Monday, June 27, 2016

New Down The Pipe Ep. 61

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late post/podcast. Bronya and I have been total slackers, but we have a new podcast for you. Its just us talking about things and catching up.

We tell stories, talk about new things, try and recruit people into Wspace PVP.


The intro music (my favorite part) is from Fever The Ghost - Source. I added it to the DTP intro music play list. Crazy video but great song.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Down The Pipe Ep. 60

I'm going to start promoting my connection to Down the Pipe on this blog, because why not?

Short post that a new down the pipe is out, special guest Noobman from HK.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Citadels and the human element

Hello space friends,

Citadels were released a week ago or so and we already have one up in our home.

The "Abe Froman". The sausage king of Chicago. I weep for future generation that doesn't know that reference. I named it this for two reasons. One, I thought it would be funny and two, Farris Bueller says very clearly to the camera when confronted by his friends in the movie, "you can never go too far". I always thought that was slightly profound and a play style dream for me.

One thing I've noticed from a small wormhole corp CEO's perspective, I've lost some control. You might think, so what, isn't less management responsibilities better? Yes and no, here's a scenario that we may see more in the future.

In our corp we have about 400 million worth random T1 cruisers, frigs, destroyers and haulers for everyone's use. These are ships with the primary reason for existence being, to be destroyed in PVP glory. Prior to the citadel release we had these ships sitting in a corp pub SMA for all in corp to use. Now, they're in the citadel.

Here lies the issue.

As we slowly trundle toward the eventuality of POS's being removed and everyone owning citadels we must begin to embrace the citadel way of life. So lets play like that POS is gone and I want to continue loaning out ships and equipment using a shared Corp hanger system.

What happens if I or any corp gets a bad egg? Someone with mayhem on their mind. Not just an infiltrator but a person not so different than myself that just wants to see the world burn.

There are two scenarios that I've thought about.

1. The New Recruit -- This person joins the corp with a citadel and shared hanger with the give no fucks attitude. Day one, he scoops all the shared hanger stuff and places them in his personal hanger. He doesn't tell anyone hes done it, and no one really knows he's done it since there isn't a record that I can find at this time.

Now that new recruit can't move the stuff because most of the time he can't fly half the stuff in there, but he's just doing it to troll the people who live there.

The question goes out, "Where is all the public stuff?" Silence. No one knows. No one saw it happen because its a small corp and not everyone pays attention to this. Fingers point, people say "Meh didn't want that shit anyway". Life goes on.

Then a little bit later as people go back to using the pub hanger, he does it again.

More fingers point, more "didn't want it anyway", the CEO eventually admits that "This is why we can't have nice things". Pub hangers go away.

What happens to all the stuff that one guy scooped and stuffed into his personal hanger in the citadel? He could eventually move it out, but odds are this guy is just looking to troll folks or he may be been suspected and then purged.

The stuff remains.

What I'm wondering is, as these citadels live on and are slated to not be deconstructed but be transferred, the items remain inside of them. The older the citadel, the more things that could be inside of them as the greater the chance people leaving the game, not moving things out, or this very same citadel trolling occurs.

Since the citadel owner/CEO never truly knows whats inside of it, and decommissioning one in a wormhole would thus destroy its forgotten contents anyway. Why not just blow it up yourself to get the forgotten goodies inside.

**EDIT!!** Noobman from HK informed me that by decommissioning the citadel, it drops all the space goodies in lots and lots of cans.. Putting this in after the fact... Thnx Noobman!

This moves me to part 2.

2. The Reverse Safari CEO. A CEO who doesn't know whats inside, but suspects a great deal of things are inside, destroys it himself.

This can be done by a rogue CEO simply removing all corp roles to a citadel at the worst possible moment.

Now the debunked, leaderless corp simply needs to form a bash fleet to get maybe  half of their combined stuff out? When it does drop, its going to be in a huge pile of different peoples things spread out, some won't drop because of normal loot farie mechanics, but how would you divide that up?

You might be saying that, all that stuff could happen in POS's, but here's the difference. In a tower, you can see the modules holding your things. There is also a finite amount of space in each of those modules, which means all yes, you could do the same thing over multiple towers, but when your targets are spread out all over the place, risk is mitigated to an extent, simply from a theft logistics point of view. Also, FUEL, before you could siege a tower to the point where getting more fuel in the hole is an issue. A citadel is there holding all your things no matter if its fueled or not. This giant brick, holding all your stuff, that will be there forever, or until you gather up your forces for the promise of maybe half your stuff. Because your half, might not be the half that drops.

I'm not pointing out that I'm going to do any of these things, but after living in a wormholes for almost 5 years now, you tend to get a little paranoid. The "what ifs" become more actual threats that need to be addressed, because lets be real, this is EVE.

The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An apology to POS Party


Sir Lomax is my alt and I called you a liar.

In hind sight, that was a mistake and I apologize for it. I'm not without my faults and I'm doing my best to be a better person but the moment overcame me.

Please accept my apology, it was the salt talking.

I'll give you a quick understanding of my perception of events.  You opened into us and I baited with a ECM armor drake. A convo opened up asking if we wanted a 3v3, we figured you would just bring a winning set up and we would just lose anyway, so we decided against that. During that convo, you said you had 5 live humans online, we had 3. You guys came and bit the bait with multiple Gila, so we left.  Since Gila blobs are the universal symbol no fun will be had here, we figured we would roll.

I thought it would be fun to crash a hole with every battleship we owned, for the giggles. The blob landed, then they systematically hunted us down with 0 fun allowed fleets.

We later try and roll the hole again, and we are blobbed again. Later, after getting my pods back into the hole I bring 2 tech 1 ships, I get blobbed again. Over and over and over we were blobbed. You keep the hole from being rolled to essentially farm us with 5v1 fights, (which is a blast btw, thank you for that).

See even after you killed us over and over and over again, thats not the issue in my mind or what makes me salty.

My salt comes from my own actions and expectations that you would play the way WE (SUSU) wanted you to. That wasn't fair of us, it wasn't fair of me to hold you to a standard you weren't aware of or agreed to.

Our play style was in conflict with your play style and I was holding you to a different standard that you weren't aware of and thats not fair.

Please accept my dearest apologies for my heated words, it was a mistake and I'm sorry.

--- Longinius Spear

unsure of subject
From: CHarlie Andrard
Sent: 2016.04.12 07:37
To: Longinius Spear, 

Somethings been bothring me since our contact earlier so i just feel the need to throw this out there. I felt there was some hard feelings after we engaged your rollling ships, not because shit blew up because we all enjoy that, but because I was called a liar. I told you we had 5 people online and that was the truth. we had 2 more log in due to a ping that said "lol rolling ships trapped in our home, Come catch them." there were a few of us dual boxing as well, which still only leaves 7 warm bodies at their desks. I tried to talk to  Sir Lomax who called me on it but he blocked me. I  dont like people thinking we baited them into a blob since we held back people on the first engagement. I dont need a reply per se, but would appreciate it if you would forward the message. hope to shoot each other again sometime.

Gratz on your kills POS Party.

PS: I did find it tremendously funny when I jumped on your coms after the hole was rolled (again) and asked the 15 people on coms, to please stop podding, because they are just empty clones. It just makes me have to jump 10+ just to get back in the hole and reship.

They responded with. "No, I have a quota". That did make me giggle a little.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Three unrelated real stories of recent SUSU shenanigans

Story 1 --I'm a screw up 

Nef pipes up in coms, "I have a Hicate with me on High Sec B and I just jumped in with my mammoth". We all ask if there is anything else on D and he says no. Everyone in corp immediately stops what they were doing and jumps into combat ships so they can assist.

Now Nef is an old hand when it comes to wormholes and he does exactly what you should do in this situation. Remain calm, answer questions and most of all hold your cloak as long as possible.

He instantly starts verbally kicking himself that he took the point off his hauling ship. This is what makes me laugh the most about our members, he isn't at all fearful of losing his ship or his cargo, he just wants to see others blow up.

We get some other corp mates who start heading his way. One in an astero and I think tard in his strat. We have more than enough to deal with the lone Hicate. I think though we were all content not engaging as quickly as we could, because we simply wanted more hostile ships to join in. Sorry Nef your ship and cargo is just impromptu bait for us. :P

Nef says that he is holding off on his shield rep cycle for us to show up. He doesn't want to make the hicate feel totally ineffective, so he is essentially 'bait tanking' in his hauling ship. He reassures us over coms that this guy isn't doing piss all dps and he could tank the dude for hours if he had to.

I ship into a bifrost. I've played high sec games before and jumping ships off their only escape is key to winning the high hole nonsense. Remember, any ship can jump out of the hole to safety, at any time if they are within 5k of the hole.  We are going to have none of that!

I'm listening to coms and I hear the astero say he has point on the ship, but no one has a web. He will be getting away for sure if I don't come in and save the day.

I jump into the C2 that has the high sec connection and warp directly to our Mammoth. Two reasons; if during the warp more ships appear, getting the bait out of there with a MJD would be important and because the hicate I'm sure is still staying with his target, making it possible to MJD the hicata away from his High sec freedom.

I notify my corpies that I'm going to jump him off, "Is he scrammed?" they answer "Yes". Ugg.. I say what must have been 4 times. "Scram off!

I land, I see the hicate is 4k from me. I activate the micro jump drive field generator. It begins to spool up. I'm screaming scram off, scram off.... for the love of god... "WHOOSHH! ... The hicate stays put and the rescue fleet is launched 100k in a random direction.

"Be free little hicate.... !!"

 The previously doomed hicate politely jumps to freedom to high sec. There is total silence in voice coms. I say... in a calm voice knowing I just totally hozed that. "god damn it."

"O well, my work here is done".

The tackling pilots explain later to me that he was in deep hull. ... Sigh..

Story 2 -Buzzard Auction

Vecii tells me in coms "There are Tech 1 probes in the C2a". I'm not really doing anything with all my characters I have logged in, so I figure I'd give an assist with trying to grab a scout kill. I move my sabre to the c2a.

Now what you should do in this situation is wait for an activation on the hole. I wasn't really paying attention and I ended up jumping into the hole with my sabre. This was a mistake. The main reason is, if you are hunting in a hole, any ship sign, ANY, can scare a potential target. As a professional wormhole hunter I should have known better.

I immediately apologize over coms to Vecii for my fuck up. Lucky for me the sabre has a cloak. I quickly get off the hole and cloak up.

We don't think the scout saw me so we wait to see what shows up on D scan. The only thing that was on scan this entire time was a single fly catcher in a force field. Since Vecii already scanned down the system, the first thing he checked was the POS to see if the fly catcher was piloted. It wasn't.

Eventually a buzzard appears on Dscan and drops tech 1 combat probes. That's weird we both said, is it looking for us? Nope, we figure out that it seems to be checking where the fly catcher is. After the pilot gets the fly catcher down to less than .25 AU, he pulls his combat probes and ejects from his ship.

His pod name matched his ship name.  "Did he just eject from his ship? Did we not find out if that fly catcher was in the Force field or not?" Vecii assured me, its definitely in the Force field by warping to the tower and watching the pod of the scout bump against the force field.

For some reason, that we have yet to figure out, the pod warps from the force field directly on to the C4 connection that my sabre is sitting cloaked on. I bubble up and kill him.

We do a quick Dscan and figure out the now dead scouts buzzard is 100k off the high sec wormhole connection that we already had scanned down.

Vecii jumps an alt into the hole and warps to the buzzard. Then jumps into the buzzard.

Free buzzard!

This is really where the story should end, but wspace is weird.

The previous buzzard owner asks in local if we took his buzzard, which we reply "What buzzard?"

Then he explains to us in local that he disconnected, which some how ejected him from his buzzard and made him warp away to another wormhole. I've not heard of this bug before, but I guess anything is possible right?

He tells us in local, that he would like the buzzard back. Well we can't give it back without a finders fee am I right? So we figure 35 million (the price of the hull and mods) is a good place to start. The wayward pilot agrees. We invite him to fleet and ask him to warp to us. Now, I don't know if he expected us to give him the buzzard and then wait for him to pay us or not, but we sit around waiting for payment that never comes.

Around this time,  Tard logs in and joins fleet. He asks in fleet, whats going on? Is someone selling a buzzard?

We answer yea, we are having an auction for it starting at 35 million. He says 'Sweet, I need a buzzard. Now for the record, Tard is on coms with us and knows fully well whats happening, but decides to play along and says "Can you link the fit?" So we link the fit in fleet with the previous buzzard owner there. He says "I bid 35m".

The previous buzzard owner now realizing that hes in a bidding war, bids 36m. Tard mullls over the new cost of the buzzard and bids 37m. This goes back and forth for a bit till Tard gets bored and says "Fine you can have it".

The previous buzzard owner seemed happy to have won and sends Vecii the money. We then give the buzzard back to the owner.

I guess he wasn't happy with buying back his own ship till he bid on it for a bit with someone of the same corp, that just stole it.

Story 3. -- Someone killed the teacher. 

Our scout pipes up on coms "I have... uhh.. about 10 ventures, some t1 scanning ships and a strat out in space in this c2, no force field".

I was like "whut?" He repeats it, and I said "Wtf are they doing out there?!" Scout says "I don't know but lets kill them!"

I say, "Well duh, of course".

The scout drops combats, quickly probes down the giant blob of random ships, yanks probes and gets on grid.

The scout says "These are from all different corps and doing what I think is a relic site?!!" I question him again. "In ventures, what the fuck?!" Since there is only 2 actual humans in corp I dual box an oracle and hecate.

In all honestly I didn't know what to expect, would they all ship up to save the strat? Would they try and fight us with ventures? No idea. I just knew that shooting them was the most effective way of saying Hi.

The scout gets point on the strat and I warp my DPS and tackle in.

All the little ships could have just killed us instead they just ran in all different directions. Some even warped back onto grid with the tackled strat. The tackled strat launced ECM300 drones so we didn't want to lose him, we doubled up the points on him. He never really put up a fight, and neither did the 20 some ships that warped away.

It was only after the ship exploded that I bothered to read local.

It said this, "Hi, We are conducting a class for 'March of the newbros', please don't shoot us".

I responded with "Well did you teach them that wormhole space is dangerous?"

There is a special place in my heart for people who take time out of their days to teach new people, so instantly I regret blowing up the teachers space ship.

A private convo opens up with me from  Emmaline Fera, which I guess I figure out after the fact is the CEO of POS party's alt, the corp I just left. (no bad blood, just wasn't for me). The weird thing is, she didn't annouce herself as that, just that she knew who I was and if i could come on voice coms and give some tips to the newbies. I was like sure, why not.

They gave me the recording, before you listen to it and hear me laughing like a crazy person when I jump on coms with them. Just know I have an entirely different perception of the events than they did.

See the way I looked at it, I was just doing what I do and they may have expected random pvp to occur. That's not at all how Tovanas viewed it. This guy, even after I refunded the cost of his ship I exploded was a bit salty about the exchange. He's one of those types of pilots that even if you bought him a ship, fit the ship for him, then flew to him in an identical ship which blows him up... he would still view it as losing something. I'm not sure what, because you bought him the ship and he isn't really losing something... it still makes him salty that he was a part of it at all. Weird right? Ok.. back to the story.. just thought it was interesting.

The vibe when I jumped on coms was of glee and excitement. Happy that something exploded, happier still that it was something I didn't own!

Had I known I had just essentially boarded a school bus, grabbed the teacher and slit his throat in the corner. All the students forced to watch and listen in terror before they are forced to leap out the bus windows.

I may have done things differently.

Like bring two oracles, ungrouped my guns, essentially jumping on the school bus with two chainsaw arms and cartwheeling my way to Vallhala!!! WHITENESS MEE!!


The  recording and target coms here. The SUSU scout tackles them around 1:37:00, so unless you want to learn something about scanning/wspace and what not. start listening there.

You can hear how totally out of place my giggling is based on the mood of that room. Whupse! Ahh O well, it'll grow hair on their little newbie chests to meet crazy people.

You're welcome.

Chainsaw hands.. and D cups of Justice!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

SUSU is Recruiting

Lets do this!

"So what you wanna do, sheeeit, I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too" -- Snoop Dog

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time, or simply looked at older posts. :P

SUSU or Semper Ubi Sub Ubi was the corp I started shortly after being in Narwals Ate my Duck years ago. The corps focus was pvp 1st. Scouts get all the loot, we bite all bait and we try our best to fight everyone. We thanked those who we fought, we never broke our words and we respected everyone, especially our targets.

I've had my alt holding the SUSU corp for me, I have a wormhole, I've got the money for the towers/fuel. I bought a Team speak server, got a slack team and even dusted off the old kill board banner. Fuck it, why not?!

Our Goal:

 SUSU's focus will be what it always was, a place for pilots who want to pvp/scout and micro gang in lower class wspace. Rolling holes for pew. Fighting EVERYONE! I for one don't want to die a space billionaire. 

Wormhole Type: C4, static C2/C3, no effect. Not the most ideal hole but its a good starting place. Our end goal will be moving to a C4, static C2/C4 for the monster chains. 

Asset Security: For those who don't own their own tower or don't want to share a tower with a friend. We will be using a divisional access setup.

Mapping Software: Tripwire.

Voice Coms: Team Speak 3 


1.  A desire to fight more than bear. Plain and simple. If your burnt out on scanning, don't have a lot of time that day, plan just don't feel like it, thats cool. This game can be intense and a break does the body good.

The question I'll ask you when I hear you came across another group is. "Did you try and fight them?". If yes, good job. If no, you should have a good reason. That's all that matters to me at the end of the day.

I don't care if you won, though winning is good, but I care more if you charged in and exploded laughing like a crazy person. WITNESS ME!

 2. You need to be a mellow person on coms. Critical peeps, try hards, can keep on walking. My goal is for a minimal drama corp. I know that's a big ask, but the only way you can get into the corp is if everyone online at that time says "Yes". We will conduct interviews together as a corp, not behind closed doors and everyone will vote on it.

 3. O yea, ship skills. You must be able to scan, warp cloaked and tackle. Everything else we can improve or lead you through. Even a 3 week old newbie in a griffin is useful. Hell I've seen a newbie ship loaded with ECM that was critical to engagements. With that said, newbies are welcome, but you need to be able to warp cloaked/scan and tackle.

4. Ships required. Armor T2 and T1. Kite ships are secondary. Creativity and fun fleets take priority. Lets fly some MJD rail brutix! Lets fly some cruise missile raven gangs... Smart bombing hyperions! YOLO/solo/pvp Kronos! Falcon gangs. You can't kill shit but sure is funny as hell!

Leave the T3/T2 logi/bhaalgorn garbage at home, I'm after quantity of fights, not super dank KMs.


If you're on coms and you hear there are targets in the chain. You drop what your doing and form up to fight (within reason of course). Loaner ships can be provided, but your goal should be to give our targets hell!

I want to be the little guys that people want to be connected to, because we are little but we fucking bring it! We may die in a fire.. but god damn it, we had fun doing it.

If you don't like losing ships (within reason of course) we might not be good for you.

Recruitment: Contact me in game. Longinius Spear. Drop into our pub channel. "SUSU-Pub"

We can chat and go through the typical Q&A. Get to know each other and the people in the corp, find out if you want to throw down for no reason other than to see something explode.

1v1 is your entrance fee.

Special Thanks: 

I dedicate this post and my new found inspiration to lead people into dumb fights to Tard Athonille.

He is the pilot I dream to become and its because of him I'm reminded about what truly matters when playing a spaceship game. No fucks given!

"You kids going to do the man dance or what??!" ---  Tard Athonille

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moving on from Isogen 5, again.

Well I said it, there for I must accept that its real.

I've left Isogen5 three  times now. I'm going to refer to Isogen5 as a her at times in this post because this is exactly like a real life love affair relationship you can't get out of.

Lots of analogies to follow. This post should get super weird, so be prepared. 

 Each time I tell myself it will be the last time, but I find myself evaluating why I'm with her, what she brings to the partnership and what my expectations actually are. 

Isogen 5 to me is the manifestation of all my ideals, goals and achievements wrapped into a corp. Just like that perfect women you think you want, but after you get her, you find it was the chase that you loved more. You wake up and find her sleeping in your bed, you think to yourself, 'been there, done that, whats next' and she snores.

Recent drama has taken hold in the corp, some could say it was inevitable with such strong personalities, conflict was bound to happen. I think we just flew to close to the sun. We were blinded by our own magnificence. We focused too much on kill boards, fits, winning fights and stopped looking at what made the game fun, which was suppose to be each other. Each of us began to fly differently, caring just enough about our spaceships and records that we didn't commit when we could have.

I found myself giving a shit way too much, not accepting fellow pilots for who they were. People I called friends would piss me off for one thing or another. I found myself angry with something they didn't do or did do. I didn't want to be on coms, I didn't want to work it out, I didn't want to do what they were doing.  No logic behind my feelings, just perpetual angry.

I've always had the principal that we should be thankful for the people who fought us, the people who logged into the game, warped out of their towers to face us on the battlefield but had the eventual outcome of their loss. These players should be thanked for what they did. Thanked for their explosions they brought to us. Iso5 stopped saying thank you for your gift of an explosion and began expecting it.

It didn't help that we began recruiting like minded pilots, tag alongs looking for easy kill board bumps. People who brought nothing to the corp other than hate and n+1. I can recall countless conversations with one pilot in particular who I attempted to interact with on a human level, but over and over again this person would stun me with the amount of venom they could spread. That person poisoned the general friendliness of the corp, was so out spoken in nearly every communication outlet anyone with any breath of logic or compassion was extinguished. The definition of a bully, someone you can't get away from and seems to only want to torment others. (Before you ask who that person was, they aren't worth naming, because they were just a single nail in my coffin for leaving iso5)

We as a  corp began evaluating everything, every single misstep in both our opponents and in ourselves. Even when it wasn't warranted at all, it became a matter of process. Constantly trying to be the best, no matter the cost. If we had 5 fights in a night, we had 6 conversations about what we could have done differently to achieve perfection of execution. We analyzed everything, everyone, anything that may or may not have contributed to us winning an engagement in a more spectacular way.

 If one single pilot screwed up, the entire group had to endure 10 minutes of ridicule on what that person could have done differently, even if that mistake didn't result in a ship loss. It began to be so common that I began recording the conversations, but they made me hostile to edit together, so I stopped. 

Doctrine began to be god, creativity and spirit took a back seat. If we encountered a situation were doctrine didn't fit, and expectations of an engagement didn't match perfect outcomes, we drop kicked the fight by blobbing our opponents or simply flying things that didn't commit to engagements, any tactic that would result in us being ISK positive in an engagement. 

I found myself acting the same way as everyone else and hating myself for it. I would lash out at my feelings of 'try hardness' and attempt to just yolo ships into a loss just to prove to myself it was just a fucking game and I should enjoy it. I wanted to prove to myself and my friends that I was above all that. Above risk aversion, critical flying and to just be a noob again. I wanted to make myself an example of 'fuck you, its my stuff, I do what I want and you can't fucking stop me".  In the end I was told to stop, no reason was given, no solution was found.

Eventually I just disliked everyone on coms. To hear their voices brought back memories of them fucking something up or them ridiculing someone else for fucking something up. Being on coms made me hostile, the pilots made me hostile and I don't want to be hostile when I play a game I love. 

I took about a month off, took some me time, played other games. Got a fresh perspective and I've returned. I don't know what I want for the future, but I remember my past,  and I don't want that. 

I've found a place to land, with a group that has some good potential. From what I've been told so far, they have a bright pvp future. I hope my experience in their goals can be an asset for their own rise. There are some challenges to be sure, but no corp or relationship is perfect. I've found perfect in the past, and its lack of imperfections pissed me off.