Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shattered Wormhole Backpacking Trip Day 1

TLDR: I moved an alt into a C13 site with only the cloths on his back and a well thought out backpack. Wish me luck! 

Hello everyone, I'm very sorry to anyone still reading this blog. This past month its been very busy at work and I just haven't gotten any time to blog. But the hard times are over, for now, so on with the show.

One of my previous posts I talked about living in a C13 Shattered wormhole in a heavy interdictor. Yea well, that was dumb. The sleepers took forever to die and it was just dull.

I haven't given up! Just changed the equipment a little bit.

I introduce the backpacking confessor!

 [Confessor, "I Confess!]

Low Power

Damage Control II
Corpii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Corpii A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Medium Power

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner

High Power

Small Focused Beam Laser II x5

Rig Slot

Small Anti-Thermic Pump II
Small Nanobot Accelerator II
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II


Gleam S x6
Radio S x6
Microwave S x6
True Sanshas Microwave S x6
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8
Aurora S x6

About this fit. I would like to point out, this is my very first Confessor fit, ever. Also, I just learned how to use Small Beam Lasers. I have 100m + skill points.. all I can say is, I just never got around to it. :P

I'm not sure if thess lasers are crap or if there is a better way to fit it, I just know, I fit it and any mistakes I make are my own.. so there.

Iside the Backpack.... with Longinius Spear. 

The gear I'm bringing with me is:

1x Improved Cloaking Device II
5x Salvager I
5x Expanded Cargohold II
1x Small Inefficient Hull Repair Unit (thats what I had lying around for hull repair)
2x Mobile Depot
1x Mobile Tractor Unit
1x Data Analyzer II
1x Relic Analyzer II
1x Core Probe Launcher II
8x Sisters Core Scanner Probe
2x Large Secure Containers (they need to be packaged to haul.. they will be a 1 way trip)
3x Giant Secure Containers (they need to be packaged to haul.. the will be a 1 way trip)

Day 0: 

Short story, I found a random c13 hole and seeded a scanner alt in it. Isogen 5 the corp comes across hundreds of holes a week and so when we came across a c13 I just moved in a  scout.

Day 1: 

The following day after having purchased my confessor and its backpack. I then scanned out of the Shattered hole till I found a high sec connection. These Shattered holes btw, have LOTS of frig connections going all different directions. On this day there were 5 connections and about 30 signatures.

 The moment I got in that hole I started making safes. Each set of safe spots are for a different reason.

1st.-- Safe spots

5 Separate safe spots for each of my Large/Giant secure containers. Why 5 you ask? Well if someone gets it into their head that they want to find my loot stash, they can make that happen. I heard Wingspan spend 6 solid hours trying to find a giant can he came across in his travels. Only one of my cans will have loot in it, so this gives me a 4 in 5 chance of not getting my loot stolen by some autist that wants to fly in a straight line for 3 days. Honestly though, if someone does that for 5 cans, well they deserve the loot at that point.

1 Safe spot for 1 of my mobile depots. This depot will only be down while I'm running sites and doing stuff. When I decide to log off I'll go and scoop it up. I won't be dropping my 2nd depot EVER unless the first one is exploded or camped.

1 Safe spot for logging off. In the off chance that someone has combat probes off grid and can narrow me down in the 30 seconds I don't need them camping me at that point, or knowing where one of my cans are.. or one of my depots.

2nd. ---Sites

 Once all cans are dropped and anchored. Its time to run sites. The first site I tried was a Cosmic Anomaly Perimeter Camp. Nothing too tuff, just something to get my feet wet while I learn the ins and outs of flying a confessor.

Let me just say the confessor in a C13 Hole with its Wolf-Rayet Star effect is amazing. Just amazing.

This ship absolutely shellacks sleepers. No clue what it would do to another player vessel but sleepers don't stand a chance.

Armor HP Bonus of 100%

Small Weapon Damage Bonus of 200%~!!!

Signature Size of -50% !!!

Shield Resist -50%  (who cares about shields anyway)

My gunnery skills are spot on, but my laser skills are meh. 3's and 4s. I just don't use them. But even with crap laser skills my 6 little guns with Gleam S crystals are putting out 1000DPS!!

Combine that with being a destroyer targeting frigs and I essentially one shot Sleeper frigs and I paste cruisers. I haven't tried shooting a sleeper battle ship yet, but I'm moving up to bigger sites soon.

This ship also holds out well vs nuets, well cruiser nuets that is. No clue whats going to happen vs battle ships, but I could only assume the Signature bonus will mitigate a huge chunk of their dps. We shall see.

Site Step by Step.  

Step 1: Warp to site, fly right into the nest of sleepers. I want to place my tractor unit right near other sleeper objects. The goal of that is if a hostile cloaked ship does see me, he warps to my anomaly he might get uncloaked by a sleeper structure or wreck in the cluster of objects. Its a hope.. but its better than nothing.

Step 2: Once all the sleepers are dead. This happens REALLY fast, faster than my mobile tractor unit can tractor them in. I warp to another site leaving my tractor unit there to finish its job. I want all the wrecks to be on top of each other to lessen the amount of time both my cofessor and my wrecks are on scan.

I start on the next site book marking a wreck.  After this site is done... I warp back to the first and scoop the mobile tractor unit and fly back to site 2's wreck. Drop it.. I then warp back to my mobile depot and refit my lasers with salvagers. I then warp back to site one, salvage all the wrecks and warp to site 2.

I want to make sure I only leave 2 sites worth of wrecks on scan in case someone is watching me. I figure from start to finish, your average PVP gang would have formed up enough interdictors and H Assault frigs to own my face. I then log off.

I may get more bold in the future, doing more sites per log in, but I want to be super careful and not die right off the bat. 

So far, its worked out and I haven't died in a fire, but the day is young :)

My Goal

My over all goal is see if this type of life style is "possible".  Everyone knows on paper, its possible but I haven't heard of anyone living long term in a shattered C13 hole. There isn't anywhere to put my POS and there are about 5 frig hole connected to it nearly all the time.

I'm not bothering to scan out my chain or scout at all. My plan for if (when) I get jumped is to simply Overheat my AB, blap tackle and pray.

So far I have done 5 Perimeter Camps and made off with 160m in the stash can. When I eventually do get smoked, I'll cash out that can with a scanning alt and see if I break even.

Right now, my total investment for this ship and all equipment is around 300m + isk. If I could make that back, I would feel much better doing really really dumb things in the future. Staying on grid and fighting gank fleets and what not. Trying sleeper data and relic sites! In a confessor! We shall see.

I look forward to telling the story. 

O and if anyone wants to watch it live on twitch.. follow me at


  1. What's your income per site, or per hour?

  2. Terrible, but an organized pair of pilots, could have one follow in a salvaging destroyer behind a confessor and make a large chunk of isk.

  3. I wish you luck in this endeavour, would be interesting to read on how it all pans out.

    On that "he might get uncloaked by a sleeper structure or wreck in the cluster of objects" part. I think you waste your time by burning closer to the sleepers to plant a MTU. Any competent ganker would warp to site at range first, check the scenery, bookmark either one of wrecks, or structure, or tractor itself and choose angle and range for rewarp. Only rookies get decloaked by wrecks and other random objects. I won't bother with it, considering Confessor is able to vaporize any cloaky frig-size tackler. Unless you get really bad luck in form of Astero gang dropping on you.

  4. Hey, where are you getting your DPS numbers from? I really want to believe that the confessor can do 1000 DPS, but in EFT with all 5 skills I can only get 366 DPS out of your fit. Later, you said that it was 1000 using sharpshooter mode, but none of the sharpshooter mode bonuses increase DPS.

    1. C6 Wolfe rate =200% more. Current dps on my confessor is 1160 at 9k range with gleam.

  5. is it an option to use pulses?