Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joey’s Butterfly Story Updates and Corrections

First off I want to extend an apology to the people in the story or not in the story that either should have been or shouldn’t have been. I’m not a journalist, I’m not an autobiographical writer. I’m a fan of EVE and the wormhole life. I’m clearly not a very good at this and I’m sure this is a reflection on my overall intelligence. I crunch numbers and code all day at work, what do I know about dem words n stuff?

In no particular order, here are the corrections.

1st. The people who killed the orca, were not there for days, it was in fact minutes.

2nd Joey first talked to a very wonderful, skillful, caring and responsive man named Axloth Okiah from Sleeper Social  Club. He is a hell of a guy if I haven’t made that clear. He masterminded all of it, James was just the guy who got to sit in the carrier. I’m very sorry for the confusion. He is a great guy! Yes, I have been threated, yes, I’m scared…  

3rd This update is far more bazaar than the others. I was contacted by the CEO of Joey’s old corp/alliance. They asked me to talk with them via voice coms. I’m kicking myself for not recording it, it was pure gold. I received the CEO’s side of the story. Their first comment was on what a great writer I was. Aww, flattery will get you ever where boys /wink 

I tried to explain my role in all this on how I was trying to tell a story and entertainment is always my goal. They felt I should have maintained a higher standard toward the facts. I see they don’t know me very well. I’m a story teller, plain and simple, sometimes things are lost out of embellishment or lack of factual knowledge.

Some people say that the truth is stranger than fiction. This is correct in this case.

Here are some factual updates as requested by the CEO of League of Extraordinary Equines.

1.       The time he turned off the small POS force field, he was drunk. He thought it was funny, Joey was way out of line by thinking it wasn’t.
2.        Joey could leave the corp at any time, but he needed to say something first. If he had said something to someone first, I’m guessing all would be ok.
3.       The carrier was more pain than it was worth. Hard to use in a C4, took a long time warping, overall it was a pain to use. In the end – Didn’t want that carrier anyway.
4.       CEO was very happy it was killed by Joey while he was in the corp. Their kill board has never been greener. Grats I guess.
5.       Joeys band of miners are still with the League of Extraordinary Equines and couldn’t be happier. Joey was a bad egg and never listened to instructions.
6.       The corp told Joey NOT to take his Orca out and back, he disobeyed them and rage followed.
7.       The ‘large alliance’ in the story, really isn’t large at all, it is just a corp.. in an alliance. They wanted me to point that out for some reason.

Overall the interview with the CEO went as expected, back handed compliments toward my writing skills, a outwardly jovial spin on something that clearly pissed them off. If I could describe the man in one word, I would say arrogant. But hay, what CEO isn’t in some way right?

The CEO would like me to mention The League of Extraordinary Equines  is recruiting!  To quote the CEO “no press is bad press”.  I offered to post a recruitment add for them, but he refused. I would tell you who to contact, but I have honestly forgotten what his name was. I’m sure if you search google for “Fail C4 Cap Building Drunken Brony Lovers” he will be at the top of the list.

Some of the requirements to joining their corp. The ship naming convention must be my little pony characters. You must love animated horses, and I mean LOVE them. Yea, some of the stuff Joey told me about them freaks me the fuck out. Start up a convo with Joey for some of the links the CEO provided him, I didn't click on them.. I don't want that shit on my surfing record. 

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