Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SUSU is becoming an alliance.

Dear Friends – We have a change coming. Diversification.

Since SUSU has been created we have grown in member base and in name. Most of our reputation has been good, but I feel that maybe our members lack options and feel trapped within the confines of the SUSU singular goal. Content generation with civility.

In the next few days or weeks, SUSU will host its own alliance.

Pro’s –

Options - An alliance gives our members the ability to diversify their EVE goals. With a verity of a player base we will all have friendly options to interact with other corps with different in game goals. Example – ISK generation corps. Mining corps, Manufacturing corps.

Recruitment – With spreading a wider net across multiple game play styles we will be able to evaluate potential new members without exposing security risks. Within every miner is the desire to harm to his fellow capsuleer.  That being said, each murderous capsuleer seeks the peace and quiet some times of some mining bro’s. 

Expansion – Max and this corp can honestly only hold so many people. There comes a point where managing this many posses, people, and game styles breaks out of what we feel is a comfortable number. Eventually we simply need to expand to other wormholes and K-space.

POS Management – Pos management, roles and responsibilities are a pain the balls. With the capability to add additional corps under our wing, with different game styles.. roles can become more lax within individual corps. SUSU as a corp will not change, but any member corp is free to do whatever they wish with their own roles.

More interesting fleets and activities – With the expansion of membership we will have a huge verity of different people we can have fun with. Organized planed roams with intercrop activities will have greater diversification. More fun! More Welps! God only knows!

A place for people who would normally be kicked – We have lost quite a few members to the carebear lifestyle. Sometimes the stress of finding targets and murder becomes overwhelming so people retire to K-space to grind Red cross. Instead of kicking these people, we could move them to other corps with those goals in mind, but maintaining the relationship already built.

Con’s –

Loss of identity. --- SUSU will be require to build its name again with a fresh tag.

Drama Lama – With a verity of different people comes greater chance of disagreements. You may even have a clique aspect we have never really had before.

Danger – With a larger net, the odds of one or more group being pissed at us for… whatever increases. We will be pulled into wars, defense, attacks, vendettas, the typical shit a multi corp alliance needs to deal with.

A few less people we can shoot – Sadly concessions need to be maintained to accept diversity.

Rules for this alliance.

1.       Max and Deb will remain a pvp SUSU hole. The people in Max are SUSU threw and threw. We are not expanding Max activities  to care bear activities. We are not signing up SUSU to defend a bunch of bears harvesting ISK in MAX. We may defend them in their holes if we wish, but Max will be a PVP finding/scouting hole.

2.       One Coms. I haven’t figured out the logistics of this yet, but my goal is for the alliance to be on ONE coms. Coms are only mandatory if you are in the SUSU wormhole chain.

3.       Siggy will be for SUSU only. Though the gathering POS will be alliance accessible, Max and the holes connecting to Max will be the property of SUSU and its activities. Access into Max for the reasons of murder/hunting/gathering will be on invitation only. This is for alliance security, alliance continuity and clear boundaries that are to be respected by all members.

4.       Non-shoot rules for blues. Obvious. Don’t fucking do it.

5.       Invitation to the alliance will be purely based on its leader ship. Each based on what it can bring to the whole. Example – A low sec pirate arm of this alliance must have its own rules leadership and content generators. Not saying that will be a thing but it could.

6.       Each corp will follow the rules set forward by the alliance leadership. Since SUSU is spawning this alliance, any corp that’s a apart of it is required to keep its word/honor ransoms for example.

There is this idea that I’m getting burned out on the game, that any additional tasks will burn me out of the game. EVE keeps me captivated because of this ability to re invent yourself whenever you want. The only time burn out happens for me, is when things become stagnant. I want to feel a charge again, that burst of adrenaline I used to get in pvp. The “shakes” as people like to refer to them. Not sure I will get those back, but I do feel invigorated and charged when I take on a new goal. I think this alliance creation and management may provide that for myself and the people I call friends.

Time will only tell.

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