Friday, February 22, 2013

Banner for my blog

Email to my EVE online banner artist.

This might be the strangest email I have ever written, and it pertains to this blog. People may find this funny, or sick... or well ... demented. I'm sorry to those people ahead of time. Its all really in good fun.


I really liked the Semper Ubi Sub Ubi banner you made.

 I just made a blog called "Invading Your Hole"     The website is a place for wormhole hunters and my own nonsense.

I'm looking for two images. 

One Image is the normal size banner like you used for the Semper Ubi Sub Ubi kill board. 

This is going to sound odd, but it really fits my overall personality when it comes to this subject. In WHs we have a player made deity called "Bob". If there ever was a jovial/vindictive/random god for EVE wormhole life, it would be "bob". People in WHs sacrifice strippers, new players, ships, probes... you name it... so we can get a favorable outcome from "bob". Its all in fun, but its a common theme for more than one wormhole alliance/corp.

I"m looking for a cartoony or superhero/god figure sodomizing/fisting a WH care bear.  This may be the strangest thing you have been asked for, but seriously it will go over well with the WH community. I need to keep it somewhat PG.. I know cartoon bear sodomy doesn't fall into the PG realm.. but we can IMPLY that's whats going on.

I'm thinking something perhaps the roof of Sistine chapel.

.. but instead of touching man... it touches the backside of this care bear.

Whats important is, instead of star on the bears chest... it says like "K162" or some other wormhole related icon. Across the god image it can say "Bob".  Not sure if you can exaggerate the care bears expression to surprise.. or giant googly eyes... but something to that effect. Also instead of just a finger of god, bury Bob wrist deep.

I hope you can see my vision what I'm talking about...

The other image will be a smaller icon I can use for links to the blog from other sites. Something small like 75px x 75px -- with just giant cartoon care bear eyes that show extreme surprise. 

Give me the ISK totals and I'll send them to whatever character you wish in the game. 

Also I wish to note, you can say NO to me and I won't be the least bit offended. Artists of your caliber need to maintain a level of creative control. 

Longinius Spear --"


  1. How can I so no? And believe me, this isn't the strangest request I've gotten. Or the weirdest. Eve players are extremely uh... creative let's say.

    I'll be emailing you back probably next week. This may take a few weeks, my workload is pretty heavy at the moment, but you never know.