Monday, July 29, 2013

Random pvp videos

Thank you for the content.

The offerings from Bob have been bountiful this past week or so, I wanted to post some of the videos of the fights we had.

Special thanks to all the people who sacrificed their spaceships to bring us gaming experience.

If we killed you or were killed by you. Thank you very much for the content.!! Not kidding.

Video 1:

Smart bombing Carrier on a C2/Null sec hole.

This was a carrier kill we got on a hole to null sec from a connecting c2.

A little background on this fight, we only had 5 people on voice coms. One of which was a total newbie (but he tries hard). I had a super long day, and I was in a very bad mood. I totally yelled at people when I shouldn’t have. I have apologized to each of them repeatedly! Nobody wants to be talked to like that, and I was way out of line.

The chain in which we were bringing ships was our hole, to a c3, to a c4, to a c2, to the null sec. One of the reasons I was so mad was, how people keep kept asking dumb questions and bringing useless ships for the task at hand. Add that to the pressure of fighting a carrier, and a carrier in a Null sec group, who could bring hundreds of people down on our heads at any moment… it was a stressful fight.

The recipe for killing a carrier is logi, nuets and dps. That’s it. It’s not hard, but you need to stay focused.  

FYI that fucking clown horn is Ikky’s polarized timer. This video is from his recording, you can’t hear his voice… so sometimes it seems like we are talking to ourselves. 

(blog site be trippen, can't imbed the video..  ) 

Great fight, and the funny thing about that fight. That carrier pilot can be seen talking shit to us in null sec local. “It’s dangerous in wormholes”  LOL

Video 2:

 Bait Gnosis ! and scout industrial !!

Yes… this was another case of the bait gnosis paying off. Our gnosis pilot jumped the hole and dropped tech 1 probes, when we saw a gank fleet on scan.

They brought it at first, then realized the gnosis was bait, and tried to get away.

Video 3:

High sec hole fight… (lame) but we killed something.

After these guys repeatedly try to bomb us on our static, we go and play with them on their highsec hole.

Armageddon Kill:
These guys didn’t want to fight on a smaller scale after we offered, kind of a bummer. We messed with them for a while but got bored and wandered off.

 (blog site be trippen, can't imbed the video..  )

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