Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gank Stories

TLDR; We gank some people and record it.

I typically don’t write about all our ganks, usually just the interesting ones. In this case Cylin went out of his way to actually push the Faps record button, which is much more than I can remember to do in most situations. BTW I want to call out here and now, he is a much better pilot than myself. He makes far fewer mistakes. I’m bad and I wake up feeling bad.

We aren’t the best pilots in EVE, but our thirst for player explosions is near the top. Yay Cylin for remembering to record our stuff!

Story 1.

We came across a c2/c3/HS connected to our c3 static. Cylin was the scout for this and upon jumping in, he found an Ishtar on scan and a cov ops. Following the first steps when hunting, he tried to get ‘eyes’ on the  ships in their POS. In doing so, we saw another ship on scan, a pod then an Abandon. This is good because it means there is life in this  hole.

We check for recent NPC/Player kills in the hole. Nothing, but what we found strange was a floating can at the sun in the C3 we just came from. The tags matched the ticker on the pilots in the POS in the C2.  The can at the sun was filled with faction missile ammo. ?? No idea.

So these guys in the C2 knew about hole we were in, knew where the hole was and most likely had eyes in the C3. We had only jumped into the c3 with scout ships, scanning proteus and scanning tengu.  At worse they knew about those ships. Remember in wormhole hunting, hiding your numbers is critical. People can POS up at a drop of a hat and never come out for days, if they think you’re still around.

We decide to keep our ships in Jim on the c4/c3 hole and send in the bait.  We were betting on they may not have eyes in the c3, but if they wanted to commit to a fight, they may try and pop a scout into the c3 from their c2 to see before they commit. We couldn’t afford to give our numbers away to a gang of 2 guys.

Send in the bait.

I have been flying this gnosis around in low sec and baiting in wormholes as of late. I’m going to work this lure till it stops producing, but its far better IMO than “Bait Drake”.  There is a saying in wormholes. “The Drake is always Bait”. Soon after we are done with her, “The gnosis is always bait”

The fit:

                                   low slot 0" type="1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
                                   low slot 1" type="1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
                                   low slot 2" type="Damage Control II
                                   low slot 3" type="Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
                                   low slot 4" type="Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
                                   low slot 5" type="Reactive Armor Hardener
                                   low slot 0" type="Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
                                   med slot 1" type="Warp Disruptor II
                                   med slot 2" type="Warp Disruptor II
                                   med slot 3" type="Warp Disruptor II
                                   med slot 4" type="Warp Scrambler II
                                   med slot 5" type="Sensor Booster II
                                   hi slot 0" type="Medium Diminishing Power System Drain I
                                   hi slot 1" type="Auto Targeting System II
                                   hi slot 2" type="Small YF-12a Smartbomb
                                   hi slot 3" type="Core Probe Launcher I
                                   rig slot 0" type="Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
                                   rig slot 1" type="Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
                                   rig slot 2" type="Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
                                    qty="5" slot="drone bay" type="Hammerhead II

Tank with reactive hardener is 118k. I put a auto targeting system on it, because I had the free high slot and it gives 2 extra targets. I have since refit it with a WEB after what occurred in the video. The fit is a work in progress.

I jump the bait gnosis into the c2 and drop tech 1 scanning probes, good bait goes out of its way to not look like bait. I figured they must know about the c2 and would be able to get eyes on me before they committed with the abbaddon and the Ishtar. Just a newb out for a stroll scanning in my gnosis… herp a derp… 

Nothing, for almost 20 minutes they kept switching ships to a scan ship, to a hauler, to a abbaddon, to a Legion. The legion warped out of the POS and I hoped to me. Nope. It warped out and cloaked someplace.

I finished scanning down the C2 in my bait gnosis, and found what must be the static High sec. It was the only hole other than c2. I didn’t want to get too far from the fleet in our c4 in the event there were more people in the c2 we didn’t know about, so I took a chance and  moved the fleet to the c3 side of the c2 and waited.

My only option at this point was to warp to the High sec and play out the ‘lost WH guy scenario”. I did, and the legion uncloaked next to me, at almost 0 on the hole. This was disappointing because no matter how many ships we brought in, the legion would just jump out into high sec. Think station games. I jumped out into the high sec and waited for my polarity to pass.

During this time the corp was trying to think of clever ways to get him off the hole that didn’t scream total and complete bait, convincing tactics. There were no anoms to try and rat in, a newb wouldn’t have any reason to sit at a planet or the sun.. so we were at a loss. We decided that a newb may try and go back to where he came from. Convincing ? meh, its all we had. Maybe they would miss the scam and warp after me, into the arms of the waiting fleet.

After polarity subsided I jumped into the c2 to find the Ishtar at 40 from the hole and the legion on top of it. The legion had deployed a medium warp bubble on top of the hole. It had not yet activated. I took my chances and went into warp to the c2. Worse that would happen is, I get scrammed and just jump back into the high sec. I made it in, and got the warp before the legion could point me.

This bubble was going to work to our advantage. It would trap my helpless newbie bait the next time I warped back to the high sec hole. Better yet, it would trap me 20 k from the hole and I would be “forced” to burn to the hole, or away from the hole back the way I came.  If they wanted to “catch me” they would need to get a web and a scram on me before I could get out of the bubble, thus pulling the legion off the hole into my fleets landing arms.

I went into warp to the now active warp bubble on the high sec hole. I told Cylin who had been watching the POS to warp to the HS hole and the fleet to jump in and hold cloak.

I landed on grid and played my part to burn away from the hole out of the ‘scarrrrryyy bubble trap’ these guys erected.  Sure enough, the legion burned to me and the Ishtar dropped sentry drones. The nuets almost made me lose point, but thankfully my trusty NOS was able to maintain the point.

The video takes over from here. LINK

I was slightly short tempered in that fight because of how long we waited to get this fight/gank. Almost 45 minutes of us fucking around with them for them to finally commit. I almost avoided giving them a chance to save their pods with a Haiku. The legion being so close to dying and still getting away was frustrating.  I have since put a web on my gnosis to avoid this crap in the future.

O well, shots were fired, and in the end that’s all that matters.

Dead Ishtar

Also after talking with the legion pilot after the fight, they totally knew the gnosis was bait, they just thought they could pop me before the fleet arrived. Good on them for at least trying and not POSing up.

Story 2:

Our newest member Jack Miton formerly of AHARM was diving(using k-space as a platform to jump into wormholes looking for targets) from high sec during the previous stories gank. He came across multiple battleships and two neut legions he was tormenting with his scanning proteus.

**side note about Jack** He is an avid fan of the podcast and a reader of this blog. His reasons for leaving the notable c6/c6 wormhole corp are his own. He assured me it wasn’t for nefarious reasons and we all know it wasn’t for giant fights or massive isk SUSU could provide. He is a great pilot and I used to be in ducks with him in the past. Stand up guy, knows his shit, very helpful and super friendly. He is also infinitely more wealthy than the entire corp put together.  We as a smaller growing corp, are gifted with his presence and whatever wisdom he will bring.  Anyone who has an issue with it, can talk to me personally.

After Jack was chased out of the c3 wormhole he found the ships in, I think they closed the wormhole behind his ship, trapping his combat ship outside in K-space. I may have my facts wrong, but I think he still had a scanning alt in the system and he found the new high sec quickly and jumped through it.  The battleships, and legions I guess never bothered to find the new high sec, and went about their business shooting at a POCO.

Bad choice on their part.

The high sec connection was 23 jumps the high sec we fought the legion on, but it was a chance to fight/gank some ships, so we burned full speed across high sec. Jack was the FC for this, and instructed us wait one high sec system out, in the event they had managed to get a cloaked ship outside of the hole in the high sec. They would see us in local chat, and perhaps put 1 and 1 together than we were coming to murder them.

After 23 jumps in high sec, we massed and waiting for Jack to get us a warp in. Cethion the mass murderer of the Gallentee had to station up in the target system to avoid the police.

Jack told us to jump in to the target high sec, and warp to the hole. Once our ships were on the hole he managed to get us a warp in for the two raven battleships and 2 oracles that were bashing the POCO.

Cethion in his assault frig and new recruit Lotor in his interdictor.

Here is the video of us landing and murdering


Mad props to Lotor for keeping that oracle pinned down long enough for us to get more dps on him. He is also another great pilot from another wormhole corp we recruited.

Again, our Haiku offering to save his pod was ignored. O well, shots were fired.

Special thanks to Jack Miton for getting us those kills.

O and I never figured out why those guys were set to blue on my character... Damn I have been playing this game too long. 

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