Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How We Recruit

First I want to say, thank you to all our applicants, future and past. Without our members, we couldn't do what we do.

SUSU gets about 2 or 3 email applications a week and about 3 random applications without any sort of information.I sometimes get random convo's from people who have very seedy pasts, so far I have been somewhat successful in deflecting people who won't fit in or have alternative motives.

I wanted to highlight a response to an email application I received

The application was standard, explained what the liked to do, what types of characters he/she had, why he/she wanted to join us. The person would be a great addition to any wormhole corp or any corp really. Out of respect for the applicant I'm going to leave out details. 

Greetings Longinius,

I have been following the DTP podcast for the last few months and I have recently discovered your blog as well. ( my wife caught me reading the blog and thought I was reading some kind of porn site...laughs were had )

Your stories are always entertaining and I admire that you are always ready to fight and that you live and/or die by your word. Kinda like space bushido.

I saw that you ran an ad on reddit/r/evejobs a few months back and I was wondering if you still were taking in new recruits.

A bit about myself: I am not exactly new to the game but I have spent some amount of time playing skill trainer online due to a formerly busy schedule. Most of my eve time has been spent carebearing in high sec running missions and incursions. I have done some daytripping in WHs. I have run mostly c2-c4s but also c5s on occasion. I am currently in my own corp as to avoid war decs while running incursions.

I have around 45mil sp on this char and I have a scanner/salvager/hauler/miner/pi alt account that has most combat support skills.

My scanning skills are likely a bit rusty but I am sure it is like riding a bike and I could be back up to speed in no time.

I am in the eastern time zone in NA.

I can provide api keys for both accounts if that is a requirement.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

This is a GREAT app. Very detailed in what he wants, what he likes, what he does, and he is very forth coming with information. I want to point out key things that I see.

Most of my eve time has been spent carebearing in high sec running missions and incursions

SUSU is a pvp corp. We despise pve, we won't fault you for doing it, its needed sometimes to keep the lights on and pay the bills, but as a rule of thumb we shy away from that activity as much as possible. This guy spent his EVE life shooting red crosses. I can only judge him by the information he has provided or I find out. Some of our guys do incursions/mission running on the side.. but never as a primary occupation.

I am currently in my own corp as to avoid war decs while running incursions. 

This is concerning. Instead of dealing with combat situations that MAY arise from being in a larger person corp, he made his own, to avoid conflict. He is showing that even if conflict should come looking for him, he would rather avoid it entirely. 

My scanning skills are likely a bit rusty but I am sure it is like riding a bike and I could be back up to speed in no time.

So far, we have chases ISK wallet counter, avoids confrontation, and doesn't scan. In SUSU scanning is the bread and butter. Its how we pay our members. You find targets via infiltration or hunting, the corp destroys them. You keep what you find. This is the bedrock of our corp. (I would like to point out we have way too many members already who don't scan, we don't need another one)

ALL of those factors aside, lets just say this guy is looking for a lifestyle change. Wants to reinvent himself in EVE. I'm all for that. Cast down your bear ways. DO IT!

The point is, you don't need SUSU to teach you to do it, and you haven't done it yet, what makes ME as the recruiter think you will start once your corp ticker changes?

This person is RAW. Our corp could mold him, train him, teach him to hunt, but he needs to meet us half way and show some level of initiative.

This was my response to him. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to tell him what we are actually looking for.

Thank you for your interest in joining SUSU. I have to say it’s a pleasure talking with polite people. I’m going to give you a slightly cryptic, yet true response.

We are a pvp corp. The people we recruit are usually very violent, no questions asked, hostile dudes. The attitude that we all seem to maintain is a genuine desire to bring content to people who may or may not want it. Our version of pvp isn’t just ship on ship fights.. At times our tactics could be judged as underhanded, and downright ruthless. It’s out witting and out playing other players in the game of EVE.

We recently invaded a new wormhole and my entire crew is on edge. Every new recruit is suspect. As it stands we are only recruiting people based on friend of a friend or people who have a known history of wormhole pvp.

You don’t have much in the way of pvp history that I could find. You don’t have a history with any known crews, people that we trust, that could vouch for you. Based on the information you have shared already, it looks like you shy away from pvp and conflict in general, the exact opposite from what our corp does. In fact based on your history, you’re a bear. You could be trained, but in a raw pvp trainee form we are taking a chance. The long periods of waiting and thrill of combat may not be there for you. You are essentially a wild card. You bring a clear level of danger for us, but not a clear level of return. 

Your style of play thus far in EVE is your own, I’m not your judge, nor could I ever be. It’s a sandbox, everyone is entitled to play it the way they want. But I would be remiss in my job as a CEO to mix the carefree or as we like to call it “no fucks given pvp’ style with a recruit that doesn’t or has shown already to share them.

Saying you want to give up your pve ways and actually doing it, are two different things.


If your goal is to denounce your pve ways and make an EVE play style change, I say do it. See if you have a knack for it.

Fly your ship straight into a gang of guys shooting sleepers in a wormhole, start shooting them, and their wrecks. Blow up stuff, get blown up! Gank people, engage outnumbered, bait, pick fights for no other reason than to pick them. Find a c2 and put in a combat scout in it, wake up each day and disrupt their activities. Infiltrate a little known wormhole corp, call us in to explode the SMA’s. Be proactive in the wormhole community. Be a conflict driver!

Once you have a rep under your belt, we can judge what your participation is going to be, on what we do on a daily basis.

Be less of a wild card, have a history of expected behavior.

Stop chasing the isk wallet counter. Go in, give no fucks and destroy everyone or be destroyed.

That’s the type of recruit we want. 

Don't take this as a rejection, take it as an invitation to a new way of EVE life. 

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