Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just our corp update mail. ---

SUSU is Fail-Scading.  

Let’s face it, we’re doomed.

We have lost some very prominent individuals recently and undergone some purging.

The body count is as follows.

Bronya – No longer a director and is taking a break from the game for a while.
Printemps – Logged off one day and wasn’t seen again till he came on and said he unsubbed.
Donuts -- Logged off one day and wasn’t seen again till he came on and said he unsubbed.
HerrBert – Joined his indi-wormhole corp.
Vimple – Went to play LoL with a totally different wormhole corp.
Hairy Grapes (placid09) – Off to hang out with EMB or whatever some Null sec group is calling themselves.
Sojurn – Went back to Draco’s dozen
Twitch – Went back to Draco’s Dozen

+ Or – like 10 some alts from the above people. + or – a bunch of other people who never really played in the wormhole.

All the people should RIP in Peace.


Cethion – No longer director and is now a mere mortal living with the Sketchy folk. – He is still with us. Lets not give him too much shit about the demotion because he really didn’t want to be director in the first place.

So here we are --- 78 members. Nearly half that is my alts, what are we to do?

I have an answer… We are going to do what every corp should do when hemorrhaging members.

Create Medals!

Thanks to some large donations by our remaining player base, we have money in the corp wallet for medals!

Last night I entertained some ideas about what we should try and reward people for doing. I have come up with the following so far.

1st.  “The golden Fr-orca” or Free Orca – Medal.

Many scouts in SUSU feel it’s a rite of passage to be awarded a free orca or “Fr-orca” in the ancient dialect. So we are going to award those brave scouts who have been lucky enough to encounter this mythical beast. Orca are often used to close wormholes, and for whatever reason their pilots leap out of them once tackled, creating a pilotless Orca for the scout as payment.

2nd.  “The David Carradine.– Medal

There are times in a scouts career when he needs to stand up for bobs justice and set up a solo pvp hole to bring content to a desperate player base. He simply needs to go and do Bobs work day in and day out in someone else’s hole. He will be self-sufficient up to the point when its super funny not to be. He will live by the sword and smash bears till he is paid to leave.
He will go on a spiritual journey… till he gets bored and comes home… like a week or so later.. or whatever. Watch the TV show “Kung FU” for inspiration.

3rd “The GIVE NO FUCKS” – Medal

A medal for the suicidal, the mad, the crazy and the bold. The ability to Give No Fucks what so ever and dive head first without any way of returning. Now we do this as a matter of process for the most part, but sometimes, it becomes the stuff of legend!

I can’t think of anything else atm.. but whatever the medals in the future will be, they will be funny.

Let’s keep on Fail-Scading guys!  and remember the medals!


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  1. Aw sad, I want to come back now that I have money but I have no time because of work. And I don't want to pay to play a few hours over the weekends.