Monday, September 19, 2016

Down the Pipe - Ep. 63

Hello Everyone, 

This is Down The Pipe -  Episode 63. Released after a much longer time than normal.

Both Bronya and I are some what away from game at this time and don't have very good things to say. But, if you are looking for a change from our usual "up lifting style" of broadcasting, this is your episode.

Lots of salt and vinegar to be had. I tell a story about how I try and AWOX my AFG corp mate, after decommissioning the citadel out from under him.
BTW as of 9/19/16, he and his tengu are still in space, in a box... floating... alone... and cold.. with no friends to be found.

Music is by Emerald Park - Open.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SUSU/Blog Update

Hello everyone!

I'm back to my infrequent posting habits again. Its not like I don't have a wealth of opinions on EVE to share, its just that I simply haven't really had the drive to post or participate with the community in any real meaningful way. Not that posting on this blog really is all that 'meaningful', but hell, you're all reading it aren't you?! Gotcha!

Joking aside, I would regretfully inform you that SUSU 2.0 is has died. Its been dying for the past month or so, but I'm putting it to rest in the following weeks. How did this happen you ask? Well I'm glad you asked.

Core members simply had other shit to do. That's really the gist of it. Summer time in EVE isn't exactly filled with players as it is, but I and others found it tremendously painful to log in on a regular basis and scan the chain looking for content. This caused an issue for those who did log in on a regular basis, without the support or help with normal wormhole hunting tasks, people questioned why they should be flying with inactives.

Honestly I can't blame them, I didn't really want to do it either. This caused a chain of people simply not wanting log in. I was forced to recruit my ass off, or close it down. Frankly recruiting open minded people to our way of doing things was getting harder and harder. When we did get someone in who actually knew their ass from a hole in the ground, they questioned why we flew like noobs intentionally.  When I explained, because its fun! They explained, well losing ships all the time isn't fun. Meh.. Valid point.

So I sent out the typical "The corp is dead" mail to anyone who might have not figured it out yet. The team speak server is going down shortly and most people have yanked all their stuff.

Good news though most of the active members have joined other PVPwormhole groups, I'm happy to say that their KB histories weren't too damaged by our shinnagins and they aren't tainted forever.

So whats in Longinius Spear's future?

Well, I've got some semi ridiculous ideas floating around in my head. Not sure I'm down for more Wspace direct hunting at the moment. Wspace is going through a strange time, the transition to citadels isn't 'odd' to say the least. I'm 'not sure I like where its going over the current POS model, I might go into greater detail on that topic in a future post.

One of my ideas was provided by Urban Oxide. I should set up an alt in Hard Knocks Home hole and simply read from 50 shades of grey in local chat. Just some light reading in their local chat would add a certian flare.

Another idea I had was doing a bit of aggressive market manipulated trading in one of the minor trade hubs. (not Jita) I think there is room to work out some really hard core math. With my new found wealth, i'd have to fun wars or pos bashes or something. Maybe some ransoms. Be less of a puppet or agent of destruction, and more of a behind the scenes puppet master.

All of my ideas involve causing problems for everyone else, no idea why. Perhaps this is how I get virtual attention when no one reads this blog

EVE is the place for reinvention. Maybe I'll get lucky again (the way I got lucky with C13 backpacking) and inspire people to play EVE more. BTW.. that fucking C13 post is still getting a fk ton of hits, with the follow up mails to me in game asking about my fit/alternate ways of doing it.

I'm sure once I come across something fun, I'll share it with all of you. Here's to limitless ideas, fresh perspecitives and rebirths.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Down The Pipe Ep. 62

Hi everyone

Bringing you another Episode of Down the Pipe Podcast.

Down The Pipe Ep. 62. No guests this time, though we did have some planned it just didn't work out.

Not entirely, we did have a special guest that was "Bronya's Mouse click", which keeps interrupting a little less than I do. :P

We talk about the failed invasion on my corps wormhole, some null things and random Pokemon Go stories...  

Song is C2C - Delta (cool video, great song)

Of course this video is added to the Down the Pipe Intro music playlist on Youtube.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting Snooty - The Attack on Abe Froman

                                                      Don't get Snooty with me! -- Actor never seen again

Friday: I was pinged on slack with this message. 

"We are being shot at!!!!"

The above picture is a fairly good size fleet bashing Abe Froman 1. Sadly because I'm an idiot and don't know how EVE time works, it was the middle of the afternoon for everyone, but Kildress.


O well, one more thing I need to sort out once this is over.

My goal for Abe Froman the citadel was for its timer to be set for friday night starting at around 8pm EST. This didn't happen.

By the time anyone got online, the 1st timer was triggered, starting a 24 hour timer to come out Saturday afternoon. 4pm EST. Not the best of times, but manageable. This gave us just enough time to work on hole control, and run some intel on why this attack was happening.

We figured out it was some Wspace pvpers and Null sec pvpers who seemed to specialize in ganks. Their Kills were all overwhelming numbers with almost no losses. Not the kind to sit around and brawl when the outcome was in question.

This lead us to believe that this was a one off attack for a group that was just knocking on our door, so to speak.

Step 1. See how many connections we had.  We figured out, we had only the two statics, and the C2 static was Crit. The list of ships meant a lot of mass was put through one of the holes. Counting the battleships and their respective masses, we figured out the fleet must have gone back out the way they came. The other reason for a crit connection would be to reduce the chance we could get a batphone fleet in to help with defenders. But if this was the case, the C3 static would also be crit, which it wasn't.


Step 2. Figure out if they had an invasion POS erected.  After some quick warping around, we didn't find anything out of the ordinary. I guess the attackers liked hard mode.

Step 3. Get hole control.

During an invasion, it is absolutely essential you maintain hole control for the duration of the timer. Without it, the defenders could bring in more pilots, either in corp or out. If you can't bring in more defenders, you can't maintain the advantage.

I warp to the hole and check for a fleet.  Nothing.

I better roll it. I warp my battleship to the hole and jump through. I see a stratios uncloak and tackle my torp typhoon. Well thats crazy, good thing I didn't use a rolling battleship for rolling! I put the Stratios into half armor and he fucks off.

Well 1 pass done!

The stat was from  "Straight Outta Wormholes". I'm thinking, great, now we are fighting a coalition of peeps and these guys are the ones guarding the hole.

O well. get this shit on! We get some more battleships and random things to finish off the hole and fight them.

They explode us more.

Typhoon loss

Armageddon loss

Exequror loss

We lost some other random things but after fighting with them for a bit, and figure out they aren't here to support the invasion, they were just connected to us. Cool, we'll fight'em anyway!

After fighting those guys, we said good fight and local and rolled the hole. Waiting for hostile probes to launch. Nothing.

Well if they aren't going to maintain hole control, we sure as shit will.

We crit the holes. It was approaching late night for me, and the only person online was our AUZ TZ player, so he was left with the mission to watch for scouts and do what he could to keep them out while the corp slept.


I wake up, get some coffee and checked slack to see if our AUZ player had any issues. He had instructions to ping me (wake me up) if he needed assistance. Nothing, no action.

I logged in and took over my watch of the crit holes. I also, because the AUZ guy was but one man, rolled both holes to reset the EOL timers, and just incase a scout slipped by him in the night.

I found the new statics and crit them. This time though, I set up a cloaked battleship on one side of the crit hole. The reason for this was, if they left a scout in the hole, and wanted to bring in their fleet, they would need to scan out an entrance. The moment the scout jumped through the crit hole, the battle ship would uncloak and jump heavy back into our home, thus trapping out the hostile scout.

Repeat till all scouts are either trapped out or the timer is up.

Not my first rodeo.

About 4 hours before the first timer we saw our first set of probes. We had enough players on to see if the hostile scout. It was a tengu. The strange thing was, he dropped a mobile depot at a safe first. We instantly set to finding it with combats and then encapping it.

The Tengu which we guessed wasn't warp cloaked fit, seemed to just warp around from safe to safe, till he logged off. Very odd for an invasion scout, but whatever.

About 3 hours before the timer, an astero uncloaked in the hole and dropped probes. We waited for it to jump through our crit holes. Nothing, they just probed down a single hole and yanked probes. Weird.

About an hour before the timer we out, we realize we have another SIG connected to home. Please don't be a frig hole.. please don't be a frig hole... boom.. not a frig hole, but it was a dangerous Unknown. Scout jumps in, and says. multiple mining ships on scan, out of a force field.

An hour before the timer, and we have an abvious bait. happening connected to us. Now here's the problem with getting podded out with less than hour on a timer, we can't use those pilots for defense.

For fucks sake....

I do what any good leader who isn't fit for command would do.


Scout gets a warp in, we send in the saber. Sabre lands and bubbles up.

Calls out many many more ships on D and landing.

Vindicator... Sviple... Sabre.. Loki.. Proteus.. Crow...

Guess what I decided to gank these miners with?

My solo Bhaalgorn !!  Go big and stupid or go home!

Bhaalgorn loss

I was not alone in my silliness.

Typhoon Loss

Typhoon Loss

Sabre Loss

The reason we went for the bait with battleships was we wanted to put on as much mass on the hole as possible, in the event the newly connected group decided to 3rd party our invasion.

Yes, I did manage to welp our fleet on a random connecting force minutes before our citadel timer was coming out of reinforced. I'm that fucking pro! ... sigh.. kill me now.

When our fleet landed we knew we were fucked. we just went for shit that pointed or bubbled in a hope that we could possibly get our pods back to the citadel before the timer came out. We were successful in that one thing, destroying the hostile sabre, even our suicidal tackle sabre pilot who managed to bubble himself slow boated his pod out of his own bubble and made it to safety.

I screamed. "Quick roll the hole while they loot out wrecks!!"

We managed to get a bunch of rolling maulers through the hole and as we were crushing it. One guy of the baiting force says in local.

"Why's your citadel in-capped"

To which I answer

"You're guess is as good as mine"

And close the connection and hope to god they didn't seed a scout and are looking to come knocking or offer to work with the attackers.

 During the time we waited for the timer, I had some strange conversations with the attackers. I figured since these people may not know who to ransom/threaten whatever, I would introduce myself, or at least be a point of contact.

I found one of the attacking corps public channels and decided to chat it up. :)

I'm Sir Lomax. 

[ 2016.07.16 16:11:07 ] Sir Lomax > hi there :)
[ 2016.07.16 16:12:09 ] Traavemynde > \o
[ 2016.07.16 16:12:16 ] Sir Lomax > you guys recruiting?
[ 2016.07.16 16:13:24 ] Traavemynde > nope
[ 2016.07.16 16:14:15 ] Sir Lomax > Any idea when recruitment will be open?
[ 2016.07.16 16:14:42 ] Traavemynde > in 2-3 weeks
[ 2016.07.16 16:15:26 ] Sir Lomax > Are you guys a wormhole corp? Interested in buying one?

I figured I might be able to see if they wanted to buy the hole they helped invade. LOL.

[ 2016.07.16 16:15:44 ] Traavemynde > kinda and nope
[ 2016.07.16 16:35:45 ] Sir Lomax > o/ xmaster
[ 2016.07.16 16:36:20 ] Traavemynde > \o xhamster
[ 2016.07.16 16:36:43 ] Amarr Shakaru > jan kannst du uns nen exit geben? :)
[ 2016.07.16 16:38:21 ] Sir Lomax > Ich bin auch der Suche nach einem Ausgang
[ 2016.07.16 16:38:45 ] Sir Lomax > rekrutieren ihr?
[ 2016.07.16 16:39:15 ] Amarr Shakaru > nein wir sind voll
[ 2016.07.16 16:39:31 ] Sir Lomax > :(
[ 2016.07.16 16:45:13 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > o/
[ 2016.07.16 16:45:15 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > ja
[ 2016.07.16 16:45:44 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > dann muss ich aber scanne, und es kann sein das ich ausgespert werde
[ 2016.07.16 16:46:57 ] Traavemynde > das Getriebe ist offensichtlich Bogeymen etwas?
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:07 ] Amarr Shakaru > keine hektik, BB is wieder off
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:12 ] Amarr Shakaru > verschieben wir auf morgen
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:19 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > ok
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:40 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > ich glaube die sind gerade noch sehr schreckhaft ^^
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:47 ] Amarr Shakaru > ja hehe
[ 2016.07.16 16:48:54 ] Amarr Shakaru > habt ihr die wenigstens erpresst?`
[ 2016.07.16 16:49:05 ] XMaster96 Xv3 > ne
[ 2016.07.16 16:49:24 ] Amarr Shakaru > ok
[ 2016.07.16 16:56:02 ] Sir Lomax > o/  Lord Periclitor
[ 2016.07.16 16:56:47 ] Lord Periclitor > hello fellow nerds and tom of germany
[ 2016.07.16 16:57:01 ] Traavemynde > \o LP
[ 2016.07.16 16:57:08 ] Amarr Shakaru > lol hi LP
[ 2016.07.16 16:57:11 ] Sir Lomax > LP is your corp recruiting?
[ 2016.07.16 16:57:55 ] Lord Periclitor > depends, you wanna get recruited?
[ 2016.07.16 16:58:12 ] Sir Lomax > Yep.
[ 2016.07.16 16:58:33 ] Lord Periclitor > why do we want you?
[ 2016.07.16 16:59:08 ] Sir Lomax > Well i'm a honest trustworthy guy, and I send flowers to my mother on mothers-day
[ 2016.07.16 16:59:26 ] Sir Lomax > two qualities that make for a great EVE player
[ 2016.07.16 16:59:54 ] Lord Periclitor > well, join our public chan and try poking recruiter
[ 2016.07.16 17:00:07 ] Sir Lomax > whats your public channel?
[ 2016.07.16 17:00:32 ] Lord Periclitor > STRCU Public
[ 2016.07.16 17:02:32 ] Sir Lomax > Thanx !

They gave me another place to chat it up while we wait for the timer.

Random German gang, one of them said in German something about finding an exit. That could mean they are trying to get out of their home hole and form up with a fleet, or they are trying to evac from our hole.

I went to the next channel.

[ 2016.07.16 17:00:43 ] Sir Lomax > o/
[ 2016.07.16 17:01:19 ] Sir Lomax > Anogra poke
[ 2016.07.16 17:01:37 ] Sir Lomax > LP says you might be recruiting
[ 2016.07.16 17:05:19 ] Anogra > hey  Sir Lomax
[ 2016.07.16 17:05:22 ] Anogra > how might i be of assistance?
[ 2016.07.16 17:05:36 ] Sir Lomax > looking to hear more about recruitment.
[ 2016.07.16 17:07:58 ] Lord Periclitor > mi balls are itchy
[ 2016.07.16 17:08:20 ] Anogra > we are looking for pilots willing to live in wh's on a permanent basis and fly with us on the different fleets we do. Also pilots who are able to create some content on their own. we are not here to hold everyone's hand :D
[ 2016.07.16 17:08:33 ] Anogra > some info about us are in our recruitment add, in the forum post linked in the motd
[ 2016.07.16 17:08:34 ] Traavemynde > Lord Periclitor , i have told you several times to take a shower... Amarr has good one if you need...
[ 2016.07.16 17:08:41 ] Anogra > xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:08:45 ] Amarr Shakaru > lies
[ 2016.07.16 17:09:41 ] Anogra > quite now kids, papa is talking ;)
[ 2016.07.16 17:09:43 ] Lord Periclitor > i don't wanna shower with tom of Germany, I would feel slutty
[ 2016.07.16 17:10:26 ] Anogra > Sir Lomax anything not coverd there, feel free to ask
[ 2016.07.16 17:10:33 ] Traavemynde > just dont drop the soap
[ 2016.07.16 17:10:39 ] Anogra > my question to you, is why are you seaking to leave  Semper Ubi Sub Ubi ?

At this point Anogra opens a convo with me.

[ 2016.07.16 17:11:09 ] Anogra > [17:10:39] Anogra > my question to you, is why are you seaking to leave  Semper Ubi Sub Ubi ?
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:30 ] Anogra > [17:08:20] Anogra > we are looking for pilots willing to live in wh's on a permanent basis and fly with us on the different fleets we do. Also pilots who are able to create some content on their own. we are not here to hold everyones hand :D
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:33 ] Anogra > [17:08:33] Anogra > some info about us are in our recruitment add, in the forum post linked in the motd
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:39 ] Anogra > [17:10:25] Anogra > Sir Lomax anything not coverd there, feel free to ask
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:42 ] Anogra > [17:10:39] Anogra > my question to you, is why are you seaking to leave  Semper Ubi Sub Ubi ?
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:50 ] Anogra > that covers it till now i belive
[ 2016.07.16 17:15:58 ] Sir Lomax > lol ya,
[ 2016.07.16 17:16:27 ] Sir Lomax > You guys seem to have your stuff together
[ 2016.07.16 17:16:45 ] Sir Lomax > was looking around and saw you guys did ops, thought I would put out a feeler
[ 2016.07.16 17:18:24 ] Sir Lomax > what kind of wormhole are you looking to live in 'on a perment basis'?
[ 2016.07.16 17:19:10 ] Anogra > we are currently residing in a C3 while members accumelate skills and some isk. our next step up would be a C4 while people skill into the next tier doctrine and stock up on it
[ 2016.07.16 17:19:38 ] Anogra > due to we accept people of any skill level there are people with low skills that takes time to get into our doctrines
[ 2016.07.16 17:19:57 ] Anogra > and ofc, its summer and alot of people are prioritizing RL (as we encurage them)
[ 2016.07.16 17:20:06 ] Anogra > so no large change untill summer is over atleast
[ 2016.07.16 17:20:27 ] Sir Lomax > yea, i kno whow that is, summer people don't log in as much. Too much outside time
[ 2016.07.16 17:21:27 ] Anogra > its not a worry. they come back after summer, and if everything catches fire, they will come as well :D
[ 2016.07.16 17:21:49 ] Anogra > even i have alot less online time during summer even though i am working this summer, simply coz alot of rl stuff needed to be done
[ 2016.07.16 17:22:08 ] Sir Lomax > are you all german?
[ 2016.07.16 17:22:18 ] Sir Lomax > Any USTZ people, thats my primary time
[ 2016.07.16 17:22:31 ] Anogra > we got...ehm.. 0 germans atm xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:23:13 ] Sir Lomax > SCAN one of the pubs I jumped into had people speaking German is why i asked
[ 2016.07.16 17:23:14 ] Anogra > we have a couple of USTZ, though our primary and strongest tz is by far our eu
[ 2016.07.16 17:23:26 ] Anogra > simply because we havent gotten hands on anyone willing to build a ustz
[ 2016.07.16 17:27:19 ] Sir Lomax > Well i commend you on your efforts in this C4. Nothing more fun than rattling a cage :)
[ 2016.07.16 17:27:43 ] Anogra > always fun :D
[ 2016.07.16 17:28:48 ] Anogra > c4s are great for farming statics for pvp and pve :D
[ 2016.07.16 17:29:04 ] Sir Lomax > yep.
[ 2016.07.16 17:29:32 ] Anogra > i noticed ur current corp lives in one of those great ones
[ 2016.07.16 17:29:39 ] Anogra > C3/2 statics
[ 2016.07.16 17:29:56 ] Sir Lomax > yep
[ 2016.07.16 17:30:02 ] Anogra > short way for supplies, and easy to roll for better chains for pvp and c3 easy farm
[ 2016.07.16 17:30:39 ] Sir Lomax > we don't much farm anymore
[ 2016.07.16 17:30:48 ] Anogra > what makes u want to leave ur current corp? they seem fairly active and live in a nice wh
[ 2016.07.16 17:31:23 ] Sir Lomax > would save me a trip if you evict them :)
[ 2016.07.16 17:31:36 ] Anogra > even decent planets for PI those into that
[ 2016.07.16 17:31:44 ] Anogra > those elusive storm planets
[ 2016.07.16 17:31:52 ] Sir Lomax > lol the PI is trash in here
[ 2016.07.16 17:31:56 ] Anogra > sounds like you are unhappy with ur current corp. why?
[ 2016.07.16 17:32:12 ] Sir Lomax > I'm not unhappy. Just don't want to move my stuff
[ 2016.07.16 17:33:20 ] Anogra > -_-
[ 2016.07.16 17:33:33 ] Sir Lomax > if overall lazyness isn't a good reason to switch, i'm not sure what is
[ 2016.07.16 17:34:10 ] Anogra > haha, but thats only if we actually evict :P
[ 2016.07.16 17:34:26 ] Sir Lomax > you did evict those in that c1 or was that just an offline pos
[ 2016.07.16 17:34:54 ] Anogra > target of opportunity
[ 2016.07.16 17:34:56 ] Anogra > :D

[ 2016.07.16 17:35:14 ] Anogra > we evict if someone pisses us off, or if they have something we want
[ 2016.07.16 17:35:30 ] Sir Lomax > Thats a fair reason on both ends
[ 2016.07.16 17:35:40 ] Anogra > a lowsec small corp pissed us off by reffing some pocos. we replied with killing their alts tower in lowsec abit later with a small cap group
[ 2016.07.16 17:35:53 ] Anogra > but we dont evict for "fun" or "content"
[ 2016.07.16 17:36:20 ] Sir Lomax > I think only Wspan does that, and not really much anymore
[ 2016.07.16 17:36:54 ] Anogra > they tried to blackmail us not long after we moved in. "pay us 200m/month or we will evict you"
[ 2016.07.16 17:37:08 ] Sir Lomax > yea, thats one of their things
[ 2016.07.16 17:37:17 ] Sir Lomax > you would be amazed how many people just pay
[ 2016.07.16 17:37:24 ] Anogra > we laughed, killed and podded their scout and rolled the static xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:38:00 ] Sir Lomax > they do have a good shstick though, carpet all the holes, ransom everyone they meet.
[ 2016.07.16 17:38:35 ] Anogra > ye. but they aint really dangerous as they dont field proper fleets
[ 2016.07.16 17:38:36 ] Sir Lomax > thier trip wire network is boss though, they have people mapping chains not even in their holes, giving intel to everyone
[ 2016.07.16 17:38:51 ] Anogra > they try to "blob" in lesser ships and hope the ones they fight dont know how to use guardians xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:39:18 ] Anogra > anyways. i digress xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:39:29 ] Anogra > we are recruiting. no SP requierment or mandatory fleets
[ 2016.07.16 17:39:35 ] Anogra > people are asked to prio RL>game
[ 2016.07.16 17:39:42 ] Sir Lomax > makes sense
[ 2016.07.16 17:39:53 ] Anogra > but when they are online and something is up, we expect people to preform their best, whatever that is
[ 2016.07.16 17:40:14 ] Sir Lomax > when you say best, do you mean best ship? thats alway a point of contention fo rme
[ 2016.07.16 17:40:44 ] Sir Lomax > like i fly stuff because I prefer quanitty vs quality
[ 2016.07.16 17:40:56 ] Anogra > we happily share fits and experience and knowlage and expect members to share theirs as well with newbies. We have a code of conduct which prohibit members from scamming, ganking in highsec or other types of griefing
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:18 ] Anogra > preform their best = fly the best they can according to the doctrine/shiptype asked for
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:19 ] Sir Lomax > code of conduct? in EVE? thats a thing?
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:27 ] Sir Lomax > ahh
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:33 ] Anogra > we do have a higher moral expectation of people
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:43 ] Anogra > then most of eve
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:47 ] Anogra > mostly, just dont be a douchbag
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:50 ] Anogra > xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:53 ] Sir Lomax > lol fiar enough
[ 2016.07.16 17:41:54 ] Sir Lomax > haha
[ 2016.07.16 17:42:15 ] Anogra > when it comes to preforming. if we fly our BS doctrine, dont bring a frig unless the FC asks for it
[ 2016.07.16 17:42:28 ] Sir Lomax > ahh
[ 2016.07.16 17:42:59 ] Anogra > in random cruiser fleets most fits are welcome, though we do have some fits saved for our main armor fleets
[ 2016.07.16 17:43:20 ] Anogra > but logi fits are set in stone. no other fits are allowed or welcome without an FCs expressed consent
[ 2016.07.16 17:43:41 ] Sir Lomax > sure, some random shield logi in a bunch of armor would be nuts
[ 2016.07.16 17:43:54 ] Anogra > we also roll with that everyone skills into guardians so we always have logis, and can rotate who flies logi depending on how many we need
[ 2016.07.16 17:44:11 ] Anogra > our pve fleet is shield, and primarly consist of drakes + osprey
[ 2016.07.16 17:44:16 ] Anogra > cheap and efficent xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:44:20 ] Sir Lomax > totally
[ 2016.07.16 17:46:17 ] Anogra > we have some special rules when it comes to sites in our own wh. sleeper sites (anom, data and relic) are off limits apart from on our harvest ops
[ 2016.07.16 17:46:26 ] Anogra > ore/gas and nullsec data/relics are free for all
[ 2016.07.16 17:46:28 ] Sir Lomax > off limits?
[ 2016.07.16 17:46:41 ] Anogra > but in any other wh, all sites are free for all
[ 2016.07.16 17:46:51 ] Anogra > meaning, no one is allowed to do them outside the corp op
[ 2016.07.16 17:47:04 ] Sir Lomax > o are the corp ops scheduled ?
[ 2016.07.16 17:47:27 ] Anogra > same time and day each week
[ 2016.07.16 17:47:35 ] Anogra > so its predictable
[ 2016.07.16 17:47:46 ] Anogra > not a random ping "we do harve st now, durr durr"
[ 2016.07.16 17:47:47 ] Anogra > xD
[ 2016.07.16 17:48:24 ] Anogra > we also run a buyup program in the wh, buying anything people harvest from sites, ore, gas, relic, data, pi
[ 2016.07.16 17:48:30 ] Anogra > corp buys everything
[ 2016.07.16 17:49:08 ] Anogra > harvest ops are done on the same principle as the buyup. we have a spreadsheet where we put in when people join the fleet
[ 2016.07.16 17:49:15 ] Anogra > or when people leave
[ 2016.07.16 17:49:32 ] Sir Lomax > really, thats very similar to what sleeper social club used to do
[ 2016.07.16 17:49:32 ] Anogra > once fleet is over, stuff is piled and i pay everyone according to how long they have participated
[ 2016.07.16 17:50:20 ] Sir Lomax > you do that in a c3? I've only heard of that in like a c5 or higher
[ 2016.07.16 17:50:29 ] Anogra > corp takes 20% tax on buyup, rest is devided amongst people in fleet. its 1 share per warm body in fleet. adding alts will make it faster /more isk/h for everyone) but will not entitle said person to more then 1 share
[ 2016.07.16 17:50:45 ] Anogra > we buildt our system to be applicable anywhere we live
[ 2016.07.16 17:50:55 ] Anogra > so people are used to the system once we move to a higher class
[ 2016.07.16 17:51:05 ] Anogra > then there isent a new system in addition to a new wh and such
[ 2016.07.16 17:52:15 ] Sir Lomax > ahhh
[ 2016.07.16 17:55:03 ] Anogra > any questionas?
[ 2016.07.16 17:55:47 ] Sir Lomax > Not sure you would answer it honestly
[ 2016.07.16 17:55:53 ] Anogra > :)
[ 2016.07.16 17:55:57 ] Sir Lomax > lol
[ 2016.07.16 17:56:14 ] Anogra > give it a shot
[ 2016.07.16 17:56:21 ] Sir Lomax > Do you know who my main is?
[ 2016.07.16 17:56:26 ] Anogra > wcs i wont give an answer:)
[ 2016.07.16 17:57:06 ] Anogra > that is indeed an interesting question
[ 2016.07.16 17:57:22 ] Anogra > although the name seem familiar, i cant say anything pops up
[ 2016.07.16 17:57:54 ] Sir Lomax > So thats a no?
[ 2016.07.16 17:58:14 ] Anogra > kyllä
[ 2016.07.16 17:59:58 ] Sir Lomax > no, and I don't think you can make the umlou in EVE names in this game
[ 2016.07.16 18:00:17 ] Sir Lomax > is that how its spelled "Umlow"? the little dots above german letters
[ 2016.07.16 18:00:24 ] Sir Lomax > oomlou?
[ 2016.07.16 18:00:31 ] Anogra > its finnish actually
[ 2016.07.16 18:00:39 ] Anogra > the one i used
[ 2016.07.16 18:00:52 ] Anogra > kyllä = yes
[ 2016.07.16 18:01:02 ] Anogra > u could also use "joo" or "niin"
[ 2016.07.16 18:03:32 ] Sir Lomax > I'm learning a bunch of linguistic stuff from this conversation
[ 2016.07.16 18:03:44 ] Anogra > finnish is a messed up language
[ 2016.07.16 18:03:48 ] Anogra > i moved here about a month ago xD
[ 2016.07.16 18:04:59 ] Sir Lomax > From where?
[ 2016.07.16 18:05:07 ] Sir Lomax > you moved to Finland from?
[ 2016.07.16 18:05:23 ] Anogra > norway
[ 2016.07.16 18:05:58 ] Anogra > still not a german :P
[ 2016.07.16 18:06:15 ] Anogra > what made u belive we were primarly german? we'v been called russian twice, though we only have 1 russian with us xD
[ 2016.07.16 18:06:36 ] Sir Lomax > Google translate detected german
[ 2016.07.16 18:07:00 ] Anogra > google translate should stop hogging and share, coz its high as fuck xD
[ 2016.07.16 18:10:22 ] Sir Lomax > What I'm trying to figure out is how are SCAN, STRCU and your corp all linked, you say you're a c3 corp, but you're working together with epople in complicated histories
[ 2016.07.16 18:10:55 ] Sir Lomax > A bunch of you are from hole control, but now you're all kinda doing your own thing
[ 2016.07.16 18:12:28 ] Anogra > friends knows no boarders
[ 2016.07.16 18:12:30 ] Anogra > :D
[ 2016.07.16 18:12:47 ] Sir Lomax > yep. :D
[ 2016.07.16 18:48:07 ] Anogra > misses has movie and sweets ready. time to bail :D
[ 2016.07.16 18:48:09 ] Anogra > *wave
[ 2016.07.16 18:48:16 ] Sir Lomax > o/
[ 2016.07.16 18:48:25 ] Sir Lomax > GL with the misses'

This ended shortly before the timer was coming out. Anogra was part of the orginal invasion group, but was logging off to do whatever with his sweets.

About 15 players logged in and prepared for the final timer, which came and went, without any pressure from the attacking group. I guess we weren't a good target of opportunity at this point.

 Don't fuck with the sausage king of Chicago. 

Crazy, but after all this I could still go and join a wormhole corp :)

Special thanks to FOFO from HK for messaging me 4 days after the fact if we needed some help. :P Better late than never right?! haha

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Down The Pipe Ep. 61

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late post/podcast. Bronya and I have been total slackers, but we have a new podcast for you. Its just us talking about things and catching up.

We tell stories, talk about new things, try and recruit people into Wspace PVP.


The intro music (my favorite part) is from Fever The Ghost - Source. I added it to the DTP intro music play list. Crazy video but great song.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Down The Pipe Ep. 60

I'm going to start promoting my connection to Down the Pipe on this blog, because why not?

Short post that a new down the pipe is out, special guest Noobman from HK.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Citadels and the human element

Hello space friends,

Citadels were released a week ago or so and we already have one up in our home.

The "Abe Froman". The sausage king of Chicago. I weep for future generation that doesn't know that reference. I named it this for two reasons. One, I thought it would be funny and two, Farris Bueller says very clearly to the camera when confronted by his friends in the movie, "you can never go too far". I always thought that was slightly profound and a play style dream for me.

One thing I've noticed from a small wormhole corp CEO's perspective, I've lost some control. You might think, so what, isn't less management responsibilities better? Yes and no, here's a scenario that we may see more in the future.

In our corp we have about 400 million worth random T1 cruisers, frigs, destroyers and haulers for everyone's use. These are ships with the primary reason for existence being, to be destroyed in PVP glory. Prior to the citadel release we had these ships sitting in a corp pub SMA for all in corp to use. Now, they're in the citadel.

Here lies the issue.

As we slowly trundle toward the eventuality of POS's being removed and everyone owning citadels we must begin to embrace the citadel way of life. So lets play like that POS is gone and I want to continue loaning out ships and equipment using a shared Corp hanger system.

What happens if I or any corp gets a bad egg? Someone with mayhem on their mind. Not just an infiltrator but a person not so different than myself that just wants to see the world burn.

There are two scenarios that I've thought about.

1. The New Recruit -- This person joins the corp with a citadel and shared hanger with the give no fucks attitude. Day one, he scoops all the shared hanger stuff and places them in his personal hanger. He doesn't tell anyone hes done it, and no one really knows he's done it since there isn't a record that I can find at this time.

Now that new recruit can't move the stuff because most of the time he can't fly half the stuff in there, but he's just doing it to troll the people who live there.

The question goes out, "Where is all the public stuff?" Silence. No one knows. No one saw it happen because its a small corp and not everyone pays attention to this. Fingers point, people say "Meh didn't want that shit anyway". Life goes on.

Then a little bit later as people go back to using the pub hanger, he does it again.

More fingers point, more "didn't want it anyway", the CEO eventually admits that "This is why we can't have nice things". Pub hangers go away.

What happens to all the stuff that one guy scooped and stuffed into his personal hanger in the citadel? He could eventually move it out, but odds are this guy is just looking to troll folks or he may be been suspected and then purged.

The stuff remains.

What I'm wondering is, as these citadels live on and are slated to not be deconstructed but be transferred, the items remain inside of them. The older the citadel, the more things that could be inside of them as the greater the chance people leaving the game, not moving things out, or this very same citadel trolling occurs.

Since the citadel owner/CEO never truly knows whats inside of it, and decommissioning one in a wormhole would thus destroy its forgotten contents anyway. Why not just blow it up yourself to get the forgotten goodies inside.

**EDIT!!** Noobman from HK informed me that by decommissioning the citadel, it drops all the space goodies in lots and lots of cans.. Putting this in after the fact... Thnx Noobman!

This moves me to part 2.

2. The Reverse Safari CEO. A CEO who doesn't know whats inside, but suspects a great deal of things are inside, destroys it himself.

This can be done by a rogue CEO simply removing all corp roles to a citadel at the worst possible moment.

Now the debunked, leaderless corp simply needs to form a bash fleet to get maybe  half of their combined stuff out? When it does drop, its going to be in a huge pile of different peoples things spread out, some won't drop because of normal loot farie mechanics, but how would you divide that up?

You might be saying that, all that stuff could happen in POS's, but here's the difference. In a tower, you can see the modules holding your things. There is also a finite amount of space in each of those modules, which means all yes, you could do the same thing over multiple towers, but when your targets are spread out all over the place, risk is mitigated to an extent, simply from a theft logistics point of view. Also, FUEL, before you could siege a tower to the point where getting more fuel in the hole is an issue. A citadel is there holding all your things no matter if its fueled or not. This giant brick, holding all your stuff, that will be there forever, or until you gather up your forces for the promise of maybe half your stuff. Because your half, might not be the half that drops.

I'm not pointing out that I'm going to do any of these things, but after living in a wormholes for almost 5 years now, you tend to get a little paranoid. The "what ifs" become more actual threats that need to be addressed, because lets be real, this is EVE.

The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"