Thursday, August 8, 2013

Down the Pipe Podcast - The Drinking Game

By Cylin Rath--

 Grab a drink, settle in, and listen to an episode of Down the Pipe Podcast.

-Take 1 sip when anyone uses the word "hole".
-Take 1 drink if Bronya apologizes for the episode being late.
-Take 1 drink when "Bob" is mentioned.
-Take 1 drink when Spear replies “mmm hmm”.
-Take 2 drinks when you hear the word “carebear”.
-Take 2 shots any time Cethion says "glorious".
-Down 1 shot when someone says any variation of they/we “died in a fire”.
-Take 1 drink any time Bronya uses the word “like” more than twice in a sentence.
-Take 1 sip after someone says “probe”.
-Take 1 drink when Cethion calls something “amazing”.
-Take 2 drinks any time Reddit is mentioned.
-Take 2 drinks after you hear “ragerolling”.

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