Monday, July 29, 2013

Operation: Welcoming Committee

TLDR: We put a spy into Brave Newbies to be connected to their wormhole edition, 3 visits, 1 real fight.

First I want to say, BNI or Brave Newbies are a hell of a corp/alliance.  Not sure if their overall play style will work for them in the long term, but I was a fan of it while I was a part of it.

To get into BNI isn’t hard, all you really need to do is send an app and some kind of description as to who you are. Mine was “ I’m a spy alt, please let me in”. Not joking.

I hung out in Raha and got a few kills, did some dumb things, generally had a good time. But it really wasn’t why I joined. My goal was to use BNI as a platform to get launched into another more strict recruit corp. Turns out, it wasn’t really needed. Brave Newbies has a small spin off corp called “Dropbears Anonymous”. They advertise freely within BNI and have BNI set to blue. They even share mumble coms with them. I honestly thought it would be much harder, but then again this is BNI we are talking about. God blessem for not giving a fuck.

At the time I just joined the Dropbears channel and said “HI, how do I get into the wormhole?” No further verification of non-evil status was needed. I was added to the private dropbears wormhole intel channel, which in the message of the day said the high sec connection they were connected to at the time. They asked me what I could fly, I told them. Not much. They didn’t care.

The high sec was really all I needed. With the high sec connection known, I simply needed to put in a scanning alt, and I could raid them anytime I wanted. I did just that.

I found they were living in a C2 Black Hole, static High sec, static C3.

I flew around in a cloaking tengu and was about to gank one of the miners happily mining away in an anom. Then I thought to myself, maybe I should check what they had. At the time of scanning, I saw multiple frigs, cruisers, battle cruiser, logi cruisers, battle ships. All piloted, all just “waiting”. I jumped on the BNI coms and listened to see if they saw me jump into the c2 and would then be on a state of alert, perhaps baiting with the miner. Nope. None of that. I let him go about his business, I wanted the big fleet.

I pipe up in my own voice coms.. “who wants to fight a huge BNI WH fleet”?  Of course EVERYONE jumped at the chance.  We wanted to catch them out of the POS and hopefully not at the high sec wormhole, I can’t stand that.  So the only idea we had was to catch the ratting fleet as it moved though the static c2/c3 connection. Because of all the ships on scan, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t leading my gang into a death trap. BNI are newbies, but the shouldn’t be underestimated. They can call targets well, their logi is adequate and their fleets typically follow good fleet practice. .

We brought 4 guardians, 1 proteus, 1 legion, multiple battle cruisers and cruisers. We even invited some friends of ours from Inerrant (a bro corp).  We were expecting a massive throw down. And even with all the stuff we bought, and we were outnumbered at the time mind you.

We landed on the connecting hole just as the fleet was warping off. We caught only people who warped late. That’s ok, all their pilots could simply ship up. They didn’t. They said in local, there wasn’t any way what they had could break our 4 guardians. Fair enough, we weren’t mad I guess we came in kind of strong.  Perhaps a little excessive.

Listening to them on their voice coms wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it would have been. The nicest guy in the world “a DAMN PATRIOT” was apologizing to everyone who lost ships and sounded sorry to the people who lost ships. Like some kind of tour guide who just got everyone lost. It was depressing.  

What’s worse is, he asked one of our directors if we had a spy. But let’s be real here, he isn’t going to say yes.  My corp will always keep its word, but I never said anything about lying to people.

A few days after the fight I found out Psychotic Monk from belligerent undesirables and lord of “Big RED war dec” had a few ships in that hole and was destroying miners, and fucking with them in local. Psychotic Monk is a friend of ours, so I opened a convo and said basically if he needed any wormhole muscle for a fight in that hole, we would be happy to lend a hand. He said ‘thanx, I’ll keep that in mind’.

I found out after that, there was a character from AHARM, was in that hole too. Something about him putting up a POCO in the place of POCO drop bears removed. LOL.

So that’s 4 separate groups fighting over this horrible c2/HS/C3 black hole. Good Times.

Thrus rolls around I get a convo from Psychotic Monk, a multi battleship fleet, backed up by 4 logi  was farming the Static of drop bears. OOO this should be fun. I tell everyone to not bring crazy stuff. We bring only 2 guardians, 1 t3, and various other cruisers and battle cruisers. We even bring less people.

This time, we move the gang on top of the c2/c3 and they have eyes on both the high sec, and on the c2/c3. They scatter. They don’t even come through the way they came. They fly around the c3 like chickens with their heads cut off. They have multiple battleships supported by logi inside the c3. Not only that, they have even more pilots in the POS. Nothing. ZIP. We chased around some ships but in the end we only killed on brave griffin.

Lame. Also we find out from the spy, they are proud of it! They are proud that they didn’t fight, that they ‘blue balled us’. This isn’t null sec fuckers, people get removed for that shit! Don’t bring your pos up/station up blue ball bull shit into MY W-space!  If it wasn’t for our other operations, we would have done a full scale invasion right then and there. 

I was honestly pissed. I expected more of them. Two times we showed up on their turf, they had the pilots, they had the ships, they simply didn’t want to give back to Bob, what Bob so generously gave to them. ISK.

I assured my guys, we would be returning to get our fight, one way or another.

The next day, we returned.

This time, we intentionally ship down to t1 cruisers. Supported by two Augour and one damping celestus. No ECM.  I brought the flag ship! ‘bait gnosis’. This is a 120k armor tanked, multipoint scan rez boosted monster. Great for baiting. We also had two other battle cruisers, but nothing super special.  We didn’t bring a bubbler, we didn’t bring a T3 or even a t2. We brought an armor gang that would look good to fight, that we didn’t mind losing.

This time we went about it a little differently. I took the gnosis in alone and parked it on their c2/c3. A lone gnosis, sitting on a c2/c3 while their entire battleship/4 logi supported farming fleet was murdering sleepers. My support waited one jump out from their high sec connection.

They engaged!  I pulled in the rest of the fleet to fight the domi/logi/rape bus.. But in the confusion I forgot why the gnosis was actually there and failed to point anything but an augour. UGGGGG!!! Major derp on my part. We did catch a straggler on the other side, but nothing super awesome.

We exchanged some talk in local. Our entire fleet was sitting on the c2/c3 waiting for them to put together a fight. They had eyes on us, and knew exactly what we had.

[ 2013.07.27 03:03:37 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > grrr we still haven't finished our goddamn pvp fitting
[ 2013.07.27 03:03:43 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > sorry it's gonna be a few minutes
[ 2013.07.27 03:03:45 ] Bronya Boga > we can wait
[ 2013.07.27 03:03:48 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > k
[ 2013.07.27 03:04:13 ] Zed Vudu > Oh, it's gonna be so BROUGTEN you'll be remembering the brang for a long time!
[ 2013.07.27 03:04:37 ] Cethion > Parse error
[ 2013.07.27 03:04:56 ] Sir Lomax > we shipped down so you would fight, this is our 3rd trip to your hole
[ 2013.07.27 03:05:46 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i know i know
[ 2013.07.27 03:06:02 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > we're dealing with zenoidan and his jackasses and this is the first time i've FCed
[ 2013.07.27 03:06:11 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > *and founded a corp
[ 2013.07.27 03:06:14 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > and lived in a hole
[ 2013.07.27 03:09:51 ] Bronya Boga > *YAWN*
[ 2013.07.27 03:10:33 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > we're very disorganized..
[ 2013.07.27 03:10:50 ] Bronya Boga > lol
[ 2013.07.27 03:11:51 ] Baghtar > anyone seen my pants? i need pants..
[ 2013.07.27 03:12:00 ] Bronya Boga > no baby
[ 2013.07.27 03:12:03 ] Bronya Boga > you dont need pants
[ 2013.07.27 03:12:39 ] Cethion > pants, pants, pants pants pants pants!
[ 2013.07.27 03:12:43 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > that's literally what’s happening
[ 2013.07.27 03:12:47 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > has anyone seen my thorax??
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:11 ] Sir Lomax > seriously.. you bringing people from Raha?
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:28 ] Baghtar > Aint nobody got time for that.
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:34 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > nono
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:38 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > i literally have
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:45 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > 12 thorax and 6 vexor hulls sitting in SMA
[ 2013.07.27 03:13:46 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > unfit
[ 2013.07.27 03:15:00 ] Sir Lomax > ADP... I want to have a high opinion of you. Please don't wreck this.. This is us
[ 2013.07.27 03:15:59 ] shoot2belowme > a DAMN PATRIOT STFU and just bring it you gutless cunt
[ 2013.07.27 03:16:14 ] Bronya Boga > shoot2belowme read his bio please
[ 2013.07.27 03:16:15 ] Sir Lomax > He doesn't not represent us .. btw

Aside from “shoot2belowme”’s spurging in local, we were very friendly and patient. We came nearly 27 jumps just for this fight. We wanted them to engage and have fun. Shoot2belowme is from null sec and speaks a different language. It sounds like a total asshole way of speaking, but that’s how those null guys talk.

They actually brought a fight. And before you berate me about my target calling, I want you to know, I have been working long hours at work for weeks, and I’m totally burnt out. I’m normally just a little less bad.

The after fight convo.

[ 2013.07.27 03:26:52 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > 7o guys
[ 2013.07.27 03:26:55 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > come back again in a few weeks
[ 2013.07.27 03:26:56 ] Sir Lomax > 7o
[ 2013.07.27 03:27:00 ] a DAMN PATRIOT > we will be better i promise
[ 2013.07.27 03:27:11 ] Sir Lomax > You guys brought it.. that’s all that matters
[ 2013.07.27 03:27:19 ] Baghtar > better and quicker ;)
Now I want you to notice the “7o” I did there, Bronya jumps my shit for doing it
in the video, but honestly it was out of pure respect for BNI and that culture. 
Bronya might not like them, but I will always be a fan. 
Great dudes, and let’s hope they put more effort in the future towards internal 
corp security, than farming sleepers. 
Hit me up in game if you want their high sec connection. :P


  1. thanks for the video and the fight, it is awesome to see the action from the enemy prespective. it really magnifies my errors. and provide and unique prospecitve. definatel well worht the thorax that you guys heled me sacrifice.

    i hope you guys come soon again.

    7o fly brave

    -turbulent energy.

    1. We might, but you guys gave us the fight we wanted. We will be leaving you alone for a while I think. As for Psychotic Monk and his gang, he may stick around longer. His style isn't exactly our style. He is a nice enough guy if you get to know him.

      Suggestion to you all. Get about 4 people from your leadership(less chance of a leak), put together some bait miners with heavy tank and points. Start popping those T3 messing with you in your hole.

    2. Bait Procs for the win!

  2. Hey guys! That was a good fight, and thanks so much for being cool once we 'brang' it. In BNI pilots will rarely turn away from a good fight, and all of the leadership in Dropbears were born in the fires of Rahadalon.

    We're learning that wormhole life is inherently difficult to secure. Add on top of that our charter of wanting to allow newbies to experience WH life in an atmosphere similar to BNI proper (you don't have to wait years to have fun) and we're always going to have to be prepared for people to infiltrate our happy home.

    It's a challenge we take on willingly, because we are BRAVE and we will learn!

    Thanks again for the gudfight and the great attitude.


    ps. I was in the Typhoon. The idea was to alarm you / divert attention away from the main fight. Once I boated into range (I took off my sebo when I refit for pvp, because I are noob) I quickly realized why you guys wouldn't freak out at all... I couldn't hit anything. :) Lesson learned.

  3. Thanks for posting the video - I enjoyed watching that from the other side, even though you're all laughing about my fit. That's what happens when I grab the PVE Hurricane intead of the PVP hurricane.....oh well so sad.

    Thanks for the fight, 10/10 would whelp again. Had a blast. Maybe next time we'll be able to kill your rifter!