Monday, June 16, 2014

And now for something completely different.

TLDR: I leave THB and join DUCKS.

A few weeks ago, I was toying around with the idea of going to a different type of space. I even started some convo’s with recruiters. One of which was a corp in Black Legion.

I have always been a huge fan of Black Legion and their amazing skill fighting out numbered. This type of game play would be very different then what I  have been doing and since EVE is all about reinvention I figured ‘why not’. Well, I was quickly talked out of it by some people I respect.

It wasn’t the fact that they have skill and I simply lacked it, it would be a dead end road for me. To play it out, the way it was described for me. BL’s style of play is to be one of the best there is. They don’t fuck around and are very harsh on failure. Let’s just say I was able to withstand the constant Null sec verbal diarrhea  and didn’t get trolled into hating myself/family members and all the people I currently value as friends. Let’s just say I step up and become the ultimate in Null sec TIDI wonder combat. I what, kill some caps every day, a super a week and a titan a month?

What then? Where would I go from there? I didn’t like that question because I couldn’t see where I would go from there, without losing who I was as a player.

Sicks (THB CEO)  answered the question for me with a mail stating that he wouldn’t be living in the C6 wormhole anymore. I did a quick evaluation of why I was actually in The H0ney badger. I sent this mail.

Well its been a great run, thank you for hosting myself and my Ex SUSU guys. It’s been a pleasure.

The people who I joined to play with, don't really play anymore or are taking a break. The people I brought with me, have gone someplace else.

Those of you who are left either don't use coms or are on permanent local mute.

"anything going on?"

-- Spear

The "anything going on?" (inside joke/troll) 

Story: I fucking hate it when people log into EVE and say this, the very first thing. You could just apply 2 minutes of listening to coms and hear if something is going on or not. And if nothing is going on, go fucking make something 'go on'. And if something is going on, wait let me stop everything and tell YOU what is happening because you can't be bothered to be patient and listen. Day in and day out it started to chap my ass.  I told the corp this much. They then made it their personal mission to say that very thing every time they logged in. I permanently muted them. Problem solved.

I found that content generators and scouts would be the people making efforts while the people who log in for 5 minutes and ask "Anything going on" would simply sit in coms doing nothing and play other games. Eventually more than half the people in coms would be muted and no one doing anything.

Now that Sicks left the C6, Glyndi doesn’t play EVE much anymore, all the SUSU guys have gone off to Rolled out. I was left with a couple cool people, but the majority were not people that I really matched up with. I had no interest in joining Rolled out because there were personality conflicts with some of their FC’s/Skyfighter carry over. I’m not about to be yelled in a fleet by people I dislike.

Well Chitsa Jason sent me a mail a few weeks back.

Re: Re: Hey Spear

fuck yeah

-------------------------------- Re: Hey Spear From: Longinius Spear Sent: 2014.06.10 04:25 To: Chitsa Jason, fox weik, Maverick Capasso, Putrudius,
Still looking for pilots? I'm looking for a new home.
-- Spear
-------------------------------- Hey Spear From: Chitsa Jason Sent: 2014.05.26 15:10 To: Longinius Spear,
I am reviving Ducks,
Let me know if you get bored of you current corp :) Could allways take one good pilot in.

So now I’m back with Ducks. 

Its slightly surreal honestly, the voices in this Ducks are almost exactly how I remember them. Its like I have gone back in time and everything is how it was in the beginning. Like a lost summer romance. I’ve changed, they’ve changed, but the voices are the same, the little ways of playing are the same. 

We got the band back together. Now let’s see how we can fuck it up!

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