cheap as hell.  These vexors can hit effectively out past 120k and can target just as far.

 We shot the bait proteus at range and chased the close range proteus off the c2 wormhole, another proteus uncloaked on top of my sentries, and begun killing them. I was forced to get more sentries. Sad face.

I guess they were waiting for us to escalate more so they held the falcon and arazu, and god only knows how many other T3s in reserve. Ha, jokes on them, the vexors were all we had.

TLC got bored and went back home. About this time, Dan Hour logged on and asked. “Is there something to shoot?” We said, yea.. a c6 filled with TLC. He said what any balls out SUSU guy would say. “I’m logging in my caracal!”

We said, "GL brave warrior" and started to giggle.

Now if anyone reading this doesn’t know, a caracal is a Tech 1 cruiser that specializes in missiles and shield tank. Not exactly the most dangerous ship in the world, but in the right hands, it can be quite formidable.  

So off Dan went to fly his caracal of victory to the TLC C6. He has no probes and gives no fucks. We asked him to read off what was on D-Scan when he jumped in.

4 legions
3 Archons
4 Proteus
1 Vindicator
2 Moros

He speaks in local. “I’m in your hole!” they respond with “so what”, clearly not threatened with a caracal. 

TLC then responds with warping two archons to their wormhole connection. Dan pulls range from the hole and both archons drop sentries attempting to remove the pesky cruiser. No luck.

So TLC bring in another archon, because when trying to deal with a Tech 1 Cruiser in your wormhole, the next best thing to 2 carriers is 3! 

Then a phobos so he can’t escape. 

Then a moros, then 2 legions, a Loki, a few marauders, cause why not?

Dan sets up some perches about the hole, and begins to set up a few bounces.  Finally they dispatch a daredevil to deal with the troublesome Dan Hour.

With hilarious results. 

http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20520212 --- Dig the price tag on that. Put down by a T1 cruiser that costs about 20 mill.

Dan shouts in  local. “Op success!”

I was listening to how much fun he was having, and decided to join him in the TLC home. I jumped into my Trusty Firetail and headed for glory.  I took a screenshot of what was waiting for me on the inside of the TLC home hole.

This is a top down view.


 Holy Bob’s Sweet Balls!...

 Now I want to point something out. Yes that’s a few space craft… yes those are pantheon set up archons with dread support, but this is in a C6 Cataclysmic Variable!  This is a 100% boost to remote armor reps, 100% boost to capacitor transfer, and 100% bonus to capacitor recharge rate. It would be difficult to imagine a more difficult group of ships to try and break.

I pointed an archon, and reduced his shields to half before I was forced to run. I didn’t make it far http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20520211 O well, laughs were had.

Meanwhile the brave Dan Hour continued his holy quest to try and kill more stuff before his eventual destruction. Target selection was slim due to the massive response from TLC but he saw a Sabre being brave and went for it. He got the sabre down to structure before getting popped by part of the TLC response fleet. http://underwear.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20520210

He opened up a convo with the Sabre pilot after.

  1.  2013.11.16 22:07:35 ] tolptila Parsons > hey whats up
  2. [ 2013.11.16 22:07:51 ] Dan Hour > DID YOU NOT DIE?
  3. [ 2013.11.16 22:07:55 ] Dan Hour > srry caps
  4. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:02 ] tolptila Parsons > bastards didnt even let me whore the pod
  5. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:11 ] tolptila Parsons > no i got off
  6. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:14 ] Dan Hour > fuck
  7. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:18 ] Dan Hour > how low?
  8. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:33 ] tolptila Parsons > 32 structure
  9. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:37 ] Dan Hour > :P
  10. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:45 ] Dan Hour > thanks for the fight guys
  11. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:48 ] tolptila Parsons > gf fight that was fun
  12. [ 2013.11.16 22:08:49 ] Dan Hour > i had no cap
  13. [ 2013.11.16 22:09:11 ] Dan Hour > was hoping you stay in your bubble
  14. [ 2013.11.16 22:09:14 ] tolptila Parsons > you r a sneaky 1
  15. [ 2013.11.16 22:09:22 ] Dan Hour > :)
  16. [ 2013.11.16 22:09:44 ] Dan Hour > burn towards that raiper and arazu so i cant catch you like that next time
  17. [ 2013.11.16 22:10:06 ] tolptila Parsons > you werew damped thats y i got out
  18. [ 2013.11.16 22:10:21 ] tolptila Parsons > love your title
      (Dan Hour is honorary “Racist Spy”)
  1. [ 2013.11.16 22:10:32 ] Dan Hour > :P haha
  2. [ 2013.11.16 22:11:08 ] Dan Hour > tell that dram to check guys before he solo tackles
  3. [ 2013.11.16 22:11:24 ] Dan Hour > thanks for the fun and fly safe o/
  4. [ 2013.11.16 22:11:40 ] tolptila Parsons > ya that was a good kill for ya
  5. [ 2013.11.16 22:11:48 ] tolptila Parsons > you brother
  6. [ 2013.11.16 22:11:52 ] tolptila Parsons > too*

Thank you TLC for showing us there is no such thing as, too much force!