Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wormhole Questions I Answered

 I posted a response on another board, but I thought someone who doesn't know much about wormholes could benefit from this... so I'll post it here too.

 Question 1.
Let's say you go through a wormhole static into high-sec, but it collapses behind you. How hard is it to find that wormhole again? Do you use some kind of a website to look it up or do you probe every other system around?

Finding a particular wormhole can be challenging. I’ll list some of the ways to finding the lost hole.
a. If you know who lives in the hole you can skip the following.
  1. Look on in game and enter the wormhole ID to the search field. This will pull up who is ‘likely’ to be in that hole. It pulls its information from wormhole kills. Since the odds of the same group of people fighting day after day in the same hole and not actually living there is slim to none, I would say its information is very accurate.
b. Once you know who lives in a hole. It’s just a matter of how patient you want to be. They must come out for air sometime. Either to sell sleeper loot, get fuel or pull in a recruit from high sec.
  1. Add all the corp/alliance to your watch list.
  2. Search for the logged in people using locator agents.
  3. When you get a hit, it means they are in K-space. Head there ASAP and either follow them to their hole, or use that location as a scanning point to look for connected wormhole space and you might get lucky.
c. You could also pay people to find it. There are explorers who get paid to find holes. You can content them by going into the “Wormhole” channel in game, or posting an advert on the EVE Forums.

d. Another way is to sit in a hole that has a static exit of the type you’re looking for. For example. If you are looking for a c1. Sitting in a c2 static c1 day after day will result in finding a new C1 every single day. Patience and or intentionally closing the same static over and over will result in more possible hits.

Question 2:
As for the wormholes, can any ships other than T3 be used efficiently?

  1. Short answer, yes. But a T3 is very powerful for all things in wormholes. Keep in mind though, solo wormhole life in one ship or one character isn’t advised.
  2. Just like the rest of EVE. Ship dictates function. There isn’t a single ship that is good for everything. 

    Question 3. (indent, why u so mad?)
Is it generally better to be in a wormhole with no effects?
Wormhole effects can be a blessing to the prepared and a curse to the unprepared. Don’t bring a shield ship to a negative shield effect system. Using wormhole effects to your benefit is key. If you can’t do that, or can’t be bothered to. You’re at a disadvantage to the people who do.

Question 4. 
How profitable are different classes of wormholes?
  1. Not all profit is gained through anoms or sigs. If you used that as a base to judge wormhole profitability start at the bottom which is a c1 then go to the top a c6.
  2. If you aren’t using anoms/sigs as a profit measurement. The safety and security you can obtain in a wormhole is second only to a dead end null sec pocket. You can close your static and prevent it from re-appearing by not warping to it. Effectively shutting a door and not having it open till you want it to. Don’t let this fool you to think you’re untouchable. Newly spawned holes can appear in your wormhole from outside, when a static hole elsewhere is closed then reopened. Your number may just be the one it pulls randomly. Also don’t forget forces from within. People are often sitting cloaked day after day … watching in a wormhole. You can never truly be safe in EVE.
  3. Profit can also be measured in PI. The PI in wormholes is some of the best in the game. IF PI is your goal, it’s the same through all wormholes. So a c1 is just as good as a c6.
  4. Capital escalation can only be done in a c5 to a c6. This is where you intentionally spawn more sleeper battleships to an anom, and leave a ‘place holder’ trigger NPC to make the site respawn at down time. This can be done for 3 days. 30 anoms turns into 90. Each escalated anom is about 800+ mil. X 90…. Yea. That’s a bit of money.

    Question 5.  (Indent no fix!)
Are there still unclaimed/abandoned wormholes anywhere, or are all of them have been taken/explored already?
  1. Two ways to look at this. Yes you can find an empty one. There are always people who just give up and walk out. Or are removed by a hostile force and the hostile force doesn’t move in. You can just plant your POS and call it ‘yours’. But be prepaired to defend it.
  2. The other way of looking at this is paying the “Iron Price”. Taking a hole you want, by force. Because fuck you, that’s why.

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