Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Invading Your Hole Blog Update 2/5

Hi Everyone who reads this,

I wanted to provide a quick update as to my status and this blog. For the past month, I have been working almost non stop. In the period of a month I have had 1 day off. On that day, I simply stared at a wall and let my brain relax.

The field of work I do, is very mentally taxing, and being creative for blog entries takes the largest hit. When I get home, I'm just a vegetable.

Good news!

My hard work time at work is over (for now) and I'll be updating the blog regularly again. Thank you for all the people who still visit the site, I hope you find some use in the stories or some level of entertainment.

-- Spear.


  1. after a near 2 month hiatus, BRING ON THA BLOGGY GOODNESS!!

  2. Hi spear, i hope all is well with your family. I would like to get back in touch with you. -Biiralor