Friday, February 15, 2013

Recent 2xBomber vs T1 Caracal  Fight

I live in WHs and a bomber isn't the best ship for that. Some of my guys like to fight with them, when nobody else is around, but most of the time they are liability and a waste of a pilot.

Bombers shoot massive torps, which do little to no damage on smaller ships. Bombs are the exact same way. Their damage is calculated on the sig radius of the ship being hit. Bigger the sig radius, the more damage.

Bombers have a piss poor re-cloak timer, meaning most ships can target them right after they decloak and launch/fight. Bombers bar are pros at launching and getting the fk out of dodge. Its a talent most people don't have.

Here is an example. I was flying around in my WH chain with a T1 cruiser. Nothing special loaded on it. One bomber uncloaks and launches a bomb on me. I lock him up, my lock timer started at a little over 9 seconds. Once the bomber is locked, he can't cloak even if he wanted to. Bomb range is usually 30k and you need speed to get the bomb moving toward your target, so he was headed at me, and I in turn headed at him. Over heated my tech 1 disrupter, pointed him at around 23k. His bomb explodes doing about 20% of my shields damage. I overheated my invuln. Because my mass was so low, I took almost no damage. This was 11 seconds into the fight, his shields were down to almost 20% after the first volley. I activated(then turned off) my microwarp in order to make sure I could maintain point so he couldn't burn away. His friend uncloaked and launched a bomb, I in turn targeted him. Before his friends bomb landed, the first bomber was dead. Killed him in like 3 or 4 cycles (not overheated). Dead dumb bomber

When the first bomber died, my disrupter was ready, I pointed the second bomber. This time, the 2nd bombers bomb went off and since my microwarp was finishing its first cycle, I took nearly 4x the damage as the first bomb, taking me down to 10% shields. His torps started landing when my microwarp drive was off. They did such little damage it was like there wasn't any at all. He died in 3 -4 cycles (over heat off) 2nd dumb bomber

Both bombers made some big mistakes.

1st. Neither bomber was prealligned to a warpable object before dropping bombs. This is something bombers bar teaches everyone who participates.

2nd they engaged a ship, they had little chance to destroy. Bombs and torps do shit damage on small targets. Total waste of time.

3rd. They didn't time the bombing run correctly, one engaged a clear 10 seconds before the other one did. Even if I was going to be killed by 2 bombs odds are I would have jumped into the WH to escape them.

4th they stayed on field when they should have just ran. A typical bombing run goes like this. Align to celestial/BM with your target between you and it. In this order do this... .Uncloak>target>launch bomb>Paint>torp>damp>warp. Just like that. Don't stick around... don't watch the explosions. Just GTFO.

Moral of the story. If either pilot or both for that matter, spent 10 million isk on a t1 fitted cruiser each, I wouldn't have lived through the engagement. Bombers are HIGHLY specialized in what they can hurt/affect to the point I just tell people not to fly them if they plan on being useful. Fly T1 cruisers... have some fun.

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