Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wormhole ECM Ramblings

(TLDR: Responded to a post in our forums about ECM ship selection and tank type.  Thought other people outside of our corp may think its useful .. or not. )

My experience in this particular ship is vast. Not saying I’m an expert, but I can honestly say I have flown the rook/falcon more than most.  I’m up to #13 in falcon loss mails, and about 10x that in kills. Rooks at #3 and not so often used because of lack of cloak.

This is how I see ECM. There are two main ways to use it in our small gang fleets.

Falcon  VS Rook--

The ability to cloak is HUGE if used correctly. Both have similar ECM str, and similar functions on the battle field once engaged. Both have near paper thin tanks if they are set up with ECM as their focus.

Where the two ships differ is their application for wormhole strategies.  A cloaked ship can back up a scout going for a tackle, before the fleets escalate. A cloaked ship can hang back and not worry about being primaried off the field if a fleet of unknown number lands. It can be held in reserve to stimulate an enemy fleet escalation.  A fleet that knows you have ECM of this level would be far more hesitant to escalate. 

A rooks only option is to hold back with the logi and/or main fleet. It can’t apply is benefits until the main fleet lands. At which point, once it’s called primary… it’s up to the rooks warp in range, and ability to nope the fuck out. Neither ship has the staying power for a prolonged engagement.

Trying to fit either ship for armor tank is hilarious at best, with 3 lows… and giving up additional ECM strength for a moderate tank bonus is mental to me. Trust me, if they can apply dps to you, you’re done, not matter if you had 1.. 1600MM plate or 4.

Shield tank is an ever worse choice because you are giving up valuable ECM modules.  

So I came up with a compromise for a standard Falcon fit.

I fit an XL ASB – and DCU2. For tank. THAT’S IT.  The XL ASB over heated will nearly rep your shields to full each cycle. That’s 7 cycles.  It will give you the time you need to remove yourself from that situation. Warp.. .whatever.  In my opinion self repping a ship and self-managing threat is  key to a ECM ship living longer than 30 seconds. On some of our longer engagements you will hear people call out ‘The falcon is off the field” this means they removed themselves to come back from another angle because they were taking too much damage.  They are alerting the FC to expect a Logi or dps spike.

1 also have used 1 med and 2 small smart bombs in the highs. Two cycles of these will remove ALL light drones from you. 4 to 5 cycles and all mediums will be removed from you. You have the extra cap, why not!?

Damage reduction and the ability to stay on the field or remove yourself then return is the key to a good ECM pilot.

--- ECM Target selection, for anything outside of DREAD combat. (at which point, Webbing loki should be primary targets)

1.       Damps. – This ship will fuck your life. No matter what script they have loaded.  If you can’t pull range to prevent you from being alphed off the field, your toast, it takes 1 damp to shut down a falcon at range. These are your primary jam targets.
2.       Logi – Shutting down enemy logi is a pain in the balls because they will ALWAYs have ECCM loaded and running. This takes nearly a full rainbow application from a falcon/rook. Fucking forget about it in anything with less strength than that. Racial jammers for pre-planned big fights are critical.
3.       Neuts – IMO if all logi are jammed, start on neuting ships.
4.       DPS.  – Last the dps counter is your own logi.. so you’re just extra at this point.

Falcons imo are the weakest tanks of all the ECM.

In order of tank escalation.

1.       Falcon – Armor – Best Jams with cloak – worst tank
2.       Falcon – XL ASB – Best Jams with cloak  -- better tank.
3.       Rook – Armor – Best Jams No cloak – Extra PG for Smart bombs and Plates—Little better tank.
4.       Scorp – Double XL ASB – Better Jams –Better range – Better overall tank than falcons/rooks but less strength and more tank/mass – Extra PG missles/neuts
5.       Scorp – Double 1600mm -- Better Jams –Better range – Better overall tank than falcons/rooks but less strength and more tank/mass – Extra PG Missiles /nuets
6.       Tengu – Armor JamGU – Better jams than T1 – Best overall tank 65,000 EHP  -- And small sig size. – HUGE staying power, but the worst ECM strength and  role effect on the battlefield. I fucking hate flying this ship btw. I have max ECM skills and I can’t jam piss compared to when I fly my falcons/rooks.

Just like with a DPS ship, you need to sacrifice tank for spank. A ECM ship is no different. You sacrifice battle field effect and role mastery for tank.

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