Thursday, August 8, 2013

Diplomatic Incident

I often wonder what happens when I'm not online, and I'm surprised by stuff that happens when I AM online.Google translator causes more misunderstandings than simply not knowing what they said in the first place.

Ambassador Adonis Posted:

Floating around low sec cloaked I run into a 4 day old miner in a venture with a bounty on his head. I figure this was worth investigating.

I tackle his venture and ask him why he has a bounty on his head. He Russian and does not speak English. SUSU HerrBert volunteers to translate.

I held him hostage for 32 min in an asteroid belt with resulting convo that has been Google translated and shortened down to highlights.

Ambassador Adonis > 611,111 bounty
Ambassador Adonis > if i kill u i make money
HerrBert > Why do you have a bounty on your face
Leon Fillips > Russian do not go into captivity! Kill!
Leon Fillips > coward! Beginners can only kill
Leon Fillips > jackal

Since he did not answer the question me and Herrb decided he should lose his ship. So I proceed to pop his ship and yell,

Ambassador Adonis > for Chechnya!

My mistake was saying "for chechnya" , cause saying made him angry.

Leon Fillips > What do you know about Chechnya bastard!.
HerrBert > why are you so aggressive?
Ambassador Adonis > okay i let ur pod go
Ambassador Adonis > u can come back and get your loot
Leon Fillips > this freak
HerrBert > he wanted to give back to your ship ... You have insulted him
Leon Fillips > shove up your ass booty this
Ambassador Adonis > i pay you leon... lets be friends.
Ambassador Adonis > no need for all this violence
HerrBert > He wants to help you, and you are on the ultranationalist
Leon Fillips > he killed me
Leon Fillips > his throat Chechnya should drive this
HerrBert > So what? now he wants to apologize and to help you because it is cute and you're here on Putin
Leon Fillips > After 3 days, you will come to our FSB agents. With them about Chechnya and Putin talk about. Your IP address is vycheslit.

Really? I'm being reported to Russia's FSB?

He cried for a bit more about him losing his unarmed ship and refusing to take our compensation for his lose we ended the convo 10 seconds before down time with this

Ambassador Adonis > I sent you the money, If you do not like it send back, if you keep the money, then you will support me, and chechenya.

If i or Herrbert go missing its probably because the Russian FSB has us. However, he has not sent my money back.

HerrBert Posted:

HerrBert -- hmm i might add .. the english in this "summary" got kinda silly since we were using GOOGLE-Translator ... soo what you see as a normal conversation are 3 different sets of algorythms...

Amba: English > Russian
Leon: Russian > English
Bert: German > Russian > English to double check

Did we regret being now FSB Targets... NO...
Is he scared of his own secret service... yes....

Did he accept his loss... no BECAUSE MOTHER RUSSIA NEVER FORGETS... so we might get sieged by Russian Intellegence... or just napped...

Longinius Spear Posted:

Longinius Spear – Should I be worried?

HerrBert Posted:
HerrBert -- today i found a horses head on my doorstep saying "Doswidanja Motherfucker".... i think he found me...

damn Russia is too close to Germany

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