Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I posted in Reddit Jobs that I'm looking for a WH corp

 Hi potential recruiter, names Spear and I'm looking for some new friends who play EVE with.
Now I'm sure you might be wondering why I said "No API will be given". Let me explain. I don't believe in the the value of giving them.

If you don't recruit without one, and that's a required part of your process, well good for you, I disagree. In the immortal words of Aristotle - dude, that don't make no damn sense

"But Spear, how could we possibly know more about you without digging through your emails and assets."

I don't care. I feel that a pilots reputation, how they answer questions, past actions and outlook speak for themselves. I have yet to see any real value that an API check could bring to the table that simply couldn't be found with the following sites.

EVE Who, EVE Hunt, Kill boards, EVE board or just plain old google.

I've recruited, flown with and trained some of the best wormhole pvp pilots/now FC's in the game. You might find it shocking, but I never got a single API from any of them. If you think you can prevent a double cross by simply digging through some emails and contacts, well you're giving yourself a false sense of security and I'm not interested in you because of it.

If you're still reading this and haven't totally written me off as an egotistical shit, good, there's hope for you yet.
This is what you'll get from me.
  • A blogger and podcaster who will share all your inner workings with all 4 people who read and listen to my blogs/podcasts (hi mom).
  • A pilot with access to multiple characters, lots of isk and the desire to throw spaceships at people just because they're there.
  • Years of wormhole experience in wormhole hunting and wormhole scouting.
Here are my credentials.

Here is my blog.

Here is my podcast

Here are my characters. -PW chainsaw no clue why it has a pw.. can't figure out how to change that one.

If you can't figure out who I am, what I'm about, what I do from all those links, without an API still, well, you're and idiot and I don't want to fly with you anyway.
-- Spear


  1. Started getting the itch to play again, I'm curious how this goes. It seems you've got the same kind of attitude about corps as I do. :)

  2. Oops, I guess I am too late. It looks like you joined No Vacancies. o/

  3. Link to referenced reddit post:

  4. I agree. An API will only help you catch bad spies.