Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Gank Children because I'm Cruel.

Had a convo with some guy in a c2/HS/C4

TLDR: I come across some Procurers and a Miasmos "why you violence my boats?" tears happen. 

Brief overview of what happened. I jump into some C2 down the chain with my scout legion. I see a raven and 5 procurers on scan. No force field or towers.

Sadly my timing couldn't be worse, my daughter walks into my computer room and asks me for breakfast. Not wanting to starve my offspring to murder some miners, I decide to be a good parent. 15+ minutes later, I'm expecting these miners to be gone, nope. The raven is gone, but all the Procurers are still on scan.

I think to myself, they must know the sig is there, how could they not?! Nope still just mining away. Must be a trap. I mean who in their right mind continues doing PVE long after a new sig is on scan? It can only be bait.

Well I'm not a pilot that doesn't bite bait, so I decide to not go in with a close range gang. I'll commit with 2 bombers, that should be enough to knock out some miners.

I get my fleet up, I get my bombers on the hole ready to jump in if my Legion gets unclocked by a rock. I warp my Legion to grid, book mark one of their jet cans and wait for the bookmark to populate in the corp bookmarks.

While I'm waiting I figure I can just warp to my scout at 30 to start my bombing run.

I jump my bombers in and fleet warp both of them to my scout. The second I land, I start my approach. Bomb 1 dropped, Bomb 2 dropped.. Miasmos goes pop, all the jet cans go pop. The procurers aren't even in armor. Ugg, those things are tuff!.

Since I'm triple boxing I only manage to keep 1 of the procurers pointed. Bad I know, but I was really thinking a crap ton of stuff was going to uncloak next to me so I kept range and didn't fully commit. My legion was actually uncloaked by one of my bombers, but I never targeted anything with it. I'm not about to lose another scanning legion to such an obvious trap.

All but one gets away and I pound on it with two bombers. That thing took forever to die! I realize if that guy just stayed on grid with 5 procurers his drones would have smelted me.

Even with me essentially letting most of his ships go (not entirely intentionally) this guy wants to pull some kind of talk in local moral high ground bull shit with me.

I think at the end of the day when two peoples sandcastles in this sand box collide, both get dirty.  

[ 2014.07.13 15:25:39 ] Bloodstone Mac > Well, I guess there are PvPers....who actually fight and have fun....then their are ganking children who do it to be cruel and ensure destruction of things that do nothing for them.  Thanks guys.  Glad to know which people Im dealing with here.
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:02 ] Longinius Spear > Check my KB. YOu will see I could have killed every last one of you and your pods. I was being sporting. The Legion didn't even lock and I let most of you go. so hush
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:28 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol...destroying containers of Ore is being sporting? lol
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Ok :P
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:35 ] Longinius Spear > The bombs did that
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:49 ] Bloodstone Mac > Well, have fun
[ 2014.07.13 15:28:00 ] Longinius Spear > I'm down for some pvp if you are. I only killed 2 ships
[ 2014.07.13 15:29:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Sorry, Im not personally into gank tactics.  I like real fights.  I dont go after defensless ships...and dont really respect those who do.  I understand its part of the game, so Im not complaining....just saying thats how I am.  Have a nice day guys...
[ 2014.07.13 15:30:49 ] Longinius Spear > You had drones. you chose to run. All your ships combined could have wiped the floor with me and Lomax. Two bombers vs 10 light drones? It is you sir who chose not to pvp. You had a chance, you chose to run
[ 2014.07.13 15:31:24 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol..ok
[ 2014.07.13 15:32:47 ] Bloodstone Mac > I dont think that hitting miners is PvP....but ok
[ 2014.07.13 15:33:04 ] Longinius Spear > you know those drones aren't just for show?
[ 2014.07.13 15:33:06 ] Bloodstone Mac > I figured you would
[ 2014.07.13 15:34:15 ] Longinius Spear > I could see your point of view if i went in there with a hick, and 3 T3's.. but I chose not to. I chose to try a bombing run which somewhat failed btw.. I let all but 1 go. The legion never even engaged.
[ 2014.07.13 15:35:09 ] Longinius Spear > you got off lightly and now your sad I didn't punish you more? if I knew this would have been your attatude, i should have just come with the T3s
[ 2014.07.13 15:35:40 ] Longinius Spear > You should be thanking me. That sig was on scan for more than 15 mins. I would have kiled you 2 mins after I hoped in but I had to make my daughter breakfast
[ 2014.07.13 15:36:01 ] Longinius Spear > You had a daughter breakfast timer going. Still you failed. This is a slap on the wrist
[ 2014.07.13 15:36:53 ] Bloodstone Mac > Whatever you say man....I dont really care.  Ive already said my piece.
[ 2014.07.13 15:37:54 ] Longinius Spear > thats exactly it. Yo uhave "said" you havn't done anything. Your sitting there in your pos crying about no pvp, when I'm here to bring it. I didn't pod you, you have ships, pilots.. yet you just sit there and cry that I killed only 2 of your 7 ships.
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:02 ] Bloodstone Mac > Eve has two kinds of players....those who look for fights....those who run around trying to gank people.  Both are viable play styles....and in WHs you obviously expect to run more into the second one.
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Im not crying at all actually.  The ships were small and that doesnt matter at all
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:48 ] Longinius Spear > if it doesn't matter at all why are we talking about it?
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:02 ] Bloodstone Mac > Im simply calmly telling you the difference between you and I.
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:21 ] Bloodstone Mac > And I wished you well, said to have a nice day.  You are the one who decided to continue arguing.
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:44 ] Longinius Spear > Well, if i'm not fighting, i might as well interact with my fellow players :)
[ 2014.07.13 15:40:05 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yet your the one saying Im crying.....all Im doing is talking actually.
[ 2014.07.13 15:40:54 ] Longinius Spear > saying some kind of "moral high ground' comment right off the back is really lame btw. Its considered tears. I gank, i fight, and I'm often ganked myself.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:01 ] Bloodstone Mac > And please dont patronize someone, acting like you "nicely" let ships one is that stupid.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:22 ] Longinius Spear > I didn't say I intentionally did it. :)
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:31 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yes, you gank.  And I pointed that out.  I dont have respect for the game style...and that is all I said.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:51 ] Longinius Spear > is that really fair?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:00 ] Longinius Spear > i mean I could say the very same thing
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:08 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yes, it is fair.
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:20 ] Bloodstone Mac > Say what?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:23 ] Longinius Spear > well i don't respect your game style.. so there
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:27 ] Longinius Spear > see how dumb it sounds?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:30 ] Bloodstone Mac > I dont come into your area and gank you....
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:19 ] Bloodstone Mac > It would sound quite stupid, considering I didnt agress you.
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:48 ] Longinius Spear > Ganking is an important danger factor for wormhole space. Just like harvesting rare rocks. The reason why everyone doesn't do it after the sleepers are dead isn't because they simply don't know how warp to the anoms.
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:57 ] Longinius Spear > They don't do it because its dangerous
[ 2014.07.13 15:44:25 ] Longinius Spear > By the interaction we just had, we are keeping rare rocks rare.
[ 2014.07.13 15:44:39 ] Longinius Spear > We are a viable economic factor.
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:01 ] Bloodstone Mac > Whatever you think.
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:36 ] Longinius Spear > Think about it for a second. If no one ganked anyone, how much money could get get for all this spud ABCs?
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:54 ] Bloodstone Mac > Same amount I would get if you werent here actually.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:22 ] Bloodstone Mac > ANd if I was only after making ISK....thats too easy....cause you can make more mining outside of here.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:35 ] Longinius Spear > Nope. The reason the price is so high is the difficulty to get them.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:55 ] Bloodstone Mac > Its not difficult to get the stuff in here
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:11 ] Bloodstone Mac > and 98% of what you get in here when refined...can be obtained in High Sec.  so nice try
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:12 ] Longinius Spear > I suspect mining is an afterthough for you, you might make much more in this hole from just PI
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:39 ] Bloodstone Mac > I just run WH to help train pilots.  I dont "make money" really after its all said and done.
[ 2014.07.13 15:48:01 ] Longinius Spear > You are here to play the game right?
[ 2014.07.13 15:48:54 ] Bloodstone Mac > Of course.  And I fully expect to run into gankers.  That doesnt mean I have to lower myself to their play style however.
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:23 ] Longinius Spear > "lower yourself" there you go with this moral high ground thing again. Like ganking someone isn't some how just as viable as shooting at rocks
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:40 ] Longinius Spear > I don't say that about your activities
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:45 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol...I already said it was your chat log please
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:47 ] Longinius Spear > I'm respetful
[ 2014.07.13 15:50:22 ] Bloodstone Mac > All I said, is I dont have any respect for it.
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:12 ] Bloodstone Mac > And Im sorry sir, but I dont care what your reasoning is...most people respect PvPers...those who fight others in open PvP.  they dont actually respect someone for their ability to gank non-combat ships.  Think about it.
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:28 ] Bloodstone Mac > You dont sit there and talk about how great someone is because they can hit a miasmos....
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:32 ] Bloodstone Mac > :P
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:57 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see me warp on to grid?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:14 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see the sig show up on  your overview?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:28 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see my legion uncloak for just a second before he found your fleet?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:40 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see the 2 bombers uncloak as they entered your wormhole?
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:00 ] Longinius Spear > Every answer is NO. and if its not, you're just bad at not being ganked.
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:26 ] Longinius Spear > Each of those No answers was me being good at what I do and you being bad at what you did.
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Your obviously not listening to what is being said.  You just want to argue.  Have I said, Ive said what I have to say.  The rest is you trying to validate your activities and what?  force me to agree that what you do is somehow "great PvP"?
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:38 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:53 ] Longinius Spear > At the end 99% of what occurred was me not making mistakes you making multiple
[ 2014.07.13 15:54:38 ] Bloodstone Mac > Anyway, have better things to do.  Congradulations on your expert PvP tactics and kill on low level industrial pilots.  superb job...your a god
[ 2014.07.13 15:54:45 ] Bloodstone Mac > Hopefully, that is what you need to hear.
[ 2014.07.13 15:55:07 ] Longinius Spear > Is it as noble as 1v1 pistols at dawn? nope. But its a hunt, i'm a hunter. you are the prey. Thats the relations ship.. to take that away makes us both look bad.
[ 2014.07.13 15:55:25 ] Bloodstone Mac > No, just you.  But think what you like

I'm a god!

Monday, July 7, 2014

T3 Ships and Sub-system creation is an ISK Sink

TLDR: I go super autistic on T3 Manufacturing profitability.  Conclusion T3s are created by people who don’t care about profits.

Disclaimer *** If you don’t give a fuck about money, your time and building stuff just makes you hard, do not open my spread sheet. Go about your business and continue doing whatever you like. EVE’s a sand box, sometimes people just like to eat the sand.***

I’m sorry to haven’t posted in a little bit since the DUCKS disaster, been doing ‘stuff’.

Before you open that up and say to yourself, “Dear god Spear WTF have you done”  read the why.


I like math. I don’t know why I like math, but I use it every day at work and it just gets me going. My family would often sit around the Thanks Giving table and try and figure out random math problems.

Example; If you took up the value of every item in a room. Say kitchen, gave an estimate on its value. Sink, table, microwave, refrigerator, pots, pans whatever.. Then totaled that estimated value into dollars, what would it be. Then take that total, and find out how many quarters it was. Then how much would that many quarters weigh? Then if you could replace all the items with quarters could the room support that much weight? Yes? Why and show your math.

Shit like that was common as a kid. This has lead me to a life of think numbers are recreation.


The question was asked. (by someone, maybe by me talking to myself) Is EVE T3 manufacturing “profitable”.

Let me define what “Profitable” means before I continue. Profitability to me, is defined by you acts resulting in a finical outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Example: Lemonade stand – 1 Lemon+Water+Sugar+Cups = 10 cups of Lemonade. The sum of all parts before you sell all 10 cups must be less than what you sell all the cups for. Or you are simply wasting your time/money. Simple right? You would think.

In EVE people add the “cause I want to” factor into nearly every manufacturing situation. This essentially ruins it for the rest of us. I have found that T3 manufacturing is one of those things. To the tune of trillions of ISK lost because people don’t understand that the sum of what they are doing, should be greater than sum of its parts.


So an explanation of my spread sheet.

Well my data isn’t 100% that’s my first problem. EVE Central which for those of you living under an asteroid is a website that lets you look up the actual in game price of an item and the system in which its sold. They do this with some kind of EVEmon player data scraping  or some other wizardry.  The point is, its live data for the most part. Often is hours old at worst, days. Still really good.

Well these wizards at EVE Central have provided an API that people can use out of game to make super cool spread sheets. This is the data I’m using. Sadly each time I call on that data, there is a chance Google Docks goes full retard and can’t figure it out. The way you fix it, is change the broken/Error formula to something else, then back again. This sorts out the spread sheet temporarily. (I have a /r/EVE ask out there to figure out how to avoid it, no luck as of yet)

With Data issue known, you need to take my conclusion with that grain of salt. 


“How many T3 Units and what kind, do you need to construct to exceed the materials used to create them”?

I’m not talking about just manufacturing materials. I factored skills, POS costs, reoccurring fuel costs, manufacturing materials, research materials and compared them to how much these things sell for at the best trade hub in the game. Jita.


Well, I thought so. 


1st thing I want to point out, NEVER sell to buy orders unless you give no fucks about profitability. You lose millions per unit.

2nd  If one of you mother fucking mouth breathers says to me “I can make it more profitable if I mine it myself” I will punch you in the god damn neck!  Materials and your time have a value. Do not forget this EVER! If the materials it takes to make something are worth more than the final product, you should not fucking MAKE THAT! If the sum of all parts used is less than what you can make by doing any other activity, do THAT activity instead!

3rd Even with my lapses in data, where an item isn’t being sold at Jita at time of the data pull. IF there was some value other than 0 in it, that number beyond 0 would simply remove even more money from its profitability outcomes.

4th The only data that can’t be wrong for this process, and it’s the only data is consistently right, is what people are willing to pay for your hard work and product.You can fudge some of the things going into a cake, but if the cake looks/tastes like shit at the end, you dun goofed.


The conclusion I came to is based on available market sources, every aspect of T3 construction POST reverse engineering is bad.

Like really, really bad, like I should be mining Veldspar with a venture bad.  It’s so bad that simply NOT doing it, is saving you money, I don’t mean it doesn’t pay well, I mean you are throwing money down the toilet by performing this action is costing you money.

What I did find out is, you should really just do buy orders, because based on the volume of transactions that occur between people selling to buy orders the amount of times it happens, you could not only save massive money, but you could actually turn a profit.

If you like spread sheets and like what I have done. Share this with your friends. It’s an awesome way to troll them.

“O I see you like building T3’s and subsystems! Did you know that, you would need to create 300 units of _______ T3 subsystem in order to even pay for that months POS fuel?”

“Let alone over 1000 units sold, to pay for the POS/Skills/Fuel it took to actually make those items?”

"Making ____ ? I see. Ya.. that's a negative number. If you just didn't make it, took those items to the market and sold them. You may profit by your time spent."

You can be the star(turd in the punch bowl) of the PVE party, get cracking!  

***UPDATE! ***  After a very heated discussion on /r/EVE -- I have figured out the mystery. 

The T3 market is supported by people who seem to remove research costs from their profit projection. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes.  .

 "Your spreadsheet is complete garbage." Bearhobag

"Assuming you're selling to sell orders, your profit margins are anywhere from 5%-65%, and that's assuming you're building the unprofitable subs as well." ---/u/Kantastic

"Or, you know, you can just use EVEiph, and realise that your spreadsheet is complete and utter garbage" "All T3 hulls are profitable by 15-25%. Half of the T3 subs are indeed negative, but the rest is very profitable. Check your numbers. Or dont. I'll continue producing lokis at a profit."Fuel costs are nothing, and initial investment cannot be used since it's shared with whatever other industry things you have going on.
.--- /u/Kujara 

When asked to factor in the costs of researching the BPC and using only 1 or 2 of the potential outcomes into his profit projection this was his response -- "Well of course not, I didn't post any of them."-- /u/Kantastic

"Hai Longinus! Don't think I've ever seen you link any of your stuff on the subreddit before. I look forward to the indy butthurt that shall show up within the hour. BTW This is Mike." -- /u/foundryguy

Indi butthurt is right! I figured I would be hailed as a hero, a redeemer of lost causes... NOPE. Even with faced with massive evidence counter to their opinion and given a forum to voice their objections.. we get "Your spreadsheet is garbage". 
One guy was so random and useless that he even went so far as to say he makes 15 billion in profits a month!
I gave him a simple "Mad Lib" style fill in the blank.  

_______ (END Product Sale Price) - _______ (expenses/research costs) = ____ Profits
Nope, he couldn't fill it in because if he did.. He might find to achieve a 15 billion a month profit projection with say each subsystem costing around 40m (that's being very generous)  he would need to turn over 3,750 units a month. 
This would give him an on hand stock of T3 subsystems of around 150 billion.

O well, never cast your pearls to swine.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

So I got booted from DUCKS.

Automated Message: Welcome to Narwhals Ate My Duck.
From: Kniht
Sent: 2014.06.10 05:04
To: Longinius Spear, 

Read corp MOTD. Always wonder. Never not do something. Create content.

This was the welcome message I received when I joined DUCKS.

Seems straight forward.

Never not do something, and create content.

I'm a podcaster, I'm a blogger, I'm a solo and team player. I quite literally can't not, "create content".

Granted, my flavor of content is slightly different than your typical group, but to deny that its content would be just silly.

Thats why when I was hauled down to a private channel with Putrudius (director) and asked to leave Ducks it was a blind side.

What makes it weird is all the factors that occurred before that happened.

These are the facts, and I have no reason to lie, who reads this blog anyway?

Day One: I'm in my interview with FOX and Putrudius explaining who I have become and what I do in wormhole space. I'm a solo invasion player, I have enough ISK in game that I don't really need to do PVE anymore, I mention the podcast, the blog.. they all say "Hmm thats interesting" totally UN-impressed.

Honestly I felt like the new kid at a new school. I could impress a whole new group of dudes. What made it super strange was the voices. These were people I had been corp'ed with in the past and their voices brought back all sorts of fun memories. It was like opening a time capsule and having an interactive conversation with it. It was truly surreal.

I app with my Longinius Spear. 

Day Two: FOX asks me to app with my other characters.  I figured, sure in for a penny in for a pound. They are doing some fights and don't have an entrance so I can't move in my stuff.

Few days later: I have been logging in every day into Team speak waiting for an entrance when I notice a common trend in conversation.

The term "Try hard" is thrown around in BNI and I have yet to find a better descriptor for people who take this game super fucking serious. A Try Hard is someone who will make fun of your loss mail because you have T1 rigs on a T3. Not talk about the fight, or how much fun you had, just the fact that you even thought to not use T2 rigs on your super serious space ship. Its still YOUR ship, not theirs, but they some how feel you fit it wrong, you're a noob because you didn't use the total best gear and they want to rub it in, just cause.

That's a Try Hard

It wasn't just one conversation I overhead, it was multiple, and they were not quick Trolling jabs, this shit went on for hours. I have NEVER been in a corp like that.

This has never been my style of game play. Never, even when someone does some crazy shit with their fits, I have never had the gumption to make fun of their loss for hours on end because they fit Meta 4 vs T2.

I wonder how they would view my triple box ECM Armor drake pvp gang?

So I brought it up.

Silence. Like not just a stunned silence but a "I can't believe this person even spoke to me" silence.

Hmm I see,

The entire time, they keep going on and on about SRP (ship replacement program) everything revolves around funding it and what fits are appropriate to even try and get reimbursed. I ask for some JamGu fits, they were provided.

The first one linked is so old that it doesn't even work. I found this out after buying everything for it.

When I brought it up, I was linked a different fit, which I bought 3 copies of. Maybe I will impress my new friends with my Tengu Triple box prowess..

Yea... no... Dual boxing in pvp is VERY frowned upon, if you thought would get made fun of for fitting meta 4, FUCK don't you dare try double boxing.. in pvp.. hell, I can't image what kind of punishment I would get for triple boxing ECM tengu.

Well fuck... Now In a corp with 5 characters... essentially 5 accounts worth of characters I can't use in pvp. I can't fly fun crazy shit, yea. But I still want to be part of this new thing that's happening. 

 I make the quick choice to drop corp with all but one character.

A few days later...

I manage to get my solo character into the DUCKS home hole. Kniht asks me if I need a tab and I want to share some divisional access with some random stranger. I say "Naww its cool" "I don't need that right now."

If I'm only going to fly this 1 approved ship, why bring more into the hole? Why bring more characters in the hole, whats the point? To be made fun off for fitting random welp trash for the fun of it? Naww fuck that. I'll fly the approved SRP approved JamGu. Follow the rules, be on coms, join every fleet from the home hole. These guys are super space serious and I was going to adapt!

Not only that, but I'm not going to store some 650m ISK tengu with some random I don't know my first week in a corp. I'm sorry but the rate in which people are joining the corp and all these strangers around, naww fuck that, this is EVE my shit is going to get robbed. Nope. Not going to do that, I'm not that guy.

I offered to put up my own POS and pay for my own fuel. I was told "you can't do that" "We pay for your fuel and give you a spot, in a medium POS" I asked, "you allow medium POS in your C6?"

Yea, I wouldn't store a fucking T2 in that shit, let alone a bunch of blinged out T3's. You're asking to be invaded and flattened with that crap.

I'll keep my footprint light. Go in with whats required. Try and get a feel for the people I'm flying with.

A Few Days Later... 

Chitsa Jason pulls me down into a chat and asks how I like the corp. I explain that I'm getting a feel for the corp and its pilots. I explained that I felt the "try hards' were thick and I wasn't sure if I liked that.

He laughs, and then says "I plan on getting Bronya and Jack into the corp". I said shocked "I'm not sure Bronya is going to like this"

(Side note: I had already talked with Bronya about my first impressions of DUCKS and he was like "damn I'm glad I didn't join that shit", I explained with my normal optimism "well Ducks may work themselves out, I'm going to give them time")

I told Chitsa I'm taking it easy and good luck with getting Bronya.

This is where shit gets weird. 

Chitsa Jason asks me if I want to be a director. I'm not making this up, he fucking asked me. I have been in this corp for less than two weeks and I'm offered a directorship.

I instantly say no. For a few reasons.

1. I don't want to be in charge of anyone for a long while. I ran my own corp for over a year, it burned me out, I'm glad to not have that responsibility.

2. If I'm a director I'll have jobs, I'll have drama, I'll be doing things other than playing EVE. Nope not going to have it.

3. I have been in your corp for less than 2 weeks and you offer that to me. I instantly thought to myself, "who else has this very conversation happened with" are you fucking kidding me? Does this guy just give director roles to randoms the knows? Thats a super bad sign for joining a corp.

4. I don't know how to be a director for a corp full of try hards. How do i relate?... Do I need to start making fun of loss mails and making fun of people for getting caught solo on a low sec gate? I'm not that guy.

Yea, if I was on the fence about bring in major assets before, that little offering just vindicated my earlier paranoia. Some fucking guy that Chitsa some how trusts can go ahead and offline everyone else's shit, I'm not going to be that guy.

 So now I'm along for the ride. I"m not sure where this is going to end, but I do notice a reoccuring trend in voice coms and mails. 

From: kiachi sukando
Sent: 2014.06.16 22:34
To: Narwhals Ate My Duck.,

Hello Everyone,

So as a verryy new corp mate, 3-4 days now, I have had an extraordinary amount of fun in the fights I have had here (the Paladin kill to name a few). The structure of PVP and FCing is top par from what I have seen. Everyone wants to fight and destroy anything and help anyone they can in this alliance. There is one small issue I have taken notice to which is the lesser motivation on site running. As an amatuer player compared to you vets I do not have the most isk and am struggling to make enough for the skillbooks let alone the ship itself. The money I make I just want to pour into ships to help the community, a dread, to be specific. I'd love to fight along side all of you every bit of the day killing anything in our path but it is hard to do when I do not have the isk-flow that most of the vets, with the important site running ships, have. Id just like to know from all the higher ups, are we going to have more of a scheduled site running (not just when nothing is going on). This will continue to bring in isk for corp and for members alike.

Thanks for the time and opportunity to be here,

This mail really does bring out the type of conversations that occurred almost nightly about how people wanted to make money, couldn't make money because of lack of motivation, ships and or skill. Not only that, but with a 50% home site tax, people can't really make much when it split between 10 + people.

This is the SRP situation.

Hello all,

Starting from today the alliance SRP works in the following way:

All doctrine armor T3s are SRPed at 500mil a peace.
All capitals are SRPed at 80% of their value minus insurance.
All doctrine Ishtars, Guardians, Scimitars, ECMgus, Heavy Interdictors, Armageddons are SRPed at 100% of their value.

Directors or CEO have the right to not give out SRP on case by case basis (stupid losses, bad fits, etc).

All other ships are not SRPed unless case by case basis (CEO or director decision again).

All the previous 100% SRP payouts are gonna be done, it is just question of time.
After the 100% SRP payouts are done the corp tax on Home sites is going to be dropped from 50% to 35% and further down to 25% after corp has 30bil liquid.

Chitsa Jason

Sounds good right? The main trouble is, after a fantastic welp that ducks suffered a few days ago the SRP program went entirely into the negative.The desire to dig out the SRP program for the majority of the corp wasn't its highest. This was felt by the frequent conversations on this topic, who as to blame, was their shit fits to blame.. was it the FC to blame, this conversation went on for DAYS not hours, but fucking days..
Now remember, I don't do PVE. I don't need to and its not why I log into the game. I sure as shit don't want to do PVE for 50% the reward. I did that for THE H0NEYBADGER to build up a replacement cap fleet so I could start wars with people. No wars were started... lord only knows what happened to those caps.

Now I got another person wanting me to esentially log into the game, play their game, give them half my profits and then make fun of my style of play when I do fun shit on the side.

 Not only that, but if you look at the detailed part of the SRP message from Chitsa, you will see what the most common conversation was about SRP.

Directors or CEO have the right to not give out SRP on case by case basis (stupid losses, bad fits, etc).

Now remember anyone is essentially a Director... and on a case by case basis, they could simply deny you this SRP they were taxing the shit out of you for. Great place to hang out right??

Nearly every night, they run sites. Not just in the home hole, but in an expo hole they created. Almost every night. I sit in my 650m isk Jamgu night after night waiting. Instead, its sites for SRP and poor people who lack personal motivation and cry about it constantly.

Tonight: I'm brought in a private convo with Putrudius. He tells me "you aren't working out"."You seem to have your own thing going on and its not the direction DUCKS are headed"."We are removing your roles and booting you"

I'm not going to lie, I was hurt. Clearly DUCKS had some shit to work out, some priorities they needed to straighen out, my solo Tengu character sitting in their HQ POS was obviously different from what they wanted. The only rational was that I wasn't contributing to running sites every night.

Not sure exactly what I was hurting, but simply sitting in coms with old friends was too much for them.

I was more hurt by what the image of what DUCKs was and what its become. Whiny little isk hungry fuckers who just run sites and talk about how elite their fits are. Essentially everything I hate about some 'pro wormhole corps'.

I wanted to change it, inspire them with the actions of my out of corp characters, stories, shenanigans... Nope. Not the direction DUCKS wants to go.

I say to Putrudius "You know Chitsa just a few days ago asked me to be a director right"?"And now I"m being booted, WTF ?!"

He says ... and I quote: "That was a Test" It was a test to gauge your interest level"

I'm floored.. wtf.. a test?! Who does that?

Treat people how you wish to be treated, be honest, if anyone asked me why I left with my other characters I would have explained why. Nope. You're not contributing to the SRP and you don't want to grow up and be in management.

In conclusion: 

Part of me wants vengeance. To simply move into their holes and punish their ISK gaining obsession with a little wreck bombing.  But that wouldn't change them, it would just make people I called friends angry with me and make their life shittier.

Do I want that? I don't know. I want to take the high road, but then again this is a video game. The low road is just as valid.

I also don't want to set a precedent of shitting on people after they find our relationship has come to an end.

I just know that I had high hopes for DUCKs, what they could become as content creators. They may sort themselves out, but not at the rate they are going now.

"A test..." wtf Chitsa.. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Respect of Wormholers

(TLDR: I find an off line Drop Bears POS, I explode some stuff, aDAMNPATRIOT jumps on voice coms with me and asks me to stop. I do.)

So I’m in my new corp Ducks for less than 24 hours and I’m sitting around my high sec base of operations. Its where I store all my stuff that I’m not either flying or in a wormhole somewhere. I figure I want to try out the ducks wormhole tracking software “dippy” or “Sippy” or whatever.. forgot the name. Still not used to using it.

What better way than to jump into some wormholes and see what happens.

For wormhole PVPers there are are a bunch of different ways we find targets. One is called “High Sec Diving”. This can be done solo, or with a group but the style is the same. Everyone starts from usually a trade hub and spreads out in different directions. Dropping probes in each system, looking for holes and jumping in them when found. We are looking for people doing sites, people bashing Pos’s, people hauling things to a trade hub, whatever, just something to shoot at. It’s a good way to pass the time.

Well that night I was solo(5 accounts) and operating from my high sec base of operations.

I come across a High sec to C5 connection 1 jump from my base. I jump in and hit scan. Nothing. I book mark the hole and proceed to warp around the system looking for people. Nada.

I drop probes and begin to resolve the system. This C5 was a C5 static C6, so I would at least be able to check one more hole before I moved along. I find this hole has 6 null sec connections and one static C6. I book mark everything and jump into the C6.

Nothing on scan. I bookmark the way in and  warp to the outer planet hitting D-scan the entire way.

I pass by something that I love to see.

Tower on scan. Ships on scan. SMA on scan. NO Force Field on scan.  

This means 1 of two things. There is a small fleet bashing an offline POS or this POS has been off lined for lack of fuel. Either way, I better move quickly to figure it out. I do a quick D-scan with moons and narrow it down which moon the POS is at. Its one of 3 moons, I don’t try and figure out which so I just warp to each of them at 100.

2nd moon, I land on grid with a Drop Bears POS offline, with unpiloted ships floating around it. I book mark the tower and begin my looting process.

With offline POS’s you need to move quickly because sometimes the owner maybe on their way back, just logging in.

I scramble my other pilots. 1 pilot in a shield Talos that I happen to have lying around. Another in his pod. Another character in a scanning ship to watch the High sec hole in the C5. I’ll be making runs back and forth with haulers so making sure a fellow wormhole hunter doesn’t murder me while I run off with the loots is a good thing.

My talos makes it up the chain without problem. Still nothing on scan. The Talos lands on grid and blaps CHA.

Cans start dropping, 1st one I check, towers. More than 1. Random Modules and ammo. Some wormhole gas. But more strontium than I care to move. I start shooting the stront cans. I get my character in a pod to land on grid and hop in a fit Iteron 5. I scoop everything I can, blow up the worthless stuff. The itty 5 makes a run for it out to high sec.

I haven’t even started on the hanger when Fox (director in Ducks) says “Spear, are you fucking with Drop bears”. How in the hell did he know?! Did the kill mail post that quickly? I respond “Mayyybeee” and laugh. Fox says “I just got a ping from ADP asking why we are attacking his corp”.  Damn!!!  Well the tower wasn’t blue to ducks.. so fair game right?! I continue with the looting.

aDAMNPatriot jumps into the Ducks voice coms. Oooo dear this is going to be awkward.

ADP knows exactly what is happening and asks me to stop or something to that effect.

I asked him, “ADP, if you found an offline POS, I know your ass would blow it up without a second thought” He laughed and said ‘Of course but I’m asking based on our prior dealings to work with me on this’.

So, here I am a solo murderer being asked by a fellow wormhole inhabitant to cut him some slack. It clicked in my head for a second to tell him to get lost. But it takes more work to build a bridge than to burn it. Grrr fine, I agree. I swear, if it was ANYONE ELSE! I would have taken the kill mail and served a slice of harsh lesson on never letting your POS run out of fuel

I ask “What did you have in mind?”

He says, “how about we split what’s left in SMA” I said “well I get half no matter what right now”. “He says “I know, but you would have my gratitude”.

He would essentially get what would normally be exploded in the SMA. I still get paid, but he walks away with what would normally be destroyed.

I invite him to fleet and get him the high sec entrance.  

He then starts to send a steady stream of drop bears in through the high sec to C5 to his C6.

IF shit didn’t get weird enough, I’m sitting on this high sec hole in a pod and a uncloaked scout. Along comes a Hard Knocks scout and jumps in from the high sec. I say to ADP, “umm Hard Knocks” just found the wormhole. Turns out they actually had the C6 and the whole chain already scanned out because they warp directly to the C6 and jump in.

So I’m sitting in some one else’s C6 in a Talos, next to a bunch of shuttles/Pods of Drop bears guys at an offline pos next to a full SMA and Hard Knocks just jumped in. If they hit D-scan mid warp, they are going to see all these pods, ships, SMA and NO fucking force field on scan! WE ARE SCREWED!

Another Hard Knocks person jumps in from the high sec, I say in local chat “I’m not really sitting here in my pod on this C5” he responds with a laugh in local, then jumps in without a care in the world. ACK! Now there are two of them. We are really screwed.

We sit waiting in this offline pos while ADP travels to Amarr for fuel blocks to turn the dumb pos back on and get the ships out of the SMA. Meanwhile two different Hard Knocks scouts are passing us by. I’m freaking out! I don’t want to lose this offline SMA kill to Hard Knocks so I jump into the nearest combat ship that’s floating unpiloted in this offline POS.

Ooo a Zealot. SHIT! I can’t use T2 Med Lasers! I target the SMA and get ready to drop the drones it has. Maybe I can at least get on the kill mail with something before Hard Knocks shows up.

ADP shows up in the high sec in an Iteron filled with fuel. He starts his travel through the C5 then to the C6. The same chain and holes the Hard Knocks guys just went through. I’m like “dude, you’re going to die” “ADP just laughs”.

He makes it! He puts fuel in the tower and starts the onlining process. 8 minutes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We’re dead, we’re sooo dead!. I had moved my talos out to come back in a pod to help move the ships ADP is going to give me from the SMA. Turns out these 3 medium drones are not going to cut it when HK comes for us.

I get my Talos back to the POS and wait with guns over heated. There are Drop bears all over this thing, there are unpiloted ships all over the place. I get ready to just go ‘last star fighter, death blossom’  I’m getting on as many kill mails as I can before I go down. Drop bears, alts.. Don’t care its going to be amazing!

Those 8 minutes took forever! ADP pipes up and says “Orca and Scorpion on scan, now they are off scan”  O thank you BOB! They are rolling their hole. ADP gives me the force field password, so I don’t get kicked out when the force field turns on.

He tells me there are 8 smart bomb fit battleships in the SMA. He then keeps his word and removes the 4 battleships from the hole, taking to the nearest station system.

He one by one trades me the battle ships. Somewhere along the line, I told him I would swap out my Talos for one of his battleships, and as a departing request ADP says.

“Hey, where’s that Talos you promised me?”

I traded it to him, and said goodbye.

7o Mad respect aDamnPatriot.