Monday, August 19, 2013

Death Of Our Only Blues

TLDR: We rush to the defense of our only blues, they then take a break from the game.

If you listen to DTP podcast, you will hear us on occasion refer to our only blues, Inerrant.

When we describe them as blues, we really are saying they were light blue, and if we encountered them in any situation outside of an organized fleet/goal. We would fight them and laugh about it after.
Not that we don’t like them in some way, it’s just we fight everyone, light blue or not.

Our history with Inerrant is as old as The Down The Pipe Podcast. They were the first people we mentioned on the podcast as a friendly leap of faith on both parts for the goal of destroying someone else. They were part of the EU TZ, they were small like us, they liked to fight just like us. Overall, we had a similar outlook on wormhole space, and EVE as a whole. So we invited them to our wormhole operations channel to possibly work together in the future.

 We shared intell and often asked each other for help with larger pvp targets a single one of our corp would have trouble handling. Essentially pvp bros.

Inerrant has a different mindset than us, where we keep our words when we give them, they are a little more grey on the subject. We didn’t hold that against them, its their way of playing EVE so be it.

We found out a few weeks ago they were invaded by another force because of a and I’m quoting here “WH Honor” dispute. My corp offered our services. Not because we gave a shit about their honor or lack of it.. or whatever reason you could come up with, but because our histories together, and our mutual drive for pvp.

At the time of the Inerrant invasion SUSU corp was prepping for Operation Iron Price (our own invasion of our soon to be new home). All of our members where either scouting for a new target home, or in highsec sorting out assets for invasion. The Inerrant defense couldn’t have been at a better or worse time. We were split across our own goals and our goal to defend our one and only blues.

We almost said no to their request until we found out who was doing it.

Task Force Proteus.

These guys had 2 weeks earlier demanded an honor duel 8v8 from us.

Their EVEmail

Behold my Silken Glove From: Ilaister Sent: 2013.07.17 16:52 To: Longinius Spear, I backhand you across the face with it.
As a Director of Task Force Proteus, self-proclaimed best at nothing (modesty becomes the warrior) I hereby challenge you as representative of SUSU for the title, Best C4 Corp in W-Space.
Name your terms and bring it you carebears.
** also, love the podcast. Good to see some other guys playing with a similar spirit and flying the flag for WHers.

My response:

The mail;Re: Behold my Silken Glove From: Longinius Spear Sent: 2013.07.18 04:03 To: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, Ilaister,

As CEO of Semper Subi Sub Ubi I accept your challenge, you honor less cad!

8 on 8
Minimum 2 Frigs (any tech level) (so the new bros can participate) Maximum 1 Battleship hull.
All ships can be any tech level.
Name a high sec connected WH of your choice.
All that matters is the date, time.
Sat or Friday night works best for us

Now the honor duel was something SUSU was very pumped up about. We put together strategies, ship fits, tactics.. we put a great deal of work into it. The first weekend after I responded to that mail, we were told by someone from TFP the person who challenged us, was on vacation. The second weekend after that, we thought we were going to have a good fight someplace. They backed out at the last minute with this mail.

Re: Re: Re: Behold my Silken Glove

Hey bud.
Goona have to plead unforeseen circumstances on tonight I'm afraid mate. We're taking the battle seriously, but key pilots are unavailable.
Can't apologise enough for the blueball - can we rearrange pls?

Turns out the reason why they had unforeseen circumstances. They invaded our blues, but they didn’t know it. Not kidding. LOL

So you didn’t want to fight us that weekend?

Its ok, we will come to you!


Inerrant was in our shared WH ops channel telling us about the POS that was set up by TFP in their home. Super huge dick star, with nuets and guns. Bunch of hardeners, the works. Good lay out and I’m sure it took them hours to cart in and set up. TFP was going to be a pain in the ass to remove, but we felt we had to bring the fight.

On a Sat morning, we got told by Inerrant they were being invaded, within 20 minutes I had a scout in their system. Within 20 minutes after that, we were plotting how to kill the invaders.

The key really was making sure TFP didn’t know SUSU (us) were part of the fight. From what we could tell, TFP was using a C2 –C4/HS as a invasion point. Our Inerrant friends had secured the hole, and were fighting on and off with them. Keep in mind our Inerrant friends are a corp numbering about 6 actual people.

They are small, but they fight and that’s why we love them.

Inerrant live in a C4/C3 cataclysmic variable(I hope that effect is right, whichever one makes guardians OP as fk)  

We knew from intel that TFP had eyes the c2 –c4/HS. But we didn’t know about the static C3 from Inerrant’s hole, our scout scanned the chain, and found a c2 with a high sec connected to the c3 static of Inerrant. Essentially a ‘back door’.

Because TFP didn’t have the scout coverage on all possible connections to Inerrant, my SUSU pilots could stage on the high sec back door.

We did.

Bronya was one of the scouts in the c2-C4/HS.

At first we were going to use this as the invasion point, but once we found out TFP had eyes there, we chose the back door route.

Bronya got spotted and here is the conversation.

1.      [18:23:02] Tyiera Zeryn > o/
2.      [18:23:04] Tyiera Zeryn > sorry tobother you
3.      [18:23:09] Bronya Boga > hi
4.      [18:23:13] Tyiera Zeryn > (btw we're the guys we're 8v8ing in a week)
5.      [18:23:19] Bronya Boga > right
6.      [18:23:24] Tyiera Zeryn > On a different note
7.      [18:23:33] Tyiera Zeryn > Were you chasing the Inerrant guys?
8.      [18:23:41] Bronya Boga > maybe?
9.      [18:23:43] Bronya Boga > :D
10.  [18:23:49] Tyiera Zeryn > We're super pissed at them
11.  [18:23:53] Bronya Boga > why?
12.  [18:24:00] Tyiera Zeryn > Lack of WH honor
13.  [18:24:06] Bronya Boga > ohh?
14.  [18:24:07] Tyiera Zeryn > broke their word twice
15.  [18:24:11] Bronya Boga > do tell
16.  [18:24:12] Tyiera Zeryn > so they're paying for it
17.  [18:24:35] Bronya Boga > story?
18.  [18:25:08] Tyiera Zeryn > Yeah, sec
19.  [18:25:21] Tyiera Zeryn > We're doing a detailed writeup of it, but long and short:
20.  [18:25:29] Tyiera Zeryn > We had a static that staticed into theirs
21.  [18:25:33] Bronya Boga > your home
22.  [18:25:34] Tyiera Zeryn > they started to roll it
23.  [18:25:43] Tyiera Zeryn > Home > C4 > Their home
24.  [18:26:06] Tyiera Zeryn > So we jumped their ships
25.  [18:26:44] Tyiera Zeryn > They lost a few of their hole rolling ships and said they wanted a real fight
26.  [18:26:57] Tyiera Zeryn > at this point the hole was near crit, though wasn't yet
27.  [18:26:59] Tyiera Zeryn > we agreed to fight
28.  [18:27:10] Tyiera Zeryn > (We had less than half their numbers)
29.  [18:27:27] Tyiera Zeryn > They asked us to not bring T3s, so we agreed on the condition they didn't bring their Onyx we saw (scouts ftw)
30.  [18:27:30] Tyiera Zeryn > they agreed
31.  [18:27:40] Tyiera Zeryn > We started to setup in our static, and they refused to fight
32.  [18:27:48] Tyiera Zeryn > they would only fight in their home
33.  [18:28:24] Tyiera Zeryn > which, for obvious reasons, is a bad idea with a hole that's close to dieing
34.  [18:28:46] Bronya Boga > go on
35.  [18:28:47] Tyiera Zeryn > so after a while of them pussyfooting, we decided to just fuck it and go in
36.  [18:29:04] Tyiera Zeryn > so we went in with 2 guardians a domi, a geddon, and a VNI
37.  [18:29:20] Tyiera Zeryn > vs their 2 scythes, 8 HAM drakes, harbinger and brutix
38.  [18:29:27] Tyiera Zeryn > the hole closed behind us (which we thought)
39.  [18:29:50] Tyiera Zeryn > they had also mentioned prior to this that they wanted no pod killing, and if we lost we'd be given an exit
40.  [18:30:05] Tyiera Zeryn > to which we agreed
41.  [18:30:22] Tyiera Zeryn > (We had two scanning scouts in their home anyway, for obvious reasons)
42.  [18:30:49] Bronya Boga > right
43.  [18:31:04] Tyiera Zeryn > They couldn't break us, so they warped off
44.  [18:31:33] Tyiera Zeryn > reshipped one drake into an armageddon and added their onyx
45.  [18:31:36] Tyiera Zeryn > which pissed us off
46.  [18:31:49] Tyiera Zeryn > they moved their fleet to their C3 static
47.  [18:31:53] Tyiera Zeryn > so we went balls deep again and chased them
48.  [18:32:02] Tyiera Zeryn > caught a couple and forced them into their static and camped them out a bit
49.  [18:32:17] Tyiera Zeryn > we decided to put one of our scouts in, taking the odds that we'd get it through their bubbled camp
50.  [18:32:24] Tyiera Zeryn > but no such luck, and they podded our scanner
51.  [18:32:27] Tyiera Zeryn > that was strike two
52.  [18:32:50] Tyiera Zeryn > so we started to roll their hole with our battleships, with them watching on the static side
53.  [18:33:22] Tyiera Zeryn > they re-engaged in their home again, we raped their logi and ran back into their static anytime we got something into structure, (we didn't have numbers to split our fleet)
54.  [18:33:42] Tyiera Zeryn > at this point they offered us the highsec exit, and we rolled them out of their hole instead
55.  [18:33:52] Tyiera Zeryn > then rolled out their scanner from the next hole
56.  [18:34:05] Tyiera Zeryn > and we are now debating how far we're going to take this
57.  [18:34:12] Tyiera Zeryn > but needless to say, we're pissed
58.  [18:35:47] Tyiera Zeryn > We prepared for it (them to reneg and bring the onyx anyway) and for them to pod us, but we figured they'd hold their word in the name of WH honor
59.  [18:35:48] Bronya Boga > I c
60.  [18:36:02] Tyiera Zeryn > Thoughts?
61.  [18:36:37] Bronya Boga > not really anything
62.  [18:36:41] Bronya Boga > lol
63.  [18:36:42] Bronya Boga > sory
64.  [18:36:54] Bronya Boga > sounds like a regular WH grudge
65.  [18:37:24] Tyiera Zeryn > Heh
66.  [18:37:34] Tyiera Zeryn > eviction too extreme?
67.  [18:39:59] Bronya Boga > its your decision
68.  [18:40:21] Bronya Boga > cant tell you if its right or wrong
69.  [18:41:09] Tyiera Zeryn > you guys going to mess with them for a while?
70.  [18:41:44] Bronya Boga > nah
71.  [18:41:55] Bronya Boga > I was just roaming HS holes and bumped into them
72.  [18:41:56] Tyiera Zeryn > tell your purifier to rename its ship

Now Bronya never said there was a 10 man SUSU murder fleet about to head in and wreck the TFP guys fun. He didn’t need to. He did slightly lie, but he never broke his word, because it wasn’t given. This is still within the SUSU charter, we don’t break our words.

The purifier who was referred to, was one of our other scouts that didn’t get the memo we were staging some other place. LOL, fk up on our part.

This is a conversation between someone from TFP and the Inerrant CEO shortly after Bronya spoke to them.

[19:01:56] Svir Eto > Evening sir
[19:02:00] Kezei > Evening.
[19:02:20] Svir Eto > Care to explain before much fighting begins?
[19:02:32] Kezei > Certainly.
[19:02:45] Kezei > What can you tell me about wormhole honor?
[19:03:15] Svir Eto > That wormhole honor is only dependant on the scenario of the situation
[19:04:03] Kezei > Honor doesn't vary. It's a character trait. You're either a man of your word, or you're not.
[19:04:07] Svir Eto > We indeed stayed to fight your Fleet, figured it was a lost cause and left the first engagment. we stuck to our word and fought untill we beleived it a lost cause. no reason to explode 1b+ of ships
[19:04:37] Kezei > Your conditions of the fight yesterday were no T3s in exchange for no HICs.
[19:04:41] Svir Eto > At no point did I say we won't evac during a fight, if we consider it a lost cause, you counter our setup, we leave
[19:04:42] Kezei > You also stated no pod killings.
[19:04:59] Kezei > To which you renegged on both.
[19:05:00] Svir Eto > We only podded 1 guy, and that was for a very specific reason, you did NOT  warn us about attempting to move a scout.
[19:05:09] Kezei > Doesn't matter if it was 1, or 100. You broke your word.
[19:05:25] Svir Eto > You jumped a scout, without warning and you were podded for it, much like you podded our hole rolling pods
[19:05:30] Kezei > Doesn't matter what who jumped.
[19:05:35] Kezei > what, or who, we jumped*
[19:05:42] Kezei > You broke your word.
[19:05:52] Svir Eto > Someones word is only as strong as the situation its part of, i said I would not pod your ships, in the fight.
[19:06:04] Kezei > And you did.
[19:06:10] Svir Eto > The scout was not in the fight, he was attempting to get eyes WITHOUT  prior warning, that deserved death
[19:06:29] Kezei > And your HIC?
[19:06:37] Svir Eto > And as we stated, the HIC was for zone control, we did NOT want you on zero on the hole
[19:06:49] Kezei > And no, you simply stated "we won't pod you", there were no conditions to your statement.
[19:06:50] Svir Eto > Its what we use our HIC for
[19:06:58] Svir Eto > The conditions were sourounding the fight..
[19:07:01] Kezei > Doesn't matter. We agreed no T3s for no HICs
[19:07:08] Kezei > it matters not why you brought it, it matters that you brought it.
[19:07:39] Svir Eto > Nothing is absolute, we gave you time to counter our setup, in return we attempted to counter yours; which failed. ships exploded on both sides
[19:08:11] Kezei > And you will pay the consequences.
[19:08:31] Kezei > Wormhole etiquette and honor are a big thing out here to a lot of people.
[19:08:44] Svir Eto > We are well aware of that, we've had honourable duels with you before.
[19:10:49] Kezei > That's neither here nor there.
[19:10:52] Svir Eto > Of which we indeed heald our word, I'm not trying to negotiate peace, you're going to give us regular fights and we are prepared for that
[19:10:55] Kezei > You broke your word.
[19:11:00] Svir Eto > I simply wanted to hear why you guys are buthurt
[19:11:11] Kezei > Our scout was part of the fight, to give us intel.
[19:11:30] Kezei > The fact the buxzzard was killed was part of the fight. The pod being killed was your breaking your word.
[19:11:33] Svir Eto > We told you when we had scouts, and when we moved scouts. You should have given us the same decency
[19:11:56] Kezei > Did we stipulate that was a condition of the fight? Nope.
[19:12:06] Kezei > Did you stipulate no podding? Yep.
[19:12:10] Kezei > Did you pod our guy? Yep.
[19:12:12] Svir Eto > Did you stipulate we can't change ships, or reship after the first engagment?
[19:12:14] Kezei > Did you bring a HIC? Yep.
[19:12:15] Svir Eto > we promised 1 fight.
[19:12:23] Svir Eto > Anything after that was fair game.
[19:12:42] Kezei > We didn't care that you reshipped. We care that you brought a HIC and podkilled, on your condition that you don't.
[19:13:08] Kezei > Insure your ships, my friend.

They still didn’t suspect SUSU was going to be brought in.

The Throw Down

We staged our fleet on the high sec connected to the c2, connected to the c3, which was the Inerrant Static. We had eyes on all sides of all holes, watching for a TFP scout to scan down their chain. But it looked like the TFP guys were focused on the c2 connected directly to the Inerrant home hole.

We spent the next few hours waiting for the TFP to show up and kill a Inerrant fleet intentionally taking its time, rolling the holes. Nothing. We waited, and waited. Eventually we figured the TFP wouldn’t fight, so we went about our invasion plans and told the Inerrant fleet to go ahead and roll the C3 static.

Our high sec fleet left frustrated. We made it 7 jumps when we get a panicked Inerrant CEO saying they were fighting a big TFP fleet on the static.

They showed ! But now their backup was out of position. If we had waited 10 more minutes we would have seen them. Turns out the TFP fleet came in from the Low sec connected to the C3 static. Our SUSU guys formed back up on the C2 to C3.

Inerrant was chased off of the c3 static, and the geddion they were using was being chased around the c3 by about 5 ships from TFP and the c4/c3 hole was reduced.

 We had to move in ASAP.  We prepped our fleet on the c2 to C3 and told the geddion to align to the c4 target hole, we where going to try and trap out their fleet and clos the wormhole behind us. A balls out maneuver with no exit!

I know this is going to sound arrogant but we timed it fucking perfectly. Our fleet landed on the c4 to c3 reduced hole, jumped on contact and the geddon followed us through. Any kind of support from the low sec or c3 was trapped out!

The following fight was a throw down! The fight was so long, I cut the recording of it because there wasn’t an end in sight. Frapps takes up SOO much space.

I’m flying a proteus and falcon in this video. You can’t see the falcon because it’s on my other screen, but if you are wondering why I’m doing super stupid shit, its because I’m duel boxing in pvp, badly.

 We won the fight! I lost the falcon… O well. Good by #13.  All in all we destroyed a few ships, stole an abandoned guardian. Great throw down.

They were not expecting it at all, and turns out most of the pilots we fought were not even from TFP. They were some guys that teamed up to assist with the Inerrant honor invasion or whatever they called it.

I guess this is how wars start in real life. You have a small target, that gets invaded for some reason, and a bigger group of people comes in to help defend.

“War…HUAH, what is it good for.”

 We had little to no communication with the invaders, most the talking was handled by the Inerrant guys. We only came for the fights and to support our blues. TFP thought it was funny as shit, they opted to invade our one and only blues over honor reasons, the one night we were to have our 8v8 honor duel. Kind of funny how Bob spins the way of the wormhole.

We spent the next 6 days defending the Inerrant wormhole static, during the Inerrant non peak time.

We were doubled crossed. 

During the days we spent waiting for the TFP to put forward some level of effort to fight more in the Inerrant hole, the Inerrant guys took it upon themselves to move out assets. ALL OF THEM.

On WED I prepped my guys for a POS bash to remove the TFP invaders. We bought bombers, to deal with this POS. We moved in an orca full of ships and ammo to the Inerrant staging POS. Ready for a final fight on the TFP invasion POS.

Nothing. TFP just gave up from what we could tell. No final fight, on the night of the planned POS fight, the Inerrant CEO convo’ed Bronya that a POS bash wasn’t needed because we would have a final fight on SAT. I explained to Bronya and the Inerrant CEO if the TFP guys backed out of the fight, we wouldn’t be staying in the Inerrant hole any longer, and their SUSU defenders would be leaving.

Sat rolled around. No fight. But we did get an email from Inerrant.

------------------------------- FW: Regrettable Information From: Taryn Kouvo Sent: 2013.08.10 18:25 To: Longinius Spear,
As of below unfortunatly,
If you want to get your ships out then soon will be your chance as we just got a high sec.
Sorry for just dropping this on you, but thanks for the help and the fight it was good.

  Regrettable Information From: Taryn Kouvo Sent: 2013.08.10 16:30 To: Inerrant,

It is difficult for us to do this, but it has become very apprent now that due to a mixture of University and other responsibility's we will be unable to continue running Inerrant Corporation.
Our initial plan was to try and obtain some memebers who were interested in the responsibility of helping manage the corp, and while we appreciate the people who have come and helped maked this corporation a success (which we feel it is) we have not succesfully found enough people to manage what is needed.

We have had some great times over the last 11 months of playtime and 4 months of recruiting. We've had some amazing kills, made a lot of money, made friends, enemys and what I feel most importantly is we've learn't a lot about this game and passed on our knowledge to those who have come and joined us. Because of this we feel as a corporation we have been a success having set out a lot of goals and have achieved most of them.

We apologise to those of you who have just joined us, and would like to state that this is not a decision we have made lightly, but in light of very recent changes and on top of this loosing some of our more reliable members due to their own personal responsibilitys we just simply cannot carry on.
We were looking to fight Task Force Proteus as a final stand but it seems they are being there usual annoying selves and not responding to what they initially instigated.
As such we will find a High Sec entrance and take all our stuff out.

Thank you all for having been with us, and good luck to those of you who are going to continue playing.

Milton, Arron & Gen

Instead of us defending the hole from invaders, we were used as defenders so they could evac their stuff.

We thought it was slightly suspect that during the 6 days we defended the Inerrant home from the inside, ship after ship was being removed from the Inerrant home and only pods were returning. We even asked them while it was happening, they responded with... "we are moving out unessential things"

I sent an email to my guys, no final big fight, the Inerrant guys are taking a break from EVE.

Everyone pull out of the defense hole.

And this is why we don’t have blues.