Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Back Doors

So this question came up on Reddit and I have heard it before.

 "How to: Just scan down the Worm Hole routes from NULL SEC to HIGH Sec". -- IndianFrog

I have difficulty explaining this process to people who may not understand how wormholes work, so I wanted to clarify exactly what it means.

Once you have the most basic understanding of how wormholes work traveling in them can be very fun and the safest mode of travel in EVE.

There are usually no gate camps, interceptor gangs, bubble traps, drag bubbles or very bored null sec plebs guarding entrances. A semi skilled prober can come and go from null sec to high sec or countless other area's in the game.

The only real issue is you can't always pick where the hole goes or if there will be what your looking for, but you sure as shit will have more options than simply going from gate to gate like a noob.

First you need to understand the basic behavior of W-space. Each wormhole in EVE has at least one static connection. This is a doorway that originates from within. Once it closes from mass passed threw it or from time elapsed it will close and a new wormhole will appear. That wormhole/Static will always be the same connection type every single time.

Example: C3 static High Sec. One day that connection/hole will be 2 jumps from Jita. Another day it will be 8 jumps from Rens. Think of a high sec and this connection could connect to it. ALWAYS.

The higher class wormholes c4, c5, c6 will NEVER have a K-space (null sec, high sec, low sec) static exit. These holes will ways have another wormhole type as a static connection. Once you jump into that connection and it is a different class hole, a new potential connection type is available.

As you jump from hole to hole looking for god only knows what you should be bookmarking the path, so you can find your way back if you want to. This is known as a "wormhole chain" or "the chain" depending on how lucky/unlucky (perspective) you get, these chains can stretch forever. Sometimes they dead end.. its random.

BUT! Not all is lost !!

CCP put in something to add an extra fun factor to wormhole space. The "wandering hole". This is a connection type that appears in some wormholes and Kspace connecting two spaces outside of the normal static connection type rules.

Example: C3 static High sec hole will always have a High sec connection but today, it has a Null sec wandering wormhole opening from within to a null sec space connection. Once its gone (time/mass) it disappears from this C3 forever, it will not respawn in this wormhole.

Now this wormhole/connection can be created from the null sec side of the universe or the C3 side. Its random.

The best part of these random holes, they connect holes that normally wouldn't connect. Fun random Bob shit right there. Example. A C3 high sec.. suddenly connects to a c6 ... or a c1 connecting to a c2... or ... You get the picture. The point is, this new random wormhole is in addition to the normal static rules of wormhole space. Its just another door.

You can jump into a wormhole and it could have just its static, or 2 other holes connecting to it, or random wormholes connecting all sorts of things. Its an adventure on an ever changing map.

So, back to the point.

Getting in and out of a null sec area without getting camped in by gate camping turds. And they are turds btw, they are one step below miners. Sitting for hours bull shitting, doing nothing but killing hapless travelers just for the lolz. En't mad bro, just think there are more fun things to do.

As you go from deep null sec to deep null sec, each system will have signatures. Some of these are combat sites, relic, data... but without a doubt over half of them will be wormholes, they are THAT common.

All you need to do is scan one down, jump in and look at its known static behavior. Where do you find this you ask? Here ya go. ""(trust it and open it in a in game browser) this is one of many sites that will instantly tell you exactly where this wormhole will go. It won't tell you how many random connections are there, or if other wormholes are connecting to it, but it will tell you exactly what kind of static is has.

Some other useful things on that site, you may want to pay attention to. Ship kills, lots of things being killed, good chance this hole is occupied and those occupiers have guns. Be extra careful, never warp to a hole/exit at 0. Watch for ambush. Wormhole dwellers are extremely paranoid and territorial. They will kill you, just because you are there.

I made a paint picture to describe a potential "Escape From Null" situation.

Avoid gate camping turds... and find the freedom of travel granted to the faithful of Bob.

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