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T3 Profitability Spread Sheet v4

If you hate spread sheets, hate manufacturing and have your own T3 spreadsheet that’s super amazing already, stop here. I don't want you're know it all attitude mucking up my amateur hour shenanigans. 

The last time I tried this I was bombarded by all manner of crazy messages, people and nonsense.This blog post goes out the little guy who doesn’t have any T3 spread sheets and might not know this information already. 

Leave your opinions at the door and come with me on a journey. A journey filled with Excel references, margins, math and Jita market craziness.

Behold my T3 Profitability spread sheet  

Updated as of 10/11/2015 with the T3 Destroyer values.

Why didn’t you put it on a Google sheet? 

I’m happy you asked, well this can be summarized in one sentence that Lotor said to me. “Google Sheets are great if you don’t actually need it to do things Excel can do”.-- lotor

My first attempt to do this was using a Google Sheet formula but I ran into issue after issue, of Google Sheets not updating the XML data from EVE central. This caused the spread sheet to constantly crash and was useless to everyone.

If you’re concerned that I may be transmitting a Virus, this is a good fear, trust no one! I could simply say it doesn't but seriously in this day and age don't ride bare back. Scrub this document with your best virus protection program. Here is my personal favorite

Now that you have scanned and opened my document, let’s get started.

Why does this document exist:

 I had the question rattling around in the empty cage I call a mind, 'should I build a T3 with the Sleeper materials I find in W-space?' 

People make T3’s all the time, but is it actually worth the time to make them? Version 1 of this document was released by me trying to prove that T3’s were not, in fact profitable, when you combine overhead, research, fuel, investment… whatever.. Well CCP has recently revamped some of the materials needed to construct T3’s and v1 became useless. Figured I would try again.

Terms I use in this document:

  • Sleeper level Items:  The stuff sleepers give you from salvaging their wrecks.

  • Component Level Items: The items that are created using blue prints found in  high sec. These items require sleeper level items.

  • Jita Buy Value: This is the price that matches a Buy order  in Jita. This is also the baseline I use to determine the value of items. It doesn’t matter how much YOU think the item is worth, what matters is how much someone is willing to pay for it at a given instant. ‘But Spear nobody sells to buy orders! That’s just dumb!” Well fucker, there isn’t any other consistent baseline to make a spread sheet from, don’t like it make your own with your own values!

  • Jita Sell Value: This is the lowest price you can fly right up and buy that item if you wanted. It’s often very different then the buy value, but it’s always higher. The difference between the two is the margin value that is enjoyed by station traders.

  • Construction Value: This value’s baseline, comes from the Jita Buy value (sleeper stuff) and the final sell to buy order of the final product. (subsystem/ship). Example: Find sleeper loot, use sleeper loot to make hybrid component, take hybrid component build subsystem or T3. Still with me? This is the amount of money you receive if you salvaged a sleeper, then built a T3. That is all. This doesn’t take in your time, ammo and all other subjective things. I even included the price if you simply wanted to skip the sleepers altogether, bought all the sleeper parts from sellers, and built the thing yourself. Cool right?!

How to use this spread sheet (Excel):

Since Google Sheets is a total pile, you will need to refresh this excel sheet’s XML data call.  

Click the Data Tab at the top the click “Refresh All”. This fills all the cells on the Math Tab with every information imaginable from EVE Central. 

The other tabs pull information from these tabs. It takes a minute or so (longer if your internet connection sucks) , and for some reason it fails at Item ‘30254’. It asks if you want to continue, just click yes and move on with your life. No clue how to fix that, if any of you Excel peeps know how, please message me because I’m stumped on that value. This is the only value that fails, no clue why.

Once you “Refresh All” it will give you current EVE Central XML prices currently on Jita.

Interesting things I found out:

Objects in this construction supply chain seem to have 0 memory of items 2 steps before them. Let me explain. 

You know that nifty new industry window with the item value and the construction materials total value you can clearly see? Ever wonder where that information comes from?  I think, and I might be wrong but it looks like that value isn’t based on the SUM of all items it takes to create the final number, but its simply the sum of all the numbers in just this transaction.

Explanation of what a transaction is: Take Hybrid Component level items for example. Sleeper stuff + Hybrid Component blue print = Hybrid Component. Hybrid Component + Subsystem Blue Print = Subsystem. These are two separate transactions to complete 1 item right?  

Well wouldn’t you think the value of the sleeper stuff should define the value of final Subsystem? 

I do, so that’s what I did with this spread sheet. The in game tool keeps those two separate transactions as totally independent from the final Subsystem value and outcome, bad if someone wants a larger pricing/value picture. 

Combine this with a Hybrid Component market that isn’t populated because almost no one makes Hybrid Components to just sell. This is the recipe for some truly crazy construction supply chain discrepancies. 

To the tune of about 10 million + Per unit, to the people who make T3 subsystems. Not only that, but the T3 ship builders make the most from this total mess. To the tune of about 40m per ship.

At first I thought it was just because of how expensive research was. Its not, damn near everyone knows that sleeper data and relic sites are near worthless to run, so thats not it. No idea what the disconnect is, but you can profit by it in a big way. 

Where it does seem to matter is for Confessors, the research mats for those are VERY expensive, but not T3 Cruisers or subs.

Why am I telling you this instead of just profiting from it myself?? I don’t know, guess I’m just a nice guy, I like cheap T3’s and I like sharing information, hence the blog/podcast. 

The fate of this Spread sheet going forward:

This was a fun sheet to create and I like uncovering neat things in EVE so I’ll keep updating it as I find out more information. Or if someone finds a problem or something I overlooked, I’ll update the sheet. Check back in for other versions.

Also, this shit took me a long time make, if it helped you make Space Cash, toss some my way would ya?   

If you lost money from my spread sheet please send the bill to Foedus Latro he’s my sponsor and is covering for my mistakes.


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