Monday, September 29, 2014

Vacation Update: Cause I'm bored and felt like it.

TLDR: Dark analogies, WoW character info and a thank you to Bronya for letting me listen in on EVE.

I’m very aware that no one truly quits EVE, especially someone like myself who is so emotionally invested in it. I’m reminded by that old adage that “if God didn’t exist it would have been necessary to invent him”.  EVE is like that for me. I think even if EVE should go offline one day, the community would hold a fund raiser and reach out to all of its former and current players to resurrect it. Even if it was just a single system game, played by a few hundred people. Just Jita, no space ships, jus the chat channel and the trading, scamming and sense of community.

I wonder sometimes if EVE is like that old man neighbor who invited you one time into his house with the promos of cookies. “MMmm cookies, yes please” The he snatchs you by the wrist and places you in his makeshift basement/dungeon. “No I don’t know want to play Monopoly with you again in my fruties, just stop!” Eventually you just realize that he is sad because his family has forgotten him and he just longs for the attention he never got as a child. You start to feel for the old guy, sure you pass out after eating his ‘special sandwiches’, but what’s true friendship if it doesn’t involve ‘trust black outs’ for hours on end? A bond is formed, an odd kinship you could say. Even years after you look back at the experience, not out of malice or betrayal of trust, but more out of respect and love.

Anyway.. Vacation update time.

So I started playing WoW again. I feel like typing that sentence is more of an admission of guilt than an update, but we are all friends here, RIGHT?!  Let me tell you why.. WoW is the amusement park to EVE’s sand box. I don’t have to do anything other than walk from one ride to another. That’s it. No thought, no evil motives, no darkness and punishment that I have become accustom to. I met some people in game, they asked me to join their guild and help me. No clue why. I’m not sure what they are getting out of the situation, or what their motive is, they hide it well, because from all I can tell so far, they just want to help me.

I log into WoW from being gone for several years and instantly I’m asked to join a guild. I refuse right off the bat. I’m guessing its someone attempt to harvest newbie tears. Then someone starts up a conversation with me. He also asked me if I want to join their guild. I ask why. Lets see them dance their tail of lies so that I can untangle it to my gain!

 I then proceed to give them little to no real information in conversation. Being intentionally indirect as possible, this is a common exchange of information in EVE. Subtle cues  based on how quickly they respond, what questions they ask, how they word them. Everything that keeps you alive in EVE. Well let me tell you, that type of talking may keep you alive in EVE, but in other games, you just look like a dick head.

Thankfully, after 2 or 3  exchanges like this, I found a bunch of guys that could answer my questions. I joined their guild! No crazy interview process, they even gave me access to the guild bank, which I have thought more than a few times, to totally empty, because someone should punish their trusting nature.

I’m not plotting to destroy them from within, but o my god, they could totally be ripped apart at the seams with just a word here or suggestion there. I could do it, but I’m finding self-control is sweeter then execution. Ever wonder why the evil madman in all the movies gives that totally unnecessary monolog right before he tries to kill the hero? Everyone watching in their right mind is screaming “JUST KILL HIM!” I know why now. It’s because the hesitation, the buildup is so much sweeter than the action. Not that I would do something so terrible to my new WoW friends, just saying…

So here is me divulging information! The awesome thing is, I would never do this in EVE.

I’m playing a lvl 90 Orc rogue on the Area 52 server. I paid for that instant level 90 thing so I could catch up with the rest of the game. My in game name is Bumblekitty. I made the character so long ago that I forgot why I named the character that. Look me up, we can totally quest together or something.

An amazing amount of WoW players don’t use external voice services which is totally needed in EVE, not so much in basic WoW it would seem. Its slightly lonely.

EVE update:

So I somehow snuck into Isogen5’s (EVE Wormhole corp) voice coms and I have been listening to their EVE fleet coms. It nice to listen to people enjoying EVE and I know most of the people in that corp. I keep my voice down when they are doing fleet stuff and tell jokes when they just bull shitting. I feel like I still have a connection to the friends I had in EVE without needing to play the game.  I’m enjoying listening to people play something I love, and not doing it myself. Thank you Bronya for letting me listen.

Perhaps it’s just another EVE dark analogy… where I like listening to someone play with my beloved while I cry, stroking my junk in the corner. Maybe they will command me to clean up after... (Google "Chuckold", I fucking dare you) Now that’s on your search history. /evil laugh. Muahaha

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  1. I got so far as reinstalling WoW recently, and getting some trial time on my old account. I couldn't bring myself to log in. I feel you on the admission : )