Friday, February 22, 2013

Solo Bombers in Wormholes


We have had our fair share of bomber kills recently. Not sure if this is a growing trend to bring solo bombers into wormholes but it’s a super bad idea, your valid target list is small and the risk is high.

If you want to pvp randomly, just jump in a T1 cruiser and roam your chain, or sit at the sun at 0. If you are trying to harass people using your chain, again, t1 cruiser. Just sit on one side of the hole and wait, you don’t need to be cloaked.

The only reasonable use for a solo bomber in a WH that I can think of is;

1. Trying to gank a PI hauler while it makes its rounds.  Even then the kill will net you like 1 to 5 million. The PI cargo will most likely be stuffed right into the POCO sitting next to them.

2. Long term C6/C5 care bear harassment, but this involves a great deal of conviction to the cause. This is where a totally butt hurt guy or mad man, sits in an occupied hole for a very long time. Find a safe spot and anchor a giant container, fill it with bombs, torps and some probes. Sit in bomber and wait till they run sites, close holes, or hell even function outside of their POS in some way. Bomb/torp ships and wrecks, spawn sites. Forever! They can’t get you out of the hole, they can’t run sites effectively, they can’t close holes without a combat escort. You just sit there. With a pvp corp you are certain to die, but a small farming expo hole, you could do a great deal of damage, and on the cheap. 

3. Bait?

Other than those reasons, there isn’t a really logical or an effective way to use a solo bomber in wormholes.

Two nights ago we had a some random guy trying to torp/paint Corpsreaper’s Brutix in our chain. Not a high sec connection but between a c4 and a c3. We were all on coms and corps says to the group, “WTF?!? There is a bomber trying to kill me”  Our response was one of equal shock “Where, what ship are you in?” He said “A brutix”  We all started laughing.

Seriously? WTF?  I asked if he dropped a bomb on the brutix, Corpsreaper said “Nope, just painting and torps” We laughed again. The bomber about 45k from him so a point was out of the question before Corpsreaper got to him. Corps jumped into the hole he was traveling to.  We thought it might be a ruse to get the brutix off the hole, so a fleet could warp in??! Our thoughts were, more filled with laughter than accurate planning.  So we formed a fleet on the other side, just frigs, something that could get to the bomber quickly.

Since this dude thought it was awesome to attack brutixs sitting on holes, we thought he was sure to attack a hauler coming from high sec. We had a guy coming in, so why not use it for bait? Two birds with one stone.  The hauler came from high sec without issue. 

I guess the guy only likes brutix, we put the brutix on the other side of the hole again. Sure enough, he uncloaks 40 from the brutix again, and begins his paint/torp. Not threatened by the bomber in the slightest and thinking we could get more 'friends of the bomber' people to commit to his cause if we kept the visible fleet on the hole to a minimum. Only corpsreapers alt jumped in with a jag. Over heating his mid wrack (microwarp, disruptor) he burned to the bomber, pointed it and destroyed it.  The pilot was in shock or something because his pod stayed long enough for corps to point that too.

We have a custom our corp in situations like this. If the fight is over and a pod has little to no chance of escape. We ask for a haiku, in local chat in the form of a haiku, and they have 30 seconds to provide it. If they do, they go free with their pod. Something other than a haiku, they die. We call it combat poetry.

This guy being what we thought was Russian hadn’t any clue what that was. He died. 1 billion valued pod because the guy didn’t know what a Haiku was. Such lack of culture in kids these days.

The guy later opened a convo with Corpsereaper asking what he ment. We then got in to a very long heated debate about if Russians knew what poetry was.

Moral of the story. Don’t fly solo bombers in wormholes. You’re just going to die in a fire, and odds are, you won’t destroy anything worth the cost of your ship.


  1. If truly solo, then you are probably right. But if you have fleet backup within a few jumps, a solo bomber makes a decent scout (vs a cov ops). You are trading probing ability (bonus plus expanded launcher for combat probes) for the chance to do dps and/or perhaps initial tackle. Bomber with torps will do decent dps (until you die, of course). Not likely to kill any decent-fit combat ship solo, but not every combat ship is decent-fit. :)

  2. Combat poetry to survive...
    I like your vision of the combat based on eloquence, honor and culture.
    See you in WHspace

    PS: you make a good work with your podcasts.