Friday, November 1, 2013

Part 3 --- Recruitment--- Turning a Newbie Out

Part 3 --- Recruitment--- Turning a Newbie Out

In the previous parts I talked about recruitment via pvp in honorable space combat. Very clear, come kill us, we kill you, fun is had.

This part I would like to discuss the act of ‘turning out a newbie’. For those of you who have never heard the term “Turning someone out” I’ll give you a brief description.

This was done primarily with pimps with prospective sometimes less than eger hoes. Its subtle at first, its starts with the act of trust establishment. The turnee is ‘awakened’ to a different lifestiyle and the excitement that comes with it. Sometimes its with the assistance of drugs, coercion, greed or pay back. But it always involves the turner offering something not easily obtainable by the turnee. The goal is to insure the connection between the turned and the turner.

This scenario is what got me hooked on EVE long ago. A guy by the name “JAKES WUNDERBEAM” tried to turn me out while I was solo living in syndicate NPC null. He started it with a conversation, then established trust, then taught me how to pvp in a series of 1 v 1 fights. He would give me tips, modules and be the friend I never had in EVE. He was a dangerous person and I knew it when he was talking to me. I didn’t care, I wanted the excitement.

Eventually after a week or so of this courting, he asked me to join a corp for him.  With a history of friendly MMOs before EVE, the idea of joining a corp for someone else didn’t make much sense to me. So I said sure. He asked me to keep an eye over them for him and when the time was right, he would ask me to do something. He would find my spaceships and essentially support me while I was doing what he asked.

It dawned on me like a ton of bricks that very second. He was the fucking CIA and I was some rube working for him, for god only knows what reason. EVE has been a part of my life ever since.

Well, keeping that tradition alive as the CEO of a band of wormhole content generators, the burden falls to me to uphold the tradition whenever possible.

----- The mark.

We killed a guy mining in a venture two times in 5 days. We gank lots of people, but this stood out because of how totally clueless this guy was. Not just a newbie but someone who has been around a long time, without making a full dive into the player vs player meta. He didn’t understand what was happening each time and we couldn’t figure out what his angle was. So we started a convo with him and asked him to join our TS voice coms. Lotor provided this recording.

Its slightly boring and is just us trying to describe wormhole space, but at the end, we set the hook. We attempt to ‘turn him out’.

Now how this plays into recruitment is, if this guy does flip on his old corp and let us in to rob them. We would genially let him into our group. He has proven himself both by value and action. At that point he will have fulfilled his Cloudhunter Challenge. 

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