Thursday, June 5, 2014

TARP UPDATE: 5 Days in TLC's hole, they mad bro.

Its been a few days since I have posted last and want to give an update on my progress.

TLDR: Got a kill, H0NEY BADGER will probably be invaded, not a fuck was given. 

After getting my bombers back into the TLC hole I got my first actual kill.

Though I’m not doing this for the gud fights or kill mails, I felt a little proud of myself that I was able to successfully bomb a target. I was perched on one of the TLC POCOs when I saw an Epithal landing on grid. I warped to the POCO at 30k, started my approach and before he finished landing the bomb was launched.

It’s very satisfying to explode things with 4 warp core stabs.

The next day was slightly uneventful, but I could tell there are factions in TLC that are not happy with my treatment of their wrecks/industrial haulers.

I got 3 “Added as Terrible Contact Messages” from the guy I previously spoke to in TLC. Not only that but I noticed some alts from TLC in the “DTP Podcast” channel. They aren’t saying anything, they are just watching.. no emotion… just listening.

This is how I can tell “they mad bro” when someone stops talking or even treating you like a person, you can tell in their mind it’s easier to hate you. Super easy to hate someone you never really speak to. Sad if you ask me.  

O well. Maybe they are saving up all their verbal angst for the invasion.

Yep, I said invasion.

TLC has a habit of invading people who fuck with their cash. This response was a certainty upon choosing these guys as a target.

Well, whatever makes them feel better I guess. Invasion or no, I’m not going anywhere soon.

The night before last, I was watching them chain collapse their static C6 exit. I could only assume it was to look for THB’s home hole and seed caps. Time will tell. I just wish I could be there for the invasion, I don’t have any characters or assets in THB hole. I just know the more they lash out at people, the less they are farming their C6 home, so win?

THB is prepared, I have stopped giving warnings to Sicks (my CEO) to boot me from the corp. I honestly think he and everyone else in that corp are just as deranged as me. Fighting hopeless fights totally outnumbered seems to be their MO, I can’t fault them for it… sometimes you just need to go punch a bee hive to feel alive.

Last night……. the home escalation fleet was gearing up to run some sites. I found their two zephyrs warping from site to site setting up book marks. With sleepers on grid I knew I couldn’t just uncloak and point one of them. The sleepers would simply blap me off the face of the planet. I tried to bomb the zephyrs, to the zephyr pilots credit, they got out of there before the bombs landed.

Their capital fleet sat there for another 20 minutes before I had to go buy a pizza. They could have stood down, or done sites so fast  that by the time I got back with a pizza, no one was ratting. O well maybe tonight they will rat more, I have some tricks up my sleeve.

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  1. Heard you on podside, just wanted to throw in an eviction I did once. Basically tracked down some hi sec war dec griefers. Followed them into their c5. Just me and my alt. Took pot shots at their ships for a bit. Let them know in local I found them. Threatened to give away entrance to their hole to anyone who wanted them dead. Planned to go on forums with it. They packed up and left into their nullsec static the next day. Amazing what a cloaky can do. Most fun I've ever had in EVE.