Friday, June 19, 2015

And now for something completely different.

After my previous blog post on tips to bring your wspace group up to snuff. I caused quite the hub bub (not really) in my alliance. People asked the alliance leader if the member corps would be ‘required’ to implement my suggested changes. 

The alliance leader, said very clearly, NO. All changes would be viewed as optional and it would be business as usual. … sigh…

This new information came on the heels of me listening to a podcast that had Kira Tsukimoto on it. She was talking about how she was creating a new corp with the very specific goal to training newbies in a class like structure.

I thought to myself, why am I attempting to force people to learn ways to improve, if they don’t actually want to learn? My time could be better used  teaching newbies useful things before they get to this stage. So I said my goodbyes and thanks for all the fish.

I started up a convo with Kira and asked if she was looking for a new W-space PVP teacher with a high patience threshold. She agreed. So here I am.

This is the great thing about EVE, you can reinvent yourself at a drop of a hat. What’s important is you are playing and not complaining. No one wants bitter around them, so pick up stakes and do something different.

Nova Haven!

First I want to say, I really like the attitude of all the people involved so far. They have this really great vision of what they are going to do. The enthusiasm displayed so far is slightly intimidating . Like some guy asked a question in our help channel  and I would say that everyone in our corp instantly answered it and then attacked him with helpful tips.

Right now I’m spending my days in voice coms talking to new people on how to scan, best practices for wormhole travel and seeking out more newbies.(that's harder to do than you might guess)

I’m going to build a class like structure, where I’ll take a small group of newbies and do some high sec diving. Have them all in a fleet spreading across low sec and high sec looking for holes. When they find a target, we will all ship up and bring the newbie heat.

When we find a juicy hole to grind some sigs/anoms we will do it as a fleet from high sec.

Instead of just doing the job for them, I’ll be teaching them how to do it themselves as a purely consulting role. Possibly handing out ships to these guys and walking them through how to do sites and kill people.

You may see more guide type posts coming up because I’m this teaching kick as of late, no idea why.

Recruitment offering.

If you are a newbie/returning player or just want to learn something new, not sure on how to do wormhole thing, check us out. If you know someone who might want to try EVE and you just don’t got time to train them the basics, send them our way.

You can find us in "Nova Haven Help" channel.

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  1. Any chance of your lectures becoming available to the public? Would love to listen to those.