Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Confessions’ers of a Rolling Stone

I was sitting around my new POS, pondering thoughts normally reserved to the criminally insane or habitually stupid, when I had an idea! It struck me like a large brick thrown from an angry mob defending their village from a roaming idiot.

What if I just got into two ships and started traveling down the chain? Just traveling from hole to hole, no POS, no storage, only the wind in my sails and Bob to guide me.

How would I make my way? What would I do to feed my space children? What if people already live in those holes?

So I did it to find out.

I took two characters(different accounts) with me on my adventure.

One of those ships was my standard PVE fit confessor. The near identical fit I used for the C13 backpacking trip. [Fit]

With the recent changes to the confessor the ship does slightly less dps in my standard PVE fit I used in the C13 backpacking trip. The confessor now has two ‘utility high slots now?’ you know for.. stuff. Naturally I fit a scanner probe launcher in one of the highs, but the other I just left empty.

The other ship is a pure work of art. (if you are into abstract, subject less and meaningless art)

A salvaging Thrasher. Equipped with a cloak, probe launcher, 1MN After burner, 2 small tractor beams and 4 salvager 1’s. Nothing else. Yes some of the slots are empty and I’m sure you could put things in them, but fuck it.. if it gets caught by anything, its toast, so why bother.

The Plan.

See a reasonable person would simply find an empty C1 or C2 and set up shop. Nope, not me. I decided to go into a C5 with these two ships.  

But Spear..  confessors can’t do C5 anoms!  Sit back my young friend, I wouldn’t be doing combat anoms.

Here is what I did.

I jump into the C5 directly from my home C4. There I’m confronted with about 10 or so sigs, about 8 combat anoms and 2 Ore anoms.

1st  Bookmark the way back, not that I will be going back, it’s just a good habit to get into.

2nd Make 2 safe spots and warp both ships to one of them. Cloaking the Thrasher.  

3rd  Initiate warp with the confessor to all the ore anoms. Don’t warp to them, just initiate warp. This is done by simply warping and then canceling the warp before you leave.  What this does is, start a 15 minute timer to spawn sleepers at the belt. Once that’s done move on to step 4.

4th  Align the uncloaked confessor to the other book mark and engage your afterburner in speed mode. No matter how good a combat probe pilot is, by the time he gets his combat scanning probes to 100% on a destroyer, you will have moved well out of disruptor/interdiction bubble range. No real D-scan spam is needed, but if someone shows up on grid, just warp to your next safe spot. Either make more safe spots because you’re being hunted or log off for a bit, watching D with the cloaked thrasher. PVPers (myself included) get bored easy and will eventually leave, continue where you left off.

5th Scan the system, with the confessor resolving to 100% all Gas sites and wormholes. Now not all gas sites in a C5 or C6 are C5/C6 quality gas sites, they have C1/2/3/4/ level gas sites in them too. In the confessor you can do all C4 and below gas sites. When you have one to 100%, Initiate warp the site and begin the 15 minute timer.

6th Once the system is resolved and all gas sites are triggered. 15 minutes should have passed. Warp to the first Ore site you triggered during step 3. The sleepers will be there waiting for you. – Kill them. Now the confessor cleans up these things very quickly. By the time you finish up the ore site sleepers, your gas site sleepers will have spawned. – Kill them next.

7th Follow behind with the salvaging Thrasher and $$$$.

That’s it. Now this can be done in ANY wormhole. C1-C6. Some will have more Ore sites and Gas sites, some less, but this way of doing Wspace can be done with just 1 combat ship. I simply brought a salvaging thrasher alt/slave to make the process go faster.

I did this very thing on Sunday and walked away with 65 million isk in about an hour. No pos, no cans...

I also did it with people on D-scan trying to kill me. I had scanned down all of their Gas sites, cleared all their Ore anoms before they mobilized a fleet to try and murder me.

I suspect the reason they waited so long was because they thought I was bait. People of W-space are so gun shy about bait ships, they won’t engage something that isn’t bait. I wish I knew what that Phenom is called, but it makes this type of wspace adventure possible. When they do eventually commit, you either run away or fight them. A solo confessor will sort out most ships that aren’t loki/rapier.

If you get fast at this, you can resolve a system, clear its ore anoms, clear its Gas anoms with relative efficiency, just using Safe spots, good D-scan spaming and the will to move past your home chain.

Now there are lots of ways to make money in this game, the best of course is to simply buy plex with my CC. Everything else is just flavors of fun countered to less fun levels of efficiency.

Though my way of adventure might not be the best way to make money, it was new, fun and different to me. I’m sure this exact way of space adventure could be done with a solo vexor, or T3 or whatever.. the thing is, it was outside “the move into hole set up camp” meta. That by itself was worth doing imo.

Different to me and interesting.