Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SUSU/Blog Update

Hello everyone!

I'm back to my infrequent posting habits again. Its not like I don't have a wealth of opinions on EVE to share, its just that I simply haven't really had the drive to post or participate with the community in any real meaningful way. Not that posting on this blog really is all that 'meaningful', but hell, you're all reading it aren't you?! Gotcha!

Joking aside, I would regretfully inform you that SUSU 2.0 is has died. Its been dying for the past month or so, but I'm putting it to rest in the following weeks. How did this happen you ask? Well I'm glad you asked.

Core members simply had other shit to do. That's really the gist of it. Summer time in EVE isn't exactly filled with players as it is, but I and others found it tremendously painful to log in on a regular basis and scan the chain looking for content. This caused an issue for those who did log in on a regular basis, without the support or help with normal wormhole hunting tasks, people questioned why they should be flying with inactives.

Honestly I can't blame them, I didn't really want to do it either. This caused a chain of people simply not wanting log in. I was forced to recruit my ass off, or close it down. Frankly recruiting open minded people to our way of doing things was getting harder and harder. When we did get someone in who actually knew their ass from a hole in the ground, they questioned why we flew like noobs intentionally.  When I explained, because its fun! They explained, well losing ships all the time isn't fun. Meh.. Valid point.

So I sent out the typical "The corp is dead" mail to anyone who might have not figured it out yet. The team speak server is going down shortly and most people have yanked all their stuff.

Good news though most of the active members have joined other PVPwormhole groups, I'm happy to say that their KB histories weren't too damaged by our shinnagins and they aren't tainted forever.

So whats in Longinius Spear's future?

Well, I've got some semi ridiculous ideas floating around in my head. Not sure I'm down for more Wspace direct hunting at the moment. Wspace is going through a strange time, the transition to citadels isn't 'odd' to say the least. I'm 'not sure I like where its going over the current POS model, I might go into greater detail on that topic in a future post.

One of my ideas was provided by Urban Oxide. I should set up an alt in Hard Knocks Home hole and simply read from 50 shades of grey in local chat. Just some light reading in their local chat would add a certian flare.

Another idea I had was doing a bit of aggressive market manipulated trading in one of the minor trade hubs. (not Jita) I think there is room to work out some really hard core math. With my new found wealth, i'd have to fun wars or pos bashes or something. Maybe some ransoms. Be less of a puppet or agent of destruction, and more of a behind the scenes puppet master.

All of my ideas involve causing problems for everyone else, no idea why. Perhaps this is how I get virtual attention when no one reads this blog

EVE is the place for reinvention. Maybe I'll get lucky again (the way I got lucky with C13 backpacking) and inspire people to play EVE more. BTW.. that fucking C13 post is still getting a fk ton of hits, with the follow up mails to me in game asking about my fit/alternate ways of doing it.

I'm sure once I come across something fun, I'll share it with all of you. Here's to limitless ideas, fresh perspecitives and rebirths.