Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Sides To Every Fight

TLDR: We have a small fight, but we get access to both recordings of it.

This is what one of our nightly chains looks like. Random connections leading to places unknown. Seeking fights, ganks and conflict. Each scout heads off in a different direction starting at Max and branching off, depending on the will of Bob.

If he wills us to connect to you, it is your responsibility as a child of Bob to explode ships in his name.

 This particular night, we came across Jesters hole. AKA Jhole.

Brief history behind Jester.

  Jester is a friend of the DTP show. He is a known content creator, and general terrible person. He fights, he gives no shits about pvp and in general is quite funny.  Its why SUSU likes him so much. His corp is what SUSU was about a year ago. Small, violent and full of 'i don't give a fuck juice'. 

Well, he robbed/cheated/Awoxed the Drop Bears. (please read previous post on this blog).We did what any mutually evil corp should do, and helped the cause of evil. We defended. Pvp Corps IMO should never be removed from W-space, no matter how filled with evil they may be. 

Well just like any good villain, we eventually fight and murder our fellow evildoers.

Well, when SUSU heard Ikky(king scout of the universe) call out there was a Jhole Proteus jumping into a C2 from a C4, everyone came running.

While we were forming up and headed down that massive chain, Ikky called out there was a Noctus on scan, and wrecks. Dropping combats, he was on top of the Noctus and had it pointed. I jumped in my scanning tengu (I know its fail but meh it works) to back him up.

We did what we normally do when there is a chance for a pvp escalation. We hold helpless ship and wait for his support to attempt rescue. SUSU uses this tactic all the time. Its good for a few different reasons.

1. It gets their attention.

2. It gives them the idea that its just a lone ship hunting.

3. It gives the targets the idea that if they bring enough stuff, they might be able to save their doomed ship. Most people won't simply write off a ship like that, though some do.

4. With a full scale murder fleet to back up the tackling ship, the danger of not striking quickly is minimal.

5. Why gank a lone industrial ship, when you can gank the industrial and its support ships coming to rescue it.

Think a sniper wounding a solider and letting him scream in the open. Full Metal Jacket style. Shit works, I kid you not.

Well, within a couple minutes the murder fleet was prepped holding on the C5 connected to the C4. Ikky had the Noctus pointed and it wasn't going anywhere. The guys and I though of some fun stuff to do while we waited for JHOLE to rescue its stranded industrial salvager.

Some ideas.

1. Start Shooting the wrecks.

2. Bring in our own battle Noctus and salvaging right next to the tackled one. Like its no big deal. "ho hum, o look stuff to salvage... Why thank you!"

Nothing pisses people off more, and want to kill you, than fucking with their $$$

Luckily we didn't have to wait long. Jester himself uncloaked right next to the tackle proteus in a Curse.Well proteus being what they are neut resistant, they are not. I uncloaked my back up Tengu tackle right next to the Curse and point it. We didn't see this outcome and our tackle proteus actually lost point on the now free Noctus.

It warped off.

:sado face:

O well, I'll take a Curse over a Noctus kill any day. Val warped in to assist with the kill. Again we wanted more, and we didn't want to 'go balls deep' right off the bat. Just enough to get the job done.


Not bad.

Just then I thought to myself. "Do you know who would really appreciate this kill? A Damn Patriot. (See previous post)

I open up a convo with ADP and and share the new with him. First thing he asks me, "Do you have a K-space entrance?" HA. Either he wants to continue his invasion or he wants to come in and throw down with Jester.

I figured I would see what Jester had to offer fight wise before I sold the entrance to ADP. Because lets face it, sometimes you just need to 'connect people'. Its not a dog fight unless they are in the same ring together, AMIRITE?

Turns out, something more fun happened.  Jester started to ship up.

Ikky calls out "Proteus, Proteus, Legion, Guardian, Guardian, Black Bird, Stabber Navy..."

"Ooooo Shhizz someone is getting hard!" Jester is bring the fight. SUSU starts its travel down the chain.

Now, Jester is a friend... so we don't want to blob him, from Ikky's reports, that's all they really have. We politely ask that some of our pilots stay out of the fight because he is a friend.

Lets give them a good fight.

Bronya starts calling out for ships he wants to show up. We did the best we could to match their strength and give them a chance. And if this was all some terrible ruse, we could add more reserves if the battle needed it.

Dan one of our newest members recorded it.



 We came at them with 1 proteus, 2 proph, 2 guardians, 1 black bird. Bronya jumped in to call targets. He never agressed anyone. While I flew one of the guardians and FCed.

 After the fight, we went our separate ways. I linked the kills to ADP, he said was sad he missed it. O well, next time ADP. 7o .

I decided not to sell the entrance to him, because Jester was closing his c4 connection. I'm assuming to get away from us. lol.

Dan provided the video link for the corp. I always like to review our fights, win or lose. See where I went wrong, did things right.. whatever. I opened a convo with Jester and shared the video with him too. Turns out, Jester was recording the fight also.

This is one of those rare occasions where you get to see the coms and tactics of both sides. Very cool IMO.

Turns out Jester was multi boxing in pvp, and badly. DON"T DO THIS JESTER! even people who do this all the time are usually very bad at it, so stop it. I'm one of those people, and I always go out of my way to try and prevent it.


Now this video is good and all, but he made a bunch of mistakes, I'm guessing because he was multi boxing. But the video is raw.

Now I don't know if he made it public to everyone or just me, but this video's value isn't really in Jesters fleet tactics. He may realize what he has done much later, never or around the time of this blog post.

*Here is where the evil of EVE comes shinning through** Check out around 16:00 were Jester opens up his hanger. Is that fucking 5 or 6 billion worth of ships you just streamed to the world?

Jester, move that shit out of your POS ASAP.. there are evil people who will use that for ransoming reasons... invasion reasons.. Hell .. all of the above, get that stuff out of there!

I'm not one of those people... I hate knocking over pos's ... but I feel obliged to post this video on the Internet... because.. GD it.. I'm not a nice man. And as long as we are being honest... you aren't really a nice man either.

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  1. The biggest mistake I saw on Jester's part in the video is neuting the same guardian they were shooting.
    Never do this, always neut one guardian and shoot the other.