Thursday, September 19, 2013

Night out in null with Sky Fighters

TLDR - We took a armor fleet out to gank a juicy target, teamed up with a shield gang in the area. Found a kitchen sink, lost the fight. Still great fight!

So this is another example of two unrelated wormhole corps joining up to bring Bob's word to the infidels of K-space.

We had intel that a juicy target was doing dumb things in an expensive ship. It was 23 jumps through the wasteland that is null sec, but we had nothing better going on. So we massed a 7 man fleet, two guardians, two neut prophecy, a hurricane and a harbinger. We had an Arazu running +1, and a bomber running +4.

The juicy target wasn't there, so we wandered around for a bit looking for a fight. Typical null sec, 30 people in local in most systems and they all dock up if they see a 6 man gang.

We did manage to get a solo vexor. Good on him for trying, sorry your falcon bro bailed on ya.

Sky Fighters (cool wormhole dudes) and Jester + Crew headed over in a shield gang to help with any kind of trouble we could start up with the juicy target. Since nothing really came of it, we joined fleets and looked around for more trouble.


So we called it a night, dropped dual coms and headed our separate ways. On our way back, we ignored all fleet warp rules and made best speed back, guardians first. What we didn't know was the locals, actually put together a fleet to fight us!!  But now our fleet was all split up going different directions. After some minor chaos, we got back on the same coms, and mustered up on the gate to engage.

We had the guardians on both sides of the camped gate, and half the fleet was armor and Sky Fighters were shield. Not the best choice, but we did come all this way. As messengers of bobs word, lets do this!

We let Sky fighters call targets and FC.

This video was taken by Cylin in a neut prophecy. You can hear me in the video ask for people to broadcast. I was flying one of the guardians. Bronya in the other guardian who gets disconnected the second he jumps in. I was neuted and damped for most of the fight. Bronya when he finally did connect was ECMed.

The broadcasts were all for shield, but I tried to keep them up with my guardian.

Overall it was a totally awesome throw down, win or lose. Thank you The Explicit Alliance for the fight!

Here is the AAR from Sky Fighters. 

We formed up in ABCs to go help SuSu kill something. We immediately lost 2 scouts because we got to spread out. At this point I logged on and was told about what was happening so we burnt towards Cobalt Edge.

 This is where I made my first mistake by not asking what SuSu's fleet comp was. Once we arrived Insidous docked up and didn't want to play. We had a few laughs and goofed off a bit in Cobalt trying to find a kill but nothing was biting so we split the fleets and headed home. 

On the way SuSu, let us know that there was a battleship fleet on a gate so we reformed the fleets to take the fight. I was asked to FC and once we landed on grid with the gate I realized SuSu had a armor while we had a shield fleet with no logi. Undetered I gave the order to jump into the enemy and hold cloak. They were set up with the battleships at zero along with some small tackle and then there support was about 50 off. My biggest concern was the Geddon as he could make a mess of our guardians so I gave the order to burn the Geddon first.

 Guys with EC drones placed them on the Guardian and Falcon while combat dones were placed on little stuff. Looking at that Geddon killmail he was tanked so it took awhile to chew through him. He popped and I thought were in business as we had a Nado for the Geddon, Catalyst, and Sabre. I looked at Grid and saw that their support was still way off of us so my thought was to kill the devoter to give us the option to bail if we had to.

 This was my second mistake as I should have just burnt straight for the support and tried to kill it off. 

The devoter was able to tank our dps so we switchd to the domi and Brutix to try and confuse there logi and wear on their cap. This worked as the Brutix popped and we started to kill the Domi. He caught reps so again I tried to make there logi work. Unfortunely an Arazu and a falcon showed up along with a few of their other Nerds who had reshipped into other logi. The Arazu damped our logi which hurt badly and we started to bleed a few ships.

 At this point I was primed and even though SuSu logi bros were awesome at keeping me up I eventually died. Kynric took over seamlessly and primed the Arazu which died instantly as he had come into range. At this point the decision to bail was made and we slipped away. 

In the end we lost the fight but it was a lot of fun for me to FC and I hope you guys enjoyed it If we had all armor or shield ships we would have wiped the floor with them.

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