Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Threat from Baby Dady

Baby Dady is in our corp and not happy. Clearly wormhole life has left him slightly unsettled. His jimmies have been rustled.

This was on our forums...

If I was a space famous Podcaster with my own community website and a couple of followers, I would rage quit in a public manner and make vicious attacks against CCP employees. But I am not. I am but a simple Pod Pilot with only this simple forum to spurge my juvenile rage.

Now dear SUSU member you may be asking yourself “what could of our beloved DTP podcast hosts have done?” I am glad you asked. I will now tell you the grievous horror that has been inflicted upon me by our “beloved” DTP podcast host. 

In the most recent episode, which will now forever carry the Scarlet Letter of “Episode 18 - Just US”, the host trivialized, minimized, nay brushed aside the most superior display of spaceship piloting I displayed in this Noctis kill. They laughed and snickered and only mentioned it as an afterthought of their so called “epic” carrier kill. They barely gave it 30 seconds of coverage, when clearly it deserves an entire episode devoted to it, if not two or three to fully discuss the intricate nuances of the kill and the permanent mark it will leave on the galaxy. This shall not stand!!

I say to all you SUSU members, I shall have my revenge. I shall take my internet space pixel revenge in the real world! Since the DTP Podcast hosts have shat on me and my superior Noctis kill over the internet for all to see in the real world, I shall return it in kind. I have plotted my vengeance and it will be hot and steamy. I will make it my life’s work to sneak into their house while they are sleeping and poop in their beds. I have now declared a Poop Jihad. 

Bronya, your screwed. Like you I am a resident of the land of cheese and fat chicks that is the great state of Wisconsin. Your stinky bedfellow will be swift in arrival.
Spear, as a resident of Reno, you already are sleeping (and living) in what could best be described as a Port-o-Potty next to a burrito cart at a construction site during a heat wave in the month of July, your punishment shall be everlasting.

Cethion, you poor soul, your punishment shall be the worst. Due to the fact that you live in the haven for dendrophiliacs, liberals and hippies that is California, it might take me a while to extract my revenge. You will never know for sure when you will taste (or smell) my revenge. You sir shall spend endless sleepless nights wondering if the next morning is the morning you wake up to a Cleveland Steamer between the sheets.

My manifesto is complete. So it is written, So it shall be done! My POOP JIHAD is declared. You have been warned!

Hail BoB

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  1. How is this not the landing page for your blog.

    I am dissapoint!

    Hail BoB