Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Post Patch Weekend

TLDR: I have a hell of a EVE weekend, fight with all sorts of people, lose lots of spaceships and couldn't be happier. I also rant a little at the end.

Now remember, I’m but one human nearly totally alone in w-space. I have a shit ton of alts, 14 to be exact (me +14), but that’s really it. I’m not saying you need to have a bunch of characters to live in W-space but it surely helps.


I woke up Saturday morning and decided I was going to run some sites in my C4 Black Hole. Not because I needed the money, but just because it might have been fun. What I was greeted with was my two statics (C5/C2) and two additional C4s connected to my home hole. Each of them had a different group in them, and they all wanted to use my home as a transit point.

Well fuck that, nobody comes and visits me without a fight! That’s just not neighborly!

I then spent the next 8 hours fighting with 4 different groups of people. People were coming, going… dying.. fighting … running.. kiting. Not just with me, but with each other! It was absolute chaos for 8 straight hours. I loved every second of it. I was so into the game that actually asked my wife to get me a drink because I couldn’t move from the keyboard, I was THAT engrossed. I nearly died of dehydration because of EVE!

One of the fights I attempted to kill a rattlesnake and a Tengu with a double ASB hawk, I was not successful, but I did make them run (moral victory). They may have gotten bored and left, but I stayed when they left, so WIN! J

Another was between a bunch of cruisers and frigs vs my two Armageddons. I did manage to kill a faction frig, that thought it was awesome to tackle a Armageddon, 30 seconds after that, he didn’t think it was so awesome. They brought a bunch more stuff and I was forced to take my chances on a one way trip through a crit hole. Both geddions made it, their fleet couldn’t follow, not moral victory but survival has its benefits.

Another fight wasn’t much of a fight, but if I had a few more people it could have gotten truly out of hand (in a good way). Played try and gank my scanning ship with some Russians.

Between all those engagements I had more scouts moving through my chain than I had ever seen before. Each scout means a chance at pew and where there is a chance for a fight, all you really need is the will to go and get it. After 8 hours of this, I was exhausted, I spent the remainder of the night on Podside (podcast) and setting up my 2nd tower in my C4. (needed a bigger one cause I’m going to live in that hole full time)


I don’t normally play on Sundays because its my dad/daughter day. We go do stuff IRL. We went 4 wheeling in the desert for no reason.

Monday( Day off holiday)

It was back to C4 life for me. I spent the morning running C4 sites, I streamed it, it was relaxing and slightly chill. Made about 400m+ isk from 4 sites. Not a huge chunk of cash, but it was an entertaining way to spend the morning.

After lunch it was back to the pvp grindstone. Calaretu and his gang jumped in and tried to kill my cloaky hauler (I swear, that hauler is awesome bait if that was intentional). I said in the Down The Pipe channel “I C U” (where Calaretu was hanging out) and I knew it was going to be on like Donkey Kong.

For that fight, I formed up on a K162 from a C2 with my triple box set up. Two geddons and a scorp. He brought a navy vexor, two ishtars, loki, jamgu and a sabre. I broadcasted the fight via Twitch and linked it in the down the pipe channel. Let me tell you, geddons are nearly worthless vs the gang he brought. It was a drone fight threw and threw. But it was the best I had, but I had some tricks up my sleeve.

As each of my battle ships would get low, I would microjump drive away from the sabres bubble and warp to safety. This worked about half the time, one of them had a scam and he used it well. I can’t tell you how disheartening  it is to spool up the MJD and hear it go off, only to find you didn’t jump 100k away to safety.  Sad face.

As each of my ships would “go away” (destroyed or warp off to the POS), I would ship into something else and return to the fight. 1st a Sniping Raven (useless btw), then a self-repping Legion. The legion worked great, just too much dps was on me, it wasn’t worth the money IMO, I think a well fit battlecruiser would have performed better for ¼ the cost.

When I would get one ship down low, he would pull range, and I would be forced to swap. I spent a huge chunk of time trying to kill the god damn sabre, but between the off and on jams from the JamGu, the wormhole velocity bonus and the great piloting of the sabre, I just couldn’t quite seal the deal.  At one point I think I might have gotten an Ishtar into structure but he warped off.

 I was having so much fun, that I think I would used every single ship I had in my POS, had they not podded one of my pilots.

I killed nothing, lost nearly a billion in ships and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=25048604 – My pod – I don’t fly with implants because I die a lot.

It was an awesome brawl that could have gone either way, but they just out piloted me. That many humans vs a multi boxer, piloting was the difference. 10/10 would fight again.

If you don’t like rants about stuff, read no further. (Not exactly related to the awesome EVE weekend I had)

Rant On:

The temper tantrum displayed by angry w-space people on Reddit and on the Eve Online Forums might be the saddest thing I have seen in a long while.  It gives me the vibe of spoiled child who just got his ball taken away from him. He may have 100 other balls, but he wanted that one because that was his favorite. Its mental and if those people could just step back for a second, take a breath, build a bridge and get the fuck over it, I feel they may be better players for doing it.

Wspace is a more dangerous place that was it was before. MAN THE FUCK UP, SHIP THE FUCK UP and throw down with every player who comes calling.

 I for one don’t want to be put on that list of people who just gave up when things got hard. CCP raised the bar and many have been found wanting. Adapt, die and get the fuck on down the road.

Rant off.


  1. Thank you for the fight on monday. It was extremely entertaining. When we heard you said we shouldn't leave without a fight (or some such) and we heard you were streaming we just couldn't resist.
    Very well fought and I think if you had had one or two guys more with you it could've gone very different.
    Yeah, I think a battlecruiser might have been more cost efficient. Is the stream of the fight saved? I forgot to fraps it for us and would love to watch it from your perspective.

    -Zleepyhead. The "FC" in the ICOL fight

    1. I'm afraid I didn't fraps it. I have a bad habit of not turning off the recording software and it filling up my drive with hours of nothing.

    2. You know you can loop the fraps recording at a set amount of time so it doesn't fill up your drive?

  2. Why is it called "rage rolling" anyway? From what I can gather it should be called "scared little risk averse schoolgirl rolling".

    1. It's because you enter a rage when rolling to get into a specific system because it's so excrutiatingly boring