Thursday, July 11, 2013

SUSU Update

SUSU update

SUSU is growing, with its grow adds greater responsibility. SUSU has gotten to the point that I can no longer in good faith manage it by myself.

I would proudly like to welcome SUSU's first and only directors.

Bronya Boga



This a huge deal for our corp. The corp will be changing in the following ways.

1.  The trust relationship we have maintained to this point, was between the members and myself ONLY. This meant that when you joined our corp, the only person you needed to not AWOX the shit out of you and steal all your stuff, was me. This is no longer the case. Bronya and Cethion will both have the ability to rob the corp blind, my stuff included.

This is a big trust issue for me. I have always followed the golden rule of "Trust no one" and then asked you all to then "Trust Me". Having gotten to know both Cethion and Bronya, I feel a level of trust between myself and them has been established.

I am speaking for myself in this equation. I am not speaking for everyone else. That being said, I am giving anyone who doesn't like this idea 6 days to clear out expensive gear from JIM.

Not asking you to leave the corp, but I want you to know that things are changing and you have the opportunity to reduce your equipment foot print and commitment level, because of this factor.

2. The power these two people will have will be second only to me. They both have been tasked with making positive changes in fleet doctrine and combat readiness. If you fuck up, I have asked them to pull you aside and sort you out. Please listen to them, they know their shit. If you have an issue with the way they do this, or disagree with why they are doing it, please bring it up to me personally.

They both have a big job ahead of them, their goals are broad. Please work with them.

3. Tab assignment and role granting will be addressed by myself ONLY. I got it just right and they are not allowed to touch it, until I have trained them further on this task.

THIS GOES INTO EFFECT --- 7/16/13 -- Director roles will be granted On this date.

Thank you for the understanding and this is a good step for us!

---- Spear

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