Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Joey’s Butterfly

We have all seen this video. The story of a helpless miner and the lone rifter who helps him.

Actual events like this happen every day. EVE is filled with them. This is Joey’s story.

Joey’s Butterfly.

I’m not Joey, I write this as a tribute to him. To EVE and the universe that lets people like Joey, fly.

Anyone who follows the Down The Pipe podcast or is active in the Reddit.com community knows who Joey is. He came to us, the public like many before him with a fan post on a random forum.

In this post he describes how he moved his band of newbie miners into a wormhole, only to find that he wasn’t alone. He encounters a scout from a larger wormhole alliance. He and his band of wormhole miners deal with it the only way they knew how. When faced with what they perceive as overwhelming force, they could do nothing but give into the demands.

 They were at the mercy of a predatory group of players. These players looked to exploit Joey. http://pastebin.com/nELhpgi2  They successfully recruited/coerced Joey and his band of wormhole miners into their alliance for the reason of building the C4 corp a carrier to sit in a C4.

Joey at this point is a total and complete newbie. He ventured into wormholes without any preconceived expectations of what would happen. He gathered people of similar experience and brought them along for the ride. They were just miners, who established a poorly defended player owned structure with little understanding of how it worked, or long term goal.

The reddit community fell in love with Joey and his story. People posted support, sent private messages to him, and emails of invitation to join their corps. People saw in him a spirit of adventure.

Joey represented to them, a spirit to play the game in a bold way. Some vets have forgotten their life as a beginner and fondly looked back on it. They wanted to cradle him, care for him to ensure the evil ways of EVE wouldn’t overtake him. Most of us knew it would be inevitable, but for just a few fleeting weeks, Joey was that newbie we could all relate with, that newbie that was dead inside of us. He was the hook that brought us all into EVE in the first place.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joey on Down the Pipe podcast episode 15. http://downthepipe-wh.com/?p=111  As a wormhole hunter and vet of the game, I imagined people strove to be in wormholes after they tried nearly every other facet of EVE, BEFORE going into wormholes.  W-space life is hard, very unforgiving, and most of all dangerous to all but the most skilled. To have a newbie  and a band of newbies just jump in after a few weeks of playing the game, was shocking to me. It was surely destine to fail, and by luck alone they made it.  It brought this bitter old vet hope that he wasn’t alone in his cause. The cause, to chase adventure.

Joey/Ceremone(his alt) gathered his band and moved into the wormhole of League of Extraordinary Equines http://evewho.com/corp/League+of+Extraordinary+Equines to mine for profit, and build the C4 corp a carrier. They would provide Joey and his group direction, protection, a firm ground in which to start wormhole life.

This lasted about a month.

 Joey and his band completed the carrier. His new corp mates gave him a good training direction, but they seemed to go more and more inactive. Joey and his crew would log in and be alone for long periods of time with nothing to do. The direction to do things, simply wasn’t there. When all the rocks were mined, they would sit alone, bored. This isn’t how Joey wanted to spend his days, he looked else ware.

He was still a friend of the DTP show, and would sit in our public channel and look fondly on the SUSU activities. Out of loyalty to his corp, and his mining crew, he stayed with his original crew. Eventually from the persistent recruiting of Bronya Boga, he agreed to join us. He just needed to move out of the C4.

He got into his orca, and moved his stuff out, ready to make the dive into the wormhole pvp lifestyle SUSU offered. He was caught by some people who had been camping in c4 for days looking to kill the carrier Joey had created. They caught Joey’s orca instead.  

This not only a huge loss him, but for the League of Extraordinary Equines. The CEO of the group who had recruited him was enraged. For two reasons; one, that the orca was lost, the other was Joey was leaving them. Words were exchanged, and in an act of pure malice to the band of miners that joined them a month ago, the CEO ejected all the miners ships into space and turned off the small POS force field. Everything Joey and his band of miners had was floating, undefended in a now hostile C4.

Shocked by what could only be described as a child’s rage… Joey mentioned it to the DTP Podcast Channel. The same channel he joined when I invited him to be on the podcast. This in game channel is filled with some of EVEs most terrible and aggressive wormhole entities.  People from NoHo, AHARM, SSC, Polarized, Bittin… countless others. These are the protagonists and conflict starters/resolvers of wormhole life. Not people you mess with.  

James Arget current CSM member of Sleeper Social Club heard his cries of help.

I have no details of the conversation between Joey and James, but this was the outcome. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=19076281

At some point, James was able to hop in the carrier built by the hard work of Joey and crew. I’m assuming the carrier was floating in the POS of the betrayers. Joey must have given the password to James. James jumped into the carrier, piloted it to a location, and let Joey kill it with his newbie ship.  This was a fitting end to the relationship of Joey and League of Extraordinary Equines. All the work that joey and crew put in to MAKE that carrier went up in flames, but he got to light the match.

 Joey is now with SUSU. We will teach him the ways of the wormhole hunter. The unmerciful infiltrator and destroyers of spacecraft. His escalation to the ranks of the playmakers and content drivers has just begun out of the flames of his ill-fated carrier.

Joey’s Butterfly.


  1. What a great read, i wondered what happened to him after he went into that.

  2. Another view on this story, this time from the guys that killed the Orca: http://blog.hellsinker.org/2013/08/05/orca_chimera_pos.html

    Also, "camping in C4 for days" is a bit over the top :p

    " bro, we were there for 45 minutes start-to-finish"

  3. I sort of feel for his original crew, though. Those guys who had hopped into a WH POS to be space-rich, these guys who thought that a Tengu was after their jet cans, that a handful of T3 cruisers would blow them up from inside their POS and who were asking about safeties... what did they become?

    So I get that Joey will turn into a WH predator over time, but I'm interested in the newbies who were originally crapping their pants in that C3 typing "IdontwannadieIdontwannedieOMGIdontwannadie"

    1. From what understand, those guys have joined joeys alt in a mining corp. We recruited one of his close friends that went with him. He will be trained to kill also. :)