Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The SUSU factor

TLDR: I blow myself and my corp with backhanded complements. Trying and failing to describe how my corp conducts itself in wormhole space. I'm also bad at blogging.

This might sound like a self-absorbed post and you will have to trust me that’s not really my intention. I want to describe a phenomenon I have never really encountered in my time in EVE Online.

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi translates to “Always Wear Under Wear” It was one of the nonsensical phases my father used to say at random times. He would just say stuff like that to break the tension to try and be funny. I adopted it for the very same reason. Our ticker is SUSU and most people don’t want to bother to type out Latin when addressing us.  

Now silly, random and overall FUN is our goal. Right now PVP gets us this, since we such a small scale we can always fight on a reduced level. In wormhole space, we can fight any aggressor, we lose most of our fights, but we try!

It’s gotten us some very interesting fights and gotten to know many other wormhole groups who take things a bit more seriously.

Where I’m going with all this is, as of late we in SUSU have been bat phoned by 6 separate groups on more than one occasion. Think about that, 6 other groups of people called us up and asked us to join them on some kind of mission. Most are MUCH larger than ourselves. We are a corp of about 20 real life humans, we are tiny! We can muster fleets of about 10 ships but most are just alts and most of us are multi boxing in PVP (bad idea), but they still call us!

I have pondered this at great lengths and I call it the “SUSU Factor”.

We have built a reputation for the people who have fought us that we will always bite bait, we will attack if we can, outnumbered or not. We aren’t respected by all other wormhole corps, but they know what to expect from us. They know when they see a solo gnosis on the hole… its bait, and if it’s a SUSU gnosis there is going to be a smallish fleet behind it.

How other corps react to that reputation is different each time. Some will intentionally ship down and bring it for the lolz. Others will ship up and attempt to kill every last one of us. Now we in SUSU are OK with all of those outcomes. Just as long as something exploded!

Now I can’t tell if we are noble warriors or ignorant sheep. I just know the scouts we have in our corp are some of the best in EVE online. They know their shit! They are piss poor pvpers most of the time, but finding targets, holes, alts, intel, activity levels, anything and everything that a FC would want to know. They will get it done in record time.

Here are some real stories and examples of what I’m talking about.

A few nights ago SKY FIGHTERS.. a huge c5 wormhole merc corp saw one of our guys passing through a high sec and warping to the outside of a wormhole. Just 1! They built a fleet and came looking for us because it was a slow day for them. As it turns out the SUSU pilot was lost and was actually trying to get into our home and went to the wrong high sec. Later that night and talking to them about something totally different, it turns out they had multiple scouts looking for that 1 guy, because and I quote “They knew we would bring a fight”.

Two nights ago, we got bat phoned to come in and jump some capitals doing dumb things in a c6. We brought 10 pilots. The people who bat phoned us, called 2 other corps/alliances also. We were a very small slice a huge 60+ man fleet. The capital targets evaporated, logged off and all we were left with some very bored wormhole pilots. We saw KILL (kill it with fire) on D-scan.. in the target chain. SUSU jumped at the chance to be bait! And it was believable bait because of the SUSU factor. Yes we park our fleet inside places and try and shoot people. A super huge KILL fleet would jump all over that shit. KILL knows “WE WILL BRING THE FIGHT!” The bait didn’t work out, turns out Kill never even saw us. But from the 50 other people in the fleets point of view, it was a legit thing that could happen. SUSU does dumb shit and they are not always bait for a 50 man rape gang!

Few nights ago, one of our scouts got smoked by a trapping gang.. They had a dictor, 2 proteus, 1 loki and a cepter. My T3 scout was fucked the minute he got in there. The people who killed my scout knew SUSU would on them like white on rice. They instantly knew to try and close the hole that they nabbed my scout on. Not because they were scared, but because they knew a fleet of random ass crazy fuckers would be inbound for a fight and they simply didn’t have time for that right now. We don’t win every engagement but defiantly make shit hard for people.  We mustered a fleet so quickly that we managed to kill one of their closing battleships.

I want to say and I have said this many times. It tickles me absolutely pink when people invite us to team up for legit pvp. It not only brings a tear to my eye, but it makes me very proud of my pilots and what they accomplish. People actually think we bring something other than random crazy people shooting anything with engines! 

So if you know us or don’t, you have some spaceships that need killing… Ring me up. I don’t care if you’re out numbered, I don’t care if you are just ganking some site runners in your home… We will BRING IT! We don’t bring PVP skill… we bring scouts who try and shoot other space ships.We have proven there is a difference :)

This is the SUSU Factor.  Think a real life pickup artist that can pick up any woman in the world, but couldn’t close the deal in the bed.  To be amazing scouts and content creators but total shit at pvp. The juxtapose to be amazing at one little facet of the game, and be totally inept at the finishing steps. These all may sound like a bunch of back handed complements, but it really is the mentality of my corp and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

<3  SUSU