Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Review of ooShirts before my trip to EVE Vegas.


I'm currently reviewing the claim that was submitted for this order. I apologize for the inconvenience of us not being able to meet the needs of your time frame! I have processed a full refund in the amount of $25.5. The funds have been released to your financial institution and should appear as available in the next 3-5 business days.

Following is the link to your updated invoice which depicts a $0 charge on the order!

Thank you!

Claims Department

Hi Bekkah!

Thank you so much for your generous offer of my money!

When I made my original order on 9/26 of a custom made Single XL T-Shirt, I really had no idea what kind of adventure I had in store for me.  I took the order on its face value that a single custom T-shirt would be made and delivered 3 hours away either by its projected date of 10/10 or soon before it. I have an event on 10/18. I was going to show off my crews colors by wearing this shirt and sporting some awesome branding!

I think original order is where I was misled. This was the wording that was used. “We ensure your order is delivered on time by processing your order very shortly after it is placed.” Slightly misleading to the untrained eye. Let me explain.

What you actually meant was. You would halt my order on 9/27 and explain the graphic was not acceptable due to quality issues. Not to worry, you sent me an automated email explaining I needed to approve or deny the new art work. Sadly that email didn’t have any sort of link or reliable way of communicating with you. So I did what any good customer would, called customer service. Customer service at that time explained their email service was down and I should call back some other time.

Around 9/28 I spoke to a very helpful lady named Samantha. She walked me through the process of submitting an acceptable graphic and getting the words in the correct place. You would figure these things would built into the website engine to avoid this very conversation, but I guess you're all still a work in progress right?

Samantha you’re doing a hell of a job! Hell of a Job! I think I must have explained during the art/graphic conversation that I lost 60lbs in two days, shortly after I made my T-shirt order. Otherwise why would she have resized it from a XLarge to a Large? O well, I also must have noted sometime that I was now a stuttering vato. Because instead of “NO LOCAL NO MERCY” (it’s a game thing) you put “NO LOCAL NO LOCAL” (not a game thing, and more of a Point Break, I’ll cut your boogie board cord loose” kind of thing). Thanks Samantha!

When the estimated delivery date came and went, I thought it would be a super good idea to check my email for a tracking number. Nope, no tracking number. Better go to the website and check for my status. Nothing. So I sent an email to  asking for a status. No response, but they did send a status email to me. So guess that is kind of a response.

Finally the much anticipated day of joy arrived. Small package at the front door. Opened it up… and it was wrong. Not to fret, I’ll just call them the next day and have them sort it out!

On 10/15, I spoke to a lovely individual named Koleeto (sorry bro on the spelling) he gave me details on how to get this problem sorted. Just upload pictures of the mistakes, and add a contact number. BAM nothing to it. They would be in contact with me that very day.  Nope. No call, no follow up.

On 10/16 I called back very early and spoke to again my good friend Koleeto, and said. “Bro what happened?! I didn’t get a call back or anything” He said. “so sorry, they should call you back by end of day”. Surprised, I then said, “But you said that yesterday!” Why don’t you go ahead and try and contact them for me now. He said "they don’t come in to work till 10 or 10:30 or so.” I said. “must be nice, and I would be calling back in an hour to talk to the late risers.”

I called back an hour and half later (gave them some extra time for coffee and such)  I found Keven. Keven told me that he couldn’t let me talk to anyone else because “the phones don’t work that way” I explained I wished to talk to a supervisor. “sorry she is busy with other stuff” I asked “When will she be unbusy?” He didn’t know, and she would… You guessed it. “Be back to me by the end of the day”. I said I would be calling back in an hour, because this “End of the day thing isn’t flying with me, based on my previous experience on 10/15”

Would you know it, a lovely lady named Bekkah got back to me. She explained I had two options. I could get my money back or wait till they get around to it and fix my order long after my 10/18 deadline.

I asked a very real question. “How much money would it take for me to pay for this shirt to be sent to me by the deadline?” Now I say this is a very real question because I meant IT. If I had to pay a human being to physically drive to your studio from RENO to Berkley (about 4 hours one way) could this be done?  She said NO. There were processes and procedures that needed to be maintained.

She then sends this passive aggressive email that says.. and I’m quoting. . I apologize for the inconvenience of us not being able to meet the needs of your time frame! Thank you!

O no, thank you sunshine! I was clearly asking the impossible, forgive me. I made the mistake of thinking you would get it right the first time.

I’m not exactly sure what kind of business operates a for profit model like this but when someone offers a blank check for your products, you should take it. Most other businesses work this way.

We live in a day and age where I can order a live Indonesian shark to be delivered to my door step, and a live Indonesian to cook it for me within 24 hours, yet I can’t a single t-shirt to be delivered 3 hours away in 3 days.

This is what I’m going to do, because I can.

I’m a podcaster with about a million hits a month. This might sound like small potatoes to a mega corp like yourself, but that is a fair amount of listeners who are going to get a stellar review of your service. I’m also a blogger with a few less hits than my podcast, where this very email will be published.

I’m going to do you one more solid, cause we are bro’s like that. I’m going to actually wear this shirt, to my event. I'll be a walking bill board for your strive to excellence. 

You can keep the $25.5. Consider it advertising expenses. They say a satisfied customer tells 3 people, and a unsatisfied customer tells 20. Well how many does a guy with a blog, podcast and way too much time on his hands tell?

So thanks again to all the stars of this story, Keven, Koleeto, Samantha, and especially you Bekkah!

And Bekkah.


Yours truly,

XXXXXX Order number 150881.


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  2. Should be called OhNo! Shirts.

    There is a reason that their prices are lower than a lot of competitors. I got the impression that these folks are totally overwhelmed, and employ mostly high school students.

    Their online design program is faulty and prone to freezes. No one responds to the online chat function. It takes days to receive a response to emails (meanwhile, they state that if you do not respond to their emails within 48 hours, your product will be delayed). It is almost impossible to get someone on the phone. The customer service representative I finally spoke to lacked a basic understanding of the ooShirts online design program. Too many different people have their hands on the process and, given the overwhelmed atmosphere, it appeared to me that the employees were just going through the motions and happy to make temporary progress and just pass things off to the next employee in the circular process.

    My first "artist proof" looked terrible and was sent to me with obvious flaws, that a customer service representative previously stated would be removed. My high-resolution image was flattened and looked quite different. The colors were altered. Pixelated areas overlapped text. I was promised a new proof in approximately 24 hours. I followed up after a few days, and then after a week. I still have not received it. I was told that I could only be provided an 85% discount since they had to order the blank shirts from their warehouse. They took this position even though their customer service representative assured me, before placing my order, that they could resolve the design issues. This has been a horrible experience of unbelievably bad customer service.

  3. Dude - First off, thanks for the awesome and entertaining read. (Thanks to Bekkah, too). Secondly, I'm surprised that customer service can be so horrible in this day and age. Real glad I came across this blog before trying to use 'em.

  4. This "company" just decided that a delivery date of August 3rd, 2015 meant they could wait a little while POST that date to EVEN PUT MY JOB IN THE PRINTING QUEUE. No one apologized. My shirts for my crew at an artist festival are NOT HERE when they were promised on August 3rd. I called, got the response, "Uh yeah, there's no explanation as to why they aren't even printed yet." WHATTTTT!??? Asked for a supervisor, was told, "Uh yeah, I can transfer you, but they never answer their phone, but you can leave a message." I left a message and was cut off before I could leave a return number. I have NO shirts for my crew for this festival thanks to OooooooNOOOOO shirts. THE WORST customer service I have ever seen. UNBELIEVABLE! RUN AWAY FROM THEM. THeir prices look good, but you are doomed should you ever decide to order here. There was ZERO ownership of their mistake. NO service recovery to attempt to regain my trust. NO discounts offered. Just a..."OH I see you cancelled your order. Have a GREAT day!!!" And yes, they used exclamation points.

    THE WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I run a small business. I would NEVER, EVER treat a paying customer like this. There is this thing called the INTERNET, and we all know how to use it. No one will buy from you if you don't provide good service. Too many other places to go for better products and courteous service.

    Poor customer service will be the death of this makeshift company.