Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Back Doors

So this question came up on Reddit and I have heard it before.

 "How to: Just scan down the Worm Hole routes from NULL SEC to HIGH Sec". -- IndianFrog

I have difficulty explaining this process to people who may not understand how wormholes work, so I wanted to clarify exactly what it means.

Once you have the most basic understanding of how wormholes work traveling in them can be very fun and the safest mode of travel in EVE.

There are usually no gate camps, interceptor gangs, bubble traps, drag bubbles or very bored null sec plebs guarding entrances. A semi skilled prober can come and go from null sec to high sec or countless other area's in the game.

The only real issue is you can't always pick where the hole goes or if there will be what your looking for, but you sure as shit will have more options than simply going from gate to gate like a noob.

First you need to understand the basic behavior of W-space. Each wormhole in EVE has at least one static connection. This is a doorway that originates from within. Once it closes from mass passed threw it or from time elapsed it will close and a new wormhole will appear. That wormhole/Static will always be the same connection type every single time.

Example: C3 static High Sec. One day that connection/hole will be 2 jumps from Jita. Another day it will be 8 jumps from Rens. Think of a high sec and this connection could connect to it. ALWAYS.

The higher class wormholes c4, c5, c6 will NEVER have a K-space (null sec, high sec, low sec) static exit. These holes will ways have another wormhole type as a static connection. Once you jump into that connection and it is a different class hole, a new potential connection type is available.

As you jump from hole to hole looking for god only knows what you should be bookmarking the path, so you can find your way back if you want to. This is known as a "wormhole chain" or "the chain" depending on how lucky/unlucky (perspective) you get, these chains can stretch forever. Sometimes they dead end.. its random.

BUT! Not all is lost !!

CCP put in something to add an extra fun factor to wormhole space. The "wandering hole". This is a connection type that appears in some wormholes and Kspace connecting two spaces outside of the normal static connection type rules.

Example: C3 static High sec hole will always have a High sec connection but today, it has a Null sec wandering wormhole opening from within to a null sec space connection. Once its gone (time/mass) it disappears from this C3 forever, it will not respawn in this wormhole.

Now this wormhole/connection can be created from the null sec side of the universe or the C3 side. Its random.

The best part of these random holes, they connect holes that normally wouldn't connect. Fun random Bob shit right there. Example. A C3 high sec.. suddenly connects to a c6 ... or a c1 connecting to a c2... or ... You get the picture. The point is, this new random wormhole is in addition to the normal static rules of wormhole space. Its just another door.

You can jump into a wormhole and it could have just its static, or 2 other holes connecting to it, or random wormholes connecting all sorts of things. Its an adventure on an ever changing map.

So, back to the point.

Getting in and out of a null sec area without getting camped in by gate camping turds. And they are turds btw, they are one step below miners. Sitting for hours bull shitting, doing nothing but killing hapless travelers just for the lolz. En't mad bro, just think there are more fun things to do.

As you go from deep null sec to deep null sec, each system will have signatures. Some of these are combat sites, relic, data... but without a doubt over half of them will be wormholes, they are THAT common.

All you need to do is scan one down, jump in and look at its known static behavior. Where do you find this you ask? Here ya go. ""(trust it and open it in a in game browser) this is one of many sites that will instantly tell you exactly where this wormhole will go. It won't tell you how many random connections are there, or if other wormholes are connecting to it, but it will tell you exactly what kind of static is has.

Some other useful things on that site, you may want to pay attention to. Ship kills, lots of things being killed, good chance this hole is occupied and those occupiers have guns. Be extra careful, never warp to a hole/exit at 0. Watch for ambush. Wormhole dwellers are extremely paranoid and territorial. They will kill you, just because you are there.

I made a paint picture to describe a potential "Escape From Null" situation.

Avoid gate camping turds... and find the freedom of travel granted to the faithful of Bob.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SUSU is becoming an alliance.

Dear Friends – We have a change coming. Diversification.

Since SUSU has been created we have grown in member base and in name. Most of our reputation has been good, but I feel that maybe our members lack options and feel trapped within the confines of the SUSU singular goal. Content generation with civility.

In the next few days or weeks, SUSU will host its own alliance.

Pro’s –

Options - An alliance gives our members the ability to diversify their EVE goals. With a verity of a player base we will all have friendly options to interact with other corps with different in game goals. Example – ISK generation corps. Mining corps, Manufacturing corps.

Recruitment – With spreading a wider net across multiple game play styles we will be able to evaluate potential new members without exposing security risks. Within every miner is the desire to harm to his fellow capsuleer.  That being said, each murderous capsuleer seeks the peace and quiet some times of some mining bro’s. 

Expansion – Max and this corp can honestly only hold so many people. There comes a point where managing this many posses, people, and game styles breaks out of what we feel is a comfortable number. Eventually we simply need to expand to other wormholes and K-space.

POS Management – Pos management, roles and responsibilities are a pain the balls. With the capability to add additional corps under our wing, with different game styles.. roles can become more lax within individual corps. SUSU as a corp will not change, but any member corp is free to do whatever they wish with their own roles.

More interesting fleets and activities – With the expansion of membership we will have a huge verity of different people we can have fun with. Organized planed roams with intercrop activities will have greater diversification. More fun! More Welps! God only knows!

A place for people who would normally be kicked – We have lost quite a few members to the carebear lifestyle. Sometimes the stress of finding targets and murder becomes overwhelming so people retire to K-space to grind Red cross. Instead of kicking these people, we could move them to other corps with those goals in mind, but maintaining the relationship already built.

Con’s –

Loss of identity. --- SUSU will be require to build its name again with a fresh tag.

Drama Lama – With a verity of different people comes greater chance of disagreements. You may even have a clique aspect we have never really had before.

Danger – With a larger net, the odds of one or more group being pissed at us for… whatever increases. We will be pulled into wars, defense, attacks, vendettas, the typical shit a multi corp alliance needs to deal with.

A few less people we can shoot – Sadly concessions need to be maintained to accept diversity.

Rules for this alliance.

1.       Max and Deb will remain a pvp SUSU hole. The people in Max are SUSU threw and threw. We are not expanding Max activities  to care bear activities. We are not signing up SUSU to defend a bunch of bears harvesting ISK in MAX. We may defend them in their holes if we wish, but Max will be a PVP finding/scouting hole.

2.       One Coms. I haven’t figured out the logistics of this yet, but my goal is for the alliance to be on ONE coms. Coms are only mandatory if you are in the SUSU wormhole chain.

3.       Siggy will be for SUSU only. Though the gathering POS will be alliance accessible, Max and the holes connecting to Max will be the property of SUSU and its activities. Access into Max for the reasons of murder/hunting/gathering will be on invitation only. This is for alliance security, alliance continuity and clear boundaries that are to be respected by all members.

4.       Non-shoot rules for blues. Obvious. Don’t fucking do it.

5.       Invitation to the alliance will be purely based on its leader ship. Each based on what it can bring to the whole. Example – A low sec pirate arm of this alliance must have its own rules leadership and content generators. Not saying that will be a thing but it could.

6.       Each corp will follow the rules set forward by the alliance leadership. Since SUSU is spawning this alliance, any corp that’s a apart of it is required to keep its word/honor ransoms for example.

There is this idea that I’m getting burned out on the game, that any additional tasks will burn me out of the game. EVE keeps me captivated because of this ability to re invent yourself whenever you want. The only time burn out happens for me, is when things become stagnant. I want to feel a charge again, that burst of adrenaline I used to get in pvp. The “shakes” as people like to refer to them. Not sure I will get those back, but I do feel invigorated and charged when I take on a new goal. I think this alliance creation and management may provide that for myself and the people I call friends.

Time will only tell.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Nerd Rage Email

Blogging seems to bring clarity in my EVE life. It puts things into focus, I don't know why.

TLDR: I address a AWOX, punishment of that event, and threaten my members. Lots of Drama and no real value to read.

Let me explain a few things, so you can properly understand exactly where I’m coming from.

I have 4 accounts. 1 I plex. That’s $45 dollars a month. I have played with 3 accounts for almost 3 years. I have played on and off since 2003. In raw EVE subscription fees I have put in thousands of dollars and more man hours playing this game than I care to admit. I pay for a teamspeak server out of pocket, I pay for a hosting site out of pocket.

As CEO of SUSU my game time is filled with negotiations, diplomatic conversations, random recruitment bull shit, keeping spies/thieves out of our corp while recruiting valid members, maintaining order between members, insuring that basic fitting rules are followed and addressing access level shit. Essentially trying to make this corp the best I can.

This corp and its goals are entirely my own. I’m head honcho and making the ideal system I have in place happen falls entirely to me. The people who are in this corp look to me to maintain those things.

I wish I could hide behind numbers, quota levels, multi leveled rules, and other nonsense some corps maintain, but I can’t. To an extent each and every person in this corp should and is governing himself to the ideals/goals put forward by myself and those who work together to accomplish them. What makes this job 10x harder is, we essentially attack other players on a regular basis. Sometimes that desire to explode things is directed inward.

If you haven’t already figured out, I have a lot invested in this corp and its success, more than any other person.  I do my best to make decisions based on popular opinion because lets face it, it is a video game after all. I’m not your fucking dad… I’m not your boss. You play this game because of the friends you make in it. I’m simply the person who tries to keep some level of order.

… Nerd rage inc…

Last night, to quote my grandmother.. “I was so mad I could spit”.  It started I think when we killed a legion in Null. Because I was the scout and failed at keeping tackle there was a joking opinion that someone other than the scout should get the loot. Negative. Scouts get paid, plain and simple. 

Shortly after, another scout came across a hauler, it was swiftly dispatched. Hauler. 40m isk kill on the board. The hauler dropped some PI loot, this was also the scouts loot. The scout went to go pick it up with a hauler himself. For whatever reason, Joke… who knows. Dan felt the need to pop the friendly hauler with the PI inside.

Dan is no stranger to shooting friendlies. We all know this. Each of us has done it, so the act itself isn’t entirely on Dan. But it was the overall disregard for our corps way of life and value system that we have in place that I took offense too. It wasn’t his, it wasn’t a duel, it wasn’t even accidental. It was a blatant disregard for the SUSU way of life I bust my ass to maintain.

I called Dan primary and was podded.  He took one of my ships with him. We destroyed 700m in corp assets because someone thought it was funny. 

I later talked to Dan in a personal chat and asked him flatly to give me one reason why I shouldn’t kick him. He claimed it was a joke. See the funny things about jokes, they only really work once. Since this seems to be a regular occurrence with Dan, I asked “What happens when this level of joke stops being funny”?” Its obviously a shock factor joke and once it stops being funny the only way to get a laugh would be to increase the shock.”

He asked “Do you really want me to leave” I said NO, and explained at great length that he is a valuable pilot, but this shit has to stop. “Stop pushing boundaries that don’t need to be pushed.”

I don’t want to kick Dan, I like Dan and he is one our best pilots. But I can’t have my corp mates being scared to haul shit or amuse him in some way that would warrant him playing a joke on them.  I’m more pissed because I have to give this dad lecture, I have to be a tuff guy because nobody else would have the authority to do it in my place. I don’t want to be the heavy, I want to have fun, I want to declare war on everyone in the universe! I want to go hand in hand with my friends to the promise land!  BUT we can’t do that if someone is stabbing us in the dick for the fun of it.

Dad lecture….

I have worked too fucking hard to have my work, my accomplishments in the game to be shit on by someone seeking attention. I pay too much money each month to have my recreation shit on. Last night made me want to close the corp down, tear it apart and start over. Recreate my fun level doing something totally different. EVE is the land of reinvention. I felt it was better to just walk away from the keyboard.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I just know my EVE game isn’t me being mad about space pixels.

Word of warning.

Our scouts are our life blood, them getting paid is fundamentally the core of who we are in game. If anyone in this game disrespects a scout in the way Dan did last night, I swear to fucking Christ they better have a long game in the works, because I do.

This is the line in the sand. This is the line you should not cross. If your game becomes making ME mad at space pixels. We are going to have a fucking issue. Don’t like it? Don’t stick around, I have never stopped anyone for wanting out.

Do not reply to this mail. Just know that I mean what I say. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

AAR: Battle of 7-UH4Z

AAR: Battle of 7-UH4Z 

TLDR: Very cool multi round fight with Gentlemens's Agreement.

Last night was much like any other night. Roll a hole, scan, jump a hole, scan, jump another hole, scan.. more of that.

We had a C5 connected to our home and I choose to go that way, while others went down the static. Nothing special, a few nulls here and there and that chain ended in another c5/C5. I come back and start up some other process.

Cloudhunter seeing some null  holes on siggy, went to go do what he does best. Kill null sec ice miners in his interceptor. 

He jumps through one of the null holes and says on coms “ There is a Cerberus On Null 1” .  We were like wtf? More wtf because null sec people don’t often sit alone on a wormholes. So we formed a fleet. 

Jray in a Vigilant,  Cloud in his Taranis and myself in a Raptor. I jump through first and there the Cerberus is, 0 on a wormhole to a c5. I call point the cereberus puts his warriors on me. I set a tight orbit and burp my mirco to out run the drones. Vigilant calls secondary point and we expect the Cerberus to run into the C5.  A manticore uncloaks at 70k from the hole. With the vigilant holding the Cerberus I drop point and microwarp to the Manticore and Cloud follows behind. The Cerberus drops.

Cloud and I make short work of the bomber with my Raptor (that thing is a beast on dps btw).  Stiletto shows up, then a Sabre. Our own back up starts showing up now too. Kremit in his brutix goes for the sabre. BTW that sabre pilot was skilled, just sayin. I come in with my Raptor to assist with the sabre, while dodging the stiletto.  Enemy Omen Navy issue lands on grid and burns to the now trapped brutix. Then a deimos lands.. then a Rapier… we figure our time in this null has past.

Sadly Kremit's Brutix and pod was the cost of our commitment. GF all around.  

The SUSU fleet retreated into the hole fully expecting the null fleet to follow to finish us off. Nothing. We kept wondering why the Cerberus who was point blank on the hole didn’t jump to safety ?  We hole jumped into him, we had the disadvantage. If he jumped into the C5 and back again he could effectively ditch half the dps on him and had real chance of saving his ship. /shrug we couldn’t figure it out.

When faced with more numbers, do we hide in our POS? NOPE fuck that. I reshipped into my experimental Rapid Heavy Missile Raven !!(Code name Star Fighter) I asked for brave pilots to return into god only knows how many angry Null sec dooders. Cloud steps up with his neut Armageddon and we drag another guy in an Exequror.  Lets do this!

We go back in for round two.

I jump in my Raven, Clouds Armegeddon, and someone with an Exequror (ASB shield battle ship with armor logi, PRO I know!)  and there are a few ships there. Deimos, Cyclone, Omen Navy, Rapier, Scythe, Stiletto. Omen navy is primary, we do our best but with the slow lock speed of battle ships, my raven is already taking massive damage long before I even unload my RHML.

I do what I have always wanted to do with a RHML and outnumbered. 

DEATH BLOSSIM !!! Last star fighter eat your fucking heart out! I shoot my missiles at all the things!  Missiles fly out of my ship at all random directions. Not sure if enemy fleet thought I was retarded because I might have only scratched all the ships around me.:sadface: Guess the game doesn't work like the movie. Dreams = Crushed.

Reloading both ASB and RHML. I couldn’t stay on field, I had to jump back leaving cloud and an exequror to fight.

With what could only be described as a feat of great ‘bumping magic’. The entire Null fleet bumped the Armageddon off the hole, and webbed him. Unable to return to Bobs warm embrace, the Armageddon couldn’t last. He went down. He took a Sacrilege with him. Gfs all around.

With the failure of my Raven, I decide to ship into a hurricane. We charge into them for the 3rd time, this time 3 hurricanes with 2 Augorors and 2 Execquror. Our reps are holding and we are popping little ships left and right.  Deimos… down.. Cyclone… down.. , they can’t break us.

Then arrives a Megathron, and we destroy that. Then arrives another megathron, and we destroy that too! Each time one of the little frigs that were there, would come in, for a whatever reason and we could catch them, double web scram canes ftw! Ships exploding everywhere, it was GLORIOUS!

Eventually we are like ‘are they going to stop?!’ 

What was super odd, they didn’t use the wormhole at all. They were fighting at 0 on a wormhole and refused to jump through it. Even when their ships were in structure. We couldn’t figure it out. Random conversations in local after the fight they told us, they wanted to brawl… Which I guess is what they did, but without using all the tactics avail I felt bad, because each time we got chased away, we jumped into the C5 for safety. Sometimes...

Our own guys lost all sorts of shit on the wormhole they could have jumped back through, but their reasoning was, and I'm quoting. "Fuck you, I found this content" Which is a legit excuse in my book. 

The Null sec guys withdrew and we brought a Noctis to scoop the wrecks. Great fight!

Cethion calls out over coms. “There’s a dram popping my PI hauler.” We were like… wtf? How did the null guys get into our hole? We then spend some time figuring out where the dram came from and sorting that shit out. Some random c4 guy came in to pop a PI hauler and promptly left.

During that time, a convo opens with one of my alts. “Hey you want to fight more?” I said, “ Some of our guys are logging off for the night, but if you bait, we are required to bite” He said “Awesome”.

A few minutes pass and we sort out the dram threat. One of the Null pilots jumps into the C5 and talks in local. “You guys coming back?”  Duh.. of fucking course. I jump one of my alts through and get eyes on the Null fleet.

4 Raven at 0 on the hole, 3 Scythe at range, 1 Firetail, 1 jag. 1 Stiletto.  

Private convo opens up to me. He says “You have seen us, we haven’t seen you. What are you bringing?” “I say Armor” He asks “Equal Numbers?” I said, “we have some guys who are going to sleep but even if we are outnumbered, we are going in anyway”  -- He says “Sweet”

Round 4:  Let’s do THIS!!

We figure they have about equal logi, but we are somewhat low on DPS, we bring --

1 boosting Astarte, 2 Hurricane, 3 Augoror, 1 maluus (low SP guy wanted to fight too), 1 Celestus.  

We figure the with the scythes at range, we could damp them into coming in closer and we could switch to their logi. It was a solid plan, but once we got their logi totally damped, we simply didn’t have the DPS to take out those Ravens.

What made it worse, each of the ravens dropped a full flight of ECM 600’s and jammed out our logi. I tell the dps to target ECM drones to assist the logi pilots, but we can’t get them all down before we are forced to run back into the wormhole, again. It didn’t help that a Falcon showed up either.

We wait our polarity timers out and return.

I tell the Maluus his primary target is that god damn Falcon, he is to hold his jump cloak and damp that Falcon to nothingness the second he uncloaks. Still not enough dps to kill a single raven. Those guys were BRICK tanked.  We did manage to get some frig kills as brave little frigs came in to the fight to get some pop shots, but alas .. we had to withdraw again.

GF’s all around.

What blows my mind is, they could have followed our crumbling fleet back into the c5 on at least 6 or 7 occasions. They could have saved ships they would have lost (all the frigs) if they simply jumped into the hole. But didn’t. They just died.

I’m not sure if we were violating some kind of Null honor code by using both sides of the wormhole to our advantage, but we did, cause that’s what wormholers do. /shrug.

Super big thanks to everyone who brought the null fight! Good to know that not everyone docks up and hides when they see wormholers.

o/ Pleasure. 10/10 would fight again.

The butchers bill