Saturday, July 20, 2013

Icky Gets a Free Orca

TLDR – Our scout finds a miner in a anom, miner warps off and comes back in an orca to pick up the cans. We tackle –He Ejects -- Free Orca

Sorry about how long the video is nothing happens till 9:00. I thought it would be entertaining to see a gank from start to finish.

This video is from the scouts perspective but he doesn’t record his own voice. So you only hear our comments . So all you hear is the corp banter in the background.
So this is a typical night in our corp. We have multiple scouts jumping into wormhole to wormhole looking for targets. Some of us sit around in combat ships on our alts ready to swoop in on targets once they are found. In our corp all pvp loots goes to the scouts. This time one of our scouts finds a miner, who ships up to an orca to pick up his jet cans. We tackle him, he ejects, we steal it. Then we give the orca (he can’t fly) to the scout who found it.

Special thanks to Eden .. our 2 week old EVE player, who sits on the target WH only to warp off randomly when told to jump in and tackle. LOL – o well, we were all new once.

I would like to point out, this scout flying this bomber has found us multiple billions in kill mails. All the loot goes to him. I think he has made about 2.5 bil in the 3 weeks he has been in our corp.
If you listen to Down the pipe podcast, you will recognize the voices.

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