Thursday, October 31, 2013

Part 1 ---Recruitment --- Genesis: The story of Dan Hour.

(NOTE: To anyone who is still checking this blog, or has been for the past few weeks. You may have noticed my posts have fallen. Work is absolutely kicking my butt. I haven’t stopped playing EVE but I have been playing it less frequently. As such, I haven’t been posting much to this blog. The corp has had some somewhat interesting things happen as far as recruitment and policies. I apologize for the lateness of these posts to all parties involved)

I wanted to share some recent recruitment conversations and stories.

1st I want to describe a recent challenge that was invented by one of our members, and has come about more organically than a set plan of action.

Part 1 --- Genesis ---The story of Dan Hour.

It started a month and a half ago. The SUSU gank fleet was waiting on the Max to Deb hole, while our scout was working on a warp in for targets in Deb.

Convo request from Dan Hour.  The convo started innocently enough, just the typical .. .o/  and then he asks. “What are we shooting?” I answer “the usual”.  He then links me a imgur link of our ships sitting on the max to deb connection, the same people who were waiting for the warp in target.

He then doesn’t say anything else and closes the convo. Super creepy and super trolly all wrapped into one.  

No big deal, the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. So I did.

The very next day Dan blows up one of our corp members PI alts with a stealth bomber. No big deal, but as someone who has the majority of PI alts in our home, Dan for obvious reasons needs to be dealt with. I put together a little trap for him.

I put Dan on my watch list and go to work bringing in two rocket stealth bombers for a little trap. Dan logs in. I keep my stealth bombers cloaked and follow around one of my other characters on his PI rounds, waiting for him to strike. The moment he strikes, I would sacrifice my PI alt and grab Dan with my two rocket bombers. I warp around for about 20 minutes and nothing.

I wonder if he spooked or knows, either way, no joy for me. As it turned out, he opened a convo with Bronya Boga to join our corp and was waiting to kill more of our stuff pending his application.

See, for other corps, this type of thing would be a total reason why you SHOULDN'T let this guy into your corp, but for SUSU, his application was perfect. He found us, he killed us, he hunted us and saw what we had. We were slightly surprised but after we thought about it, it is exactly what we tell applicants to do on the podcast and this very blog.  He was just the first to actually do it.

At the time, all applicants were required to undergo a 1v1 pvp fight. Since Dan already had a stealth bomber in the hole, he opted for a stealth bomber duel at the sun. He was able to provide me a warp in to his book mark at the sun. I just happen to have a stealth bomber (with rockets, part of the earlier trap I was trying) This might have been the most annoying battle I have ever had in eve.  I still won. Fk fighting IN the sun!

Dan impressed everyone with his antics, and even with his VERY shady corp history he left us with two options. He could either join us as a valued hunter with shown skills OR he would continue to be a pain in the ass in our home for Bob only knows how long.  Application accepted. We just labeled him a spy and put him in his own POS, so his eventual double cross would have the least amount of damage.

Dan Hour as become one our most active members, finding targets frequently. He brings with him a great knowledge base and our members benefit from his presence. Dan has set the bar for applications to our corp. He was the genesis of our new corporate recruiting polices that I will describe in future posts. 

We still think Dan's is a spy, and are waiting for the other shoe to drop, but this is EVE… Who doesn’t eventually flip?

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