Sunday, December 8, 2013


Long story incoming.

TLDR:This is some straight Drama Lama shit.. and has little to do with wormhole space. Just someone in high sec talking trash, and us punishing him for it.

So we had Red Garsk on DTP podcast once, he talked about a corp he was setting up and life in a lower class wormhole. It was a good interview. No complaints.

Fast forward a few months.

I'm on Podside just saying Hi, an Red Garsk is on with me. He and I are on the same side in the conversations. We both have wormhole experience, his more on the pve side... which is Ok don't get me wrong. But as a wormhole hunter to a wormhole carebear the predator prey relationship can only withstand so much.

I think I was the one who started with the jabs by calling him a "High sec Diver Bear" (a pilot who lives in high sec and jumps into wormhole space for ISK only) or something along those lines. Not really an insult, but more of a description as to what he does in wormhole space.

Well, he may have taken offence to this description, because he stewed on it for a bit and eventually said something to the effect 'I love the podcast but lost respect for you when you brought in 70+ people to kill a carrier'.

This then forced me to rehash why that happened and then he backed down.

Fast forward to the next Podside recording day and everyone is poking me again about this fucking dumb carrier. More so Red Garsk... He even goes so far as to say that my PVP wormhole corp can't kill anything without guns. I blow it off as simple trolling. Parts of my corp didn't.

This constant trolling about this one little thing continues. Again, I blow it off, parts of my corp don't. They go so far as to be somewhat upset that he is continuing this after being told again and again why that happened.

I give him some simply warnings about my guys. I tell him after the podcast and explain you can't simply talk shit to my guys, you need to go easy. Red then goes on some kind of diatribe about how in real life nobody threatens him! He's TUFF !  I try and keep him somewhat grounded and explain., this isn't real life, nobody is taking this to real life, but in game these people value their reputations.

You just don't piss on that because you think its funny, because the people you are pissing on, think your tears are super funny too.

Welp, my guys went super creepy and showed exactly why they are in our corp.

Lotor put together a spread sheet, you could even call it a matrix of intel. Direct lines and links between characters flown by Red. He narrowed it down to the point of every character on Reds accounts. They even figure out that Red bought ... RED! lolz...

I get this mail the following day.

I found where he mines :)
From: Lotor
Sent: 2013.12.03 19:13
To: Baby Daddy,  Cylin Rath,  Longinius Spear, 

Time to set up ganking in the next few days

Re: I found where he mines :)
From: Cylin Rath
Sent: 2013.12.03 21:33
To: Baby Daddy,  Longinius Spear,  Lotor, 

I just need to go get a passive targeting and ship scanner now.

(The picture was hilarious. Not only did they find him, but they found out that his a uber highsec carebear miner now. He may have been someone in wormhole space in the past, but now he triple box mines. )

Re: Re: I found where he mines :)
From: Lotor
Sent: 2013.12.04 15:33
To: Baby Dady,  Cylin Rath,  Longinius Spear, 

stationed lotor and 2 out of corp alts near amarr. one for a warp in and 1 for extra dps. I did ping cloud a message on ts this morning he might around when we try this. Also started listening to the new pod cast this morning not even 5 mins in he knocks spear :)

(See again I'm not pissed that he keeps knocking me, its all fun and games. My guys on the other hand... )

Re: Re: Re: I found where he mines :)
From: Baby Dady
Sent: 2013.12.04 21:42
To: Cloudhunter Yannamr,  Cylin Rath,  Longinius Spear,  Lotor, 
I added cloud to this mail chain.

I have a Catalyst fit and ready in the same system as Lotor.  I am still going diving, but I will stay close to HS to I can be ready on short notice.  I would be fantastic if we could get him during the PODSIDE broadcast tonight.  :)

Also,  If anybody is short on funds, I will pay for any  & all ships needed. ( Even if we want to go full retard with BC's for the orca )

BD (Baby Dady)

So Saturday 12/7 I head off to a player meetup. Fun times but everyone says I look like Luis C K.

Turns out the corp suicide ganked Red and his alt in high sec while I was offline.

The corp mail

We have defended our honor!!
From: Baby Dady
Sent: 2013.12.08 08:05
To: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi,

We have defended our honor!!!

Kill: Michi Aishai (Hulk)

Kill: Red Garsk (Hulk)

We were the instrument of BOB’s wrath.  

5 brave pilots risked life and limb by traveling through the desolate zones known as High Security Space.  Our quest was simple; reach out from the beyond and make BOB’s Judgment a reality.  We were strangers in the land, unaware of the customs of the natives, but we prevailed nun the less.  All but one of us overcame the ‘Safety’ function built into our vehicles of fiery destruction as we decimated the bear.

We silenced our critic!  He didn’t speak for the entirety of the public spectacle known as the PODSIDE Podcast this evening.   His only comment in chat is listed below.

[ 2013.12.08 05:56:38 ] Jack Miton > HEADSHOT!!!
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:01 ] Baby Dady > Kill: Red Garsk (Hulk)
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:07 ] Baby Dady > Kill: Michi Aishai (Hulk)
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:10 ] Red Garsk > you want a balloon now ?
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:12 ] DaeHan Minhyok > LOL
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:30 ] Jack Miton > SUSU are big fans of HS mining ;)
[ 2013.12.08 05:57:48 ] Harrigan VonStudly > RED!! wtf a hulk

Let me set your minds at ease now.  Even though this Wormhole charlatan made our kill rights available to the public for free, we all made it home safely.

I say to you all honestly, I do want a balloon now! 

Praise BOB!


Re: Re: Re: I found where he mines :)
From: Cylin Rath
Sent: 2013.12.08 04:35
To: Baby Dady,  Cloudhunter Yannamr,  Longinius Spear,  Lotor, 

Red is online and it looks like he is setting up his mining op befor Podside starts. Michi and Red are in Yarebap VI - Asteroid Belt 3 and his Orca alt just arrived in system a couple minutes ago.

Re: Re: Re: I found where he mines :)
From: Cylin Rath
Sent: 2013.12.08 15:07
To: Baby Dady,  Cloudhunter Yannamr,  Cylin Rath,  Longinius Spear,  Lotor, 

As of this morning locator agents report:

Dex Hekard - In some wormhole (Online 15:05)
Joyana Dakota - In some wormhole (Online 15:05)
Michi Aishai - Romi V - Moon 1 - Freedom Extension Storage (Offline)
Red Garsk - Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (Online until 14:50ish)
Tanika Amaru - Jita IV - moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (Online 15:05)

So that's where it stood this morning. Bob appeased and life was returning to normal. Then I'm having a discussion with Pukin about afk cloaking.. and Red logs in.

[ 2013.12.08 22:10:51 ] Red Garsk > Dont disagree with him too much FrFrmPukin, he'll come and gank you when you are flying something that can't shoot back, or simply call in his 70+ friends...

There he goes, starting shit again. I don't get it... just cool it bro. B less mad.

[ 2013.12.08 22:11:35 ] Longinius Spear > Red.. don't you have a pilot to buy?

-- Low blow I know.. but honestly I'm really tired of him trying to sell his persona of this bad ass wormhole guy.

[ 2013.12.08 22:18:34 ] Red Garsk > The man buys plex to fly his ships Pukin, you heard him give me crap on podside when I said some of us do ingame activiies to earn ingame money... he does not do that at all, so he'll never understand...

He SUPER mad!

[ 2013.12.08 22:20:21 ] Longinius Spear > Shh red.. you live in neither null sec or w-space
[ 2013.12.08 22:21:11 ] Red Garsk > I don't ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:21:44 ] Red Garsk > I've been in wormholes longer then the character Red exists, so please dude... feed me some more of your bull
[ 2013.12.08 22:22:27 ] Longinius Spear > I think "been" is the key word there
[ 2013.12.08 22:22:51 ] Red Garsk > and dont give me that elitist attitude all of a sudden just because of yesterday, cause you've been pretending to be a nice guy, and now you're just a dick
[ 2013.12.08 22:22:52 ] Longinius Spear > Kill: Michi Aishai (Hulk)  Kill: Red Garsk (Hulk)
[ 2013.12.08 22:23:26 ] Red Garsk > your point ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:23:40 ] Longinius Spear > You are a High sec miner who plays like a wormholer.
[ 2013.12.08 22:23:49 ] Red Garsk > hahaha
[ 2013.12.08 22:24:07 ] Longinius Spear > You bought your charaters.. you talk and poke people you shouldn't ...
[ 2013.12.08 22:24:13 ] Red Garsk > Spear, stop talking cause you're sounding like an idiot and you dont know what you're sayign

[ 2013.12.08 22:26:36 ] Red Garsk > Why are you acting like this dude ? What made you go all asshole against me all of a sudden dude, Tuesday was all fun and games and now you're a being a dick, I don't get it, did that killmail all of a sudden change your attitude against me ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:26:47 ] Red Garsk > Cause I dont remember being that fucking rude to you
[ 2013.12.08 22:32:20 ] Longinius Spear > The things you said to myself and podside were legit not nice. You honestly hurt us in our feels. They are sad now.
[ 2013.12.08 22:47:58 ] Longinius Spear > Baby Dady and  Lotor are sad.. they may never have feels again

 (Red Opens a private convo with me)

13.12.08 22:32:49 ] Red Garsk > Why are you like this ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:32:59 ] Longinius Spear > I think you are confusing me throwing mud back as being a jerk.. If you continue to do this to me. I will return the favor
[ 2013.12.08 22:33:30 ] Longinius Spear > "pussy Hurt"...
[ 2013.12.08 22:33:41 ] Longinius Spear > Shooting unarmed ships.. 70 man gangs..
[ 2013.12.08 22:33:47 ] Red Garsk > ahhh come on
[ 2013.12.08 22:33:52 ] Red Garsk > are you kidding me ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:02 ] Red Garsk > you talk smack about everyone, and now you're crying ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:03 ] Longinius Spear > I'm serious if you keep flinging shit at me.. we will fling back
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:17 ] Red Garsk > serious ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:27 ] Red Garsk > have you listened to any of the podside episodes ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:36 ] Longinius Spear > Do you honestly think by you talking trash... you wouldn't get a response?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:43 ] Red Garsk > we had this conversation over and over,
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:43 ] Longinius Spear > honestly?
[ 2013.12.08 22:34:53 ] Red Garsk > what ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:35:09 ] Longinius Spear > DO you think that you talking trash .. wouldn't get me talking trash back?
[ 2013.12.08 22:35:13 ] Red Garsk > trash, you called me a couple of things as well dude, so dont give me that crap
[ 2013.12.08 22:35:59 ] Red Garsk > You are seriously acting like a jerk
[ 2013.12.08 22:36:02 ] Longinius Spear > DO you think that I'm not worthy of respect?
[ 2013.12.08 22:36:05 ] Longinius Spear > do you?
[ 2013.12.08 22:36:27 ] Red Garsk > when have I ever disrespected you dude
[ 2013.12.08 22:36:28 ] Longinius Spear > DO you think what I do in wormhole space isn't worth your respect?
[ 2013.12.08 22:36:41 ] Red Garsk > dude, chill the fuck down
[ 2013.12.08 22:37:06 ] Longinius Spear > then cut the 70 man blob nonsense... the "pussy hurt' shit.. the down playing of what we (me and my corp) do in this game
[ 2013.12.08 22:37:13 ] Red Garsk > you can talk to me in a relaxed way, like adults
[ 2013.12.08 22:38:28 ] Red Garsk > I dont let people threaten me like that
[ 2013.12.08 22:38:39 ] Longinius Spear > DO you knw why i don't run my mouth at people who blob me? and explod my ships.. who double cross me and kill all of us?.. We don't run our mouths for VERY good reasons. because they would REMOVE US. If you were in w-space you would know that.
[ 2013.12.08 22:38:40 ] Red Garsk > I speak my mind, I dont let anyone silence me
[ 2013.12.08 22:39:20 ] Longinius Spear > THis is what I'm trying to eplain.. my guys know better than to run their mouths.. I'm calm.. i'm trying to address you as an adult. YOU CAN"T say thee things to people and expect no response
[ 2013.12.08 22:39:42 ] Longinius Spear > If you kee prefusing to do that.. people will continue to dish it back ten fold
[ 2013.12.08 22:39:44 ] Red Garsk > what you are doing right now, is confusing having fun on a podcast with actual disrespect, have you not heard any of the things we say at the end of each show
[ 2013.12.08 22:40:59 ] Red Garsk > are you going to hunt down min and Zion aswell ? they have all given you and your corp crap, and you know what, we were all having a laugh, and you are treating it like disrespect and say that I have hurt you... seriously ? I thought it was a game to yo
[ 2013.12.08 22:41:00 ] Red Garsk > you
[ 2013.12.08 22:41:40 ] Longinius Spear > Its not me. Its my guys. Perhaps if you apologized on Posdie and stopped with the 70 man blob trolling every minute it would stop
[ 2013.12.08 22:42:14 ] Longinius Spear > I'm not exaggerating.. they ahve nearly every one of your accounts/characters on watch lists. THey are really hunting you.
[ 2013.12.08 22:43:08 ] Red Garsk > and that means what to me ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:43:42 ] Longinius Spear > It means if you want to do anything in this game other than stay in a station and talk more trash.. you may want to cut it out.. and say your sorry. Thats what that means
[ 2013.12.08 22:44:10 ] Red Garsk > Spear, now you listen to me
[ 2013.12.08 22:44:26 ] Red Garsk > you go and listen to the last 5 or 6 episodes, and then come talk to me again
[ 2013.12.08 22:44:48 ] Red Garsk > and I aint letting you, or anyone else treaten me ingame, out of game or what ever...
[ 2013.12.08 22:44:50 ] Longinius Spear > You aren't getting the message
[ 2013.12.08 22:44:54 ] Red Garsk > lets make that real clear
[ 2013.12.08 22:45:18 ] Red Garsk > Spear, go back and listen to the episodes
[ 2013.12.08 22:46:06 ] Red Garsk > no wait, I will make it easy, go back and listen to all the shout outs from past 5 episodes,
[ 2013.12.08 22:46:11 ] Red Garsk > and come talk to me
[ 2013.12.08 22:46:25 ] Longinius Spear > I'm not threating you. I'm telling you exactly how it is. If you wish to alter that, you will need to do those things. I'm on your side. I'm trying to help you. Put aside your high sec never blue nobody honor for justa  moment . and listen
[ 2013.12.08 22:48:54 ] Red Garsk > sure sounds like threats to me
[ 2013.12.08 22:49:02 ] Longinius Spear > FFS Red...
[ 2013.12.08 22:49:15 ] Longinius Spear > I don't get you
[ 2013.12.08 22:50:06 ] Red Garsk > Spear, I am at the point of going on a rampage right now, HAVE YOU HEARD ANY OF THE SHOUTOUTS ON ANY OF THE FUCKING EPISODES ?
[ 2013.12.08 22:51:30 ] Longinius Spear > The people in my corp take wormhole space very seriously.. they delight in bringing misery in game... To solve this situation this is going to take you eating some humble pie. If you don't want to do that.. thats cool too bro..
[ 2013.12.08 22:51:57 ] Red Garsk > go stick it up your ass, I'm done with you

(he leaves convo)

This isn't really about space honor or any other bull shit like that. Its really more someone talking shit for 2 hours straight for two weeks and thinking they could just say "O sorry, didn't mean that" at the end. That may work in high sec miner land, but in wormhole space we try and be respectful.

EDIT-- 12/9/

Red posted this on my Down the Pipe Podcast post in the eve forums Holy Shit he is mad.

-- He posted this.

I will listen to the episode tomorrow but Baby Dady's blog is hillarious... A little self centered and he makes himself sound so incredibly skilled but I gotta give him props for actually spending all that time watching other people... A little creepy but I guess if you are into that kinda stuff... Just remember to use a towl to clean up when you're done.

I wanted to leave this message on his blog, but you have to sign in with all sorts of accounts that I don't have, so I'll post it here.

Does anyone actually read your blog, all of the posts have 0 comments on them... or are you using the blogsite to leave something behind for your kids to read ? You are after all Baby Dady... You might have made a type there, I dont know... but it sounds funny.

Hey btw, what a load of bull on the "special project"... You guys take that stuff way too seriously... Trollololol....



  1. That was awesome, congrats he deserve it.


  2. Probably my greatest accomplishment in EVE to date.

    Will be hard to top this level of rage.


  3. He did grasp the point that this is all a game. The problem is, he didn't grasp what kind of game this is.

    It's the kind of game where people will hunt you down and ruin your game if you run your mouth off, plain and simple. It's a game where, oddly enough, your reputation actually matters quite a bit.

  4. I am so not surprised how that went. This guy was in a wormhole corp with me, behaved in an extremely rude way very often, always turned it around like people were going after him and created a lot of drama. Eventually he went on to threaten people and hinted at trying to find out where I live (I do live pretty close to him). He knew that I personally had a problem in the past with being stalked by guys and he intentionally played on that to try and make me afraid.

    Since he often claimed that all of his problems were due to a cultural or language barrier, I can only say that I am from the Netherlands as well and I never had problems getting along with people like he did. I hope nobody considers him representative for people from my country.