Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi I'm a Nigerian Prince

 This mail was forwarded to me from bronga.. from TunaKross (head honcho of bitten)

I guess we have a person rolling around sending these mails to people using my corp as a threat. Like that could happen... LOL

Too funny.

fw: eviction notice
From: TunaKross
Sent: 2013.08.01 04:01
To: Bronya Boga, 

Hello sir or madam. I am here as a representative of the Semper Ubi Sub Ubi pvp wormhole corporation. You may know us from the Down the Pipe podcast. I have located your wormhole, tower, and POS in your C5 and will report it to my CEO and arrange an EVICTION if you do not comply with my demands. See, my main is the primary scout of SUSU, however I am in need of some isk, so I will not report your presence to my CEO if you pay me the sum of 1.5 Billion isk (1,500,000,000) within 2 days. If my CEO finds that your corporation lives in a C5, he will organize and eviction in order to force you into fights. This is because wormhole space is becoming infested with PvE centered corporations and our corporation will do anything to force some PvP. 1.5 Billion isk should be a very low sum for a corporation such as yours which has been farming a hole uncontested for a whole month. Please just comply with my offer and you will never hear about my corporation again and I will give you contact information of mercenaries should another pvp corp stumble upon your C5. This transaction will be done on this new character so as to keep my identity inside of Semper Ubi Sub Ubi safe. Besides, if you try to tell my CEO about this deal I will just say you were lying about it because he trusts me more than you. So the choice is yours. Pay 1.5 billion isk to me, or face eviction. o/

I'll be sitting in your wormhole in a cloaked covert ops until we finish the transaction or begin the eviction process (your choice). Here's the proof:$$$$$ -- (out of respect for bitten)
Location : J14$$$$ --- (out of respect for bitten)
Class : 5
Radius : 37.767 Au
Effect : Magnetar

Beth Starlight

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