Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pilot Spot Light: valkarri

I thought it would be fun to create a ongoing review of the play style of some of my more active pilots. I’m very proud of my guys and we are lucky to have them as members of the Corp. 

Pilot spot light. valkirri

Don’t let this foxy little minx’s portrait fool you, she is a cold hard -10 sec status killer. She comes to us from Black Legion and wished to experience wormhole pvp life first hand.

valkarri uses WH life for something a little different than most. She uses it as a platform to spread destruction across the K space galaxy from our random Lowsec and Null sec exits. When she logs in and finds we have a low sec/null sec connection she is the first out the door searching for K-Space targets.

valkarri is a newer member but already she has raced to the top of our kill board for this month at 23 kills. She has set the bar for murder just a few higher than another of our top killers, Andrew Charante.

One of her primary targets seem to be cyno ships and anyone else she can antagonize into logging on their main so she can murder them too. Often times she speaks in local chat asking for a “hall pass”, a kind of ransom over cyno pilots. What makes this behavior slightly unique is, she does all this from her badger combat platform. YES, I said a BADGER! I can’t tell is she is trolling our kill board or she is just truly crazy. Either way it’s funny as hell. The 4th most used combat ship this month is a badger,  11 kills.  (I’m sure this number has changed upon release of this article).

Since wormholes are new to valkarri, sometimes her blood lust gets the better of her. Often times not waiting for proper recon of a target WH before just wandering in waving a hammer. We need to teach her the sutilty that is needed to effectively tease a fight out of people. valkarri is about as subtle as a Moros in siege mode.

All in all valkarri has become a valued member of our corp, and her ‘no fucks to give’ pvp play style, fits right in with our corp attitude. She is a shining example to all.

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